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Oh, I Can Not Wait

Thanks to Queerclick for the images. Oh, QUEERCLICK is SO NOT SAFE FOR WORK Viewing.

Anything for Love

That last post makes me think of some of my favorite lyrics. Again some lyrics I would love to realize or have someone else realize with me. Meatloaf's "I Would Do Anything For Love". The thing that I love about this song is not Meatloaf's part but the femals singer who comes in 3/4 of the way through the song. Her lyrics just kill me. Will you raise me up, will you help me down? Will you get me right out of this godforsaken town? Will you make it all a little less cold? I can do that! i can do that! Will you cater to every fantasy i got? Will ya hose me down with holy water, if i get too hot? Will you take me places i've never known? I can do that! oh oh now, i can do that! After a while you'll forget everything It was a brief interlude and a midsummer night's fling And you'll see that it's time to move on I won't do that! no i won't do that! I know the territory, i've been around It'll all turn to dust and we'll all fal

Help Me Out Here.

I need some new music to get me going. I am open to most types of music, but not really into rap/hip hop. Not necessarily talking underground punk kind of stuff either but willing to give a song or two a listen to give it a chance. Let me know what is getting your moving during your commute or during your workouts at the gym or, hell, whatever is it that is getting your ass singing and dancing around your living room. Mention as many artists or songs as you can think of that kick ass. Current or old favorites are welcome. Thanks

Damn, He has GOOD Taste

I could promise you that I would be "living la vida loca" too if I had this one to share my beach blanket with. I know when I saw this it was more mentioning Ricky in his speedos but I glazed over him and got stuck on his "friend".

Happy Holidays Far and Near

Click HERE to play. So here is the anticipated video. Didn't come out as well as I hoped but after two attempts at it I just said, "screw it." So from my lips to your ears (and eyes), I wish you all a Merry Holiday Season and Happy New Year.

Lost in the shuffle.

Find this very cute. Sorry it wasn't more of a timely post. (Click to enlarge if the text is too small.)

LPI Media Interviews and Sheryl Swoopes

So this has been on my mind for sometime now. Really the fact is I am reminded every month when I pick up The Advocate or Out magazine. Both of these publications are now owned by LPI Media. The thing that seems to keep getting at me is always part of the interview they do with a smaller actor near the front of the magazine. Actually the interviews are usually the first thing you hit after all the editorial letters and such stuff at the front of any magazine. I seem to find that no matter what the actor is being interviewed about there is always a need to let the reader know whether or not he/she is gay. Or should I really say there is always an alluding to the fact that; “well, my wife and I went to see” or “she and her live in boyfriend of 5 years” or “he started this movies fresh from his honeymoon with his high school sweetheart.” Do we care about that? Doesn't that take away from whatever role they are discussing? Yes, the actors are usually taking about a gay/bi/tr

Yes, I know.

I have been bad once again by taking a couple of weeks between really posting anything good here. Well, at least anything fun. I think I threw in that NYC mystery smell just to let you all know I am still around. I promise I will be caught up by Christmas. I even promise a personal video Holiday greeting for all who want to get a look at me in motion. Well, not so much in motion as sitting in a chair in front of my screen saying hi to one and all. I will let you know when and where it is up. So stay tuned for the next week to catch up on that last 4 weeks or so. What do I have coming up? The Washington DC volleyball tournament, Harry Potter, My Seattle ex, LPI/Sheryl Swoopes, Desperate Housewives and of course, my big 34th birthday December 15th. Yes, I did have comments mentioning my birthday already posted on here from my friends Dave, Sarah and Bill down on 52nd. Crazy, funny lot they are. Keep reading.

Nipped but never Tucked

So for the past couple of weeks I have been really getting into Nip/Tuck. Yes, I know I am late getting on this band wagon but as a CHARMED fan I have always paid attention to where the actors have moved onto. Of the episodes I have caught I have picked up on individual patient stories but still lost on many of the stories involving the regular cast. Never really a big fan of Bruno Campos but damn he let Bryce Johnson push him down on that hospital bed and took it like a pro. Finally some hot, not overly pornographic gay sex. Hell, it is FX (Fox) after all. Love the story with the son and his racist girlfriend and her family. Sad but interesting. And of course this story of the Carver is going to be good on the season finale tomorrow night. 2 hours. Nice.

So Sticky Sweet Yet Again.

So yet again the city, this time the Upper West Side/Hamilton Heights area, was hit with the sweet smell of mystery. Or should I say the Maple Syrup Mystery. Still no clue as to who or what is emitting this enjoyable smell over the city but in times as they are we have people who are enjoying the smell and those who are very suspicious of the pleasantries. This time I was not near the smell so I can not say if it was the same that struck us in late October, but I do remember it and how nice it was to walk through. I heard that people were calling 911 and the Office of Emergency Management yet again to report it. What does that call to 911 sound like? “I smell something very good inside my apartment and outside and I don't know what it is, please help me.”

To One & All.

Happy Thanksgiving and please try to give thanks for what you have .


What in the hell has happened to my writing skills? I think of late I have just sat myself down at the computer and really been sloppy with my writing. I apologize. I still don't edit myself but I think I will be a little more deliberate and careful in my writing. Thanks for sticking through all the bull.

No Escaping It.

A slightly windy day but the winds died down. A police sargent on every ballon, like that can do anything. No rain yet. No snow at all. Two people injured in Time Square as the "Thanksgiving ballon" ballon swung into a street lamp and caused it break off and fall onto a mother and pre-teen child. That is why the closest I have come to the Thanksgivng parade is the night before ballon blow up.

Please God.

I don't know where this thought came from today but I saw something where someone was saying, "Please, God." Are we just so attuned to these comments that they aren't considered prayers at all? "Dear Lord". "My God". I have never been an overly religious person, I do consider myself to be a good Episcopal and I do go to church on most religious holidays but I have never really thought much of prayer. Not sure where this thought is going because I usually don't plan on what I am writing about but I was wondering what of the agnostics and atheists. What do they say? And for the rest of us are we really thinking we are being heard by who ever we pray to? Do we think someone is really going to do something for us that we can not do ourselves? Are we asking because we don't believe we have the ability to fulfill what needs to be done? Are we actually acknowledging a higher “hidden” power that we accept? Just sitting here thinking abo

One of those nights.

So last night I had no set plans when I arrived at volleyball. Actually it was early afternoon when I got to volleyball, I didn't leave until the evening (1:45pm-7:54pm). So by the time my Div6 team was arriving to be coached for their match I was getting quite tired. The actual plan for the evening was to go to a small birthday gathering for a friend up in Hell's Kitchen but I actually forgot to write down the address. I took that as a sign and just said I would sadly have to miss it. My friend Ethan, one of the nicest guys in the world, told me to come on over to his place after volleyball to have a drink and hang out. Sounded nice and better yet since he is actually just two doors down from the gym. So after my team won their match 3-0, I got my ass finally out of that gym and headed over to Ethan's to just relax. A couple of cosmos later we were just lounging and having a great time. Ring of the bell, Chad shows up and the energy stays great. Amazing how aft

Things I have enjoyed in the last month or so...

After play drinks with my team (Gian, Jorge, Josh). Crazy city days and nights. Not sure what it is but something crazy is going on in this city of late. People are wigging out and it is getting worse and worse. Maybe I shouldn't put that down as something I enjoy but it really does make you open your eyes when your walking down the street. Dinner with Pabs. Not many can make me smile and feel at ease as a really good friend. Mustangs “flying” free in Alabama. Couple of good dates. Couple of bad dates. Still trying to figure out what that smell was. If your not sure what I mean go back in my posts and read about the mystery smell in NYC last month. Two of the happiest barristas I have ever seen at a Starbucks. 54th and Broadway. One loved my jeans and the other just kept staring at me. New Hearst Building. Passed it last Monday afternoon and noticed how the old base and the new glass go together, weird, not sure if I like it but I enjoyed the idea. Got to love hangi

One Year Ago...

So it was one year ago I started this blog. Time sure does fly. Lessons learned. People come and gone. New things all the time yet nothing changed much. Lets see if in this next blog year I can really bring to fruition all that I hold possible. Keep me going and get on my ass if I slack. That is figuratively, lets not get dirty. Okay, well maybe a couple of you can take that in a dirty way, but ask me if you are one of them. HAHA. Later y'all.

Lazy Town

That would describe me and sadly the stupidest show I have ever seen but oddly I keep watching it. Nickelodeon. Afternoon. I really just watch it for the hero of Lazy Town, Sportacus. Not sure why. Think it is because he reminds me of an ex of mine. Anyway, I will watch it until the fascination and his tight outfits, on this kiddie show, wears off. But what will wear off first; the fascination or his hero garb? I promise to move my ass from this self imposed lazy town though. I have tons to write about just haven't set ass to chair and fingers to keyboard to tell y'all the tales. Okay, I realize I need help now once I went throught he effort of finding the pics to post. But yet, isn't he cute. Soon.

Update: Scrubs

So I have been informed that pink is not the color of the scrubs worn by my hot male nurse. They are light blue with a hot tight tee shirt to keep the temperatures soaring in the ER/Trauma Ward.

Oh Mr. Sulu...

George Takei, our own Mr. Sulu, of Star Trek series and movie fame has come out of the transporter....I mean the closet.

Will We Ever Know.....

What that smell was last night? We started smelling it rather early, sometime around 5:30 or so in Chelsea. Thought it was because we had just emerged from Starbucks on 23rd and 8th with a Grande Caramel Macchiato but once it was gone that smell was still so strong. We continued shopping, eating (yes, the smell made us both hungry)and then back to see Paul at View Bar. Such a good smell that it was almost sickening. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some new psychotropic drug that has been developed that most people breathed in more than they should have. Think this is a case for Sydney Briscoe. Well, maybe if the show was still any good. Haven't really watched Alias since they moved it from Sunday night. What is that smell? Many people are writing about it.

Sunday Hospital Update....

Well not much to report. Nothing was broken, which is what Archie was hoping for. They say a break is alot easier than something torn. Off to a specialist he goes. Well, guess I will have to keep in touch with him by phone because he knew his volleyball season was over. Was kinda cool though while we were sitting around at the hospital after his xrays were done we were sitting outside the "conference room", seemed more like a 6x6 lounge for the doctors to look at x-rays and chat. But the screens for the x-rays, computer screens not the wall boxes we are used to, was so big we could see his films from outside the room. I can't read x-rays, well not like a real doctor, but we didn't see anything broken. Later the doctor came out, she was nice, and yanked on his foot before she left him in the care of was her time to go home. Then Archie's BF showed up so we all talked a little longer then I left him in the hands of his man. Just in case you were w

Tuesday, Oct 25 10:52pm

Walking after my volleyball match across 14th street. I just passed a large black woman in her upper 20's on 14th and 7th. Speaking rather loudly into her hands-free microphone saying, "Look at this, you got me on the street screaming at you like I'm black." Sad. Why is it sad? Because what she is is ignorant. Being black is her excuse and also her curse if that is something she perceives as a trait or stereotype.

Favorite Tee

So once in a great while I will find something while shopping that I would never expect. The latest thing has turned out to be my favorite tee shirt. Just a tee shirt. A plain navy blue pocket tee shirt with a small golden eagle on said pocket. Okay, the golden eagle is a give away if you getting to or already do know me. I LOVE AMERICAN EAGLE. I used to like Abercrombie alot. Have you ever just put on anything in your closet that made you feel....Safe? Confident? Sexy? Like it was made for you and really no one else? If so then you know what I mean. In the first week I believe I washed and wore this tee shirt three times. I knew then I had a problem.

Ready to Cry...

I just watched some footage from Monday's Today Show. Of course everyone is/was reporting on Hurricane Wilma, I always preferred Betty, but anyway that is just me. The footage was of Al Roker giving a report out on the deck of his hotel. Wind is whipping past all, similar to how it was beating up Shepherd Smith back with Hurrcane Rita. Next thing you see is the camera panning back (zooming out) to show all indeed on the deck outside the door. The camera man was very obviously inside the room while Al, hero that he is taking his beating. Pan back more and we see someone, not sure if it was the sound guy, a grip or what but someone has wrapped themselves around Al's legs so he doesn't blow away. But Mother Wilma was in bitch mode and next thing you see is a gust and down Al goes onto his "anchorman". After that he said he was alright and would continue from inside. Again, what makes reporters and weathermen, no, they are not the same thing, believe they are

7:50pm Sunday, October 23

Sitting here in the Cornell Medical Center at 70th and York. One of our volleyball players was hurt today while at a tournament. My first time,and only time, in an ambulance;knock on wood. Rough ride. Archie yelp in pain at some really bad potholes in the NYC streets. This is nothing like "ER". One kinda cute nurse. They keep paging Dr Gupta. I keep wondering if it is the same as on television. I think this is a good hospital after all. Waiting to hear if Archie has a tear, sprain or if something is actually broken. Wondering if I can pull together a halloween costume from things I find lying around. Doubt it. To be continued, I guess.....

Overheard in Elevator

A mother and her two daughters, approx. 11 and 13, were with me on the elevator going up in my building. Lets just say the mother made Jocelyn "the catwoman" Wildenstein look young. She had obviously been to the nip/tuck doctor way too early in life. I was trying not to pay attention to what was being said; I still had in my earphones, even though the music was turned off. All I can remember hearing was the older of the two daughters say,"I really need to get the grey dyed out of my hair." I hope she was kidding otherwise that mother has started to have a Big Effect already.


So I have come to the conclusion that the whole comfort level that I afford people, most anyone, is just too much. I need to reign it in. Not give so much. People I just meet, guys on 1st/2nd dates, friends of is all the same; I give them instantly what they want in whoever they are meeting. The intention of this little post isn't about making myself sound good or the end all be all, but what I am saying is this gets me into alot of trouble. False friends, false loves, false feelings on both sides because the emotions I felt from others were not real. Do I try to do this consciously? Not anymore than anyone else but within twenty minutes to a half hour I can literally have someone spilling their guts to me or a new boyfriend or both. It is just in the last year or two have I really paid attention to this. I have even thought of going in the psychological field. *Note: Talk to Pabs about that. Not sure what this one means in the long run, except to warn myself

Big Cup Replacement???

Walking this morning up 8th avenue I was just passing the former Big Cup location when I came across a sandwich board next door in front of The View Bar. Sandwich board announced that Java Boy was open and low and behold View Bar was open and had people sitting inside drinking coffee. Wondering if they took a suggestion out of the Cosi Sandwich notebook? They can sell coffee all day and when the time comes switch over to the bar that occupies the space every night. Good idea if you ask me. We shall see what they do in the long run. I might even stop in someday.

Not to be Mean....

This isn't for everyone and not to be overdramatic, but it is slightly: "This is a re-take of my life" "That's the problem, I loved him too much; and when you love him, he becomes unattracted to you." Right now, two lines from the same song couldn't be more true. You think you are totally over someone, then bang, they are back in your city, talking about someone else the same way they spoke about you. Bull shit. Get pissed if you want, you know it is true. Held on way to long. Cared for someone who I never should have. Don't know if I will regret actions of the past couple of minutes or not. I erased every picture I held special. Every email has been deleted. Even removed the email/home/work addresses from my my computer. I am done. Enough. Enough now .

People Really Do Read Me.

Received this post in the comments section for the movie SCAB I posted about. Hey. Thanks for spreading the word about our film. We hope we don't disapoint (too much). It's more of a "Queer Vampire Drama"... (Yes, with hotties!) World Premiere: Reel Affirmations G&L Film Festival, Washington, D.C., Oct. 21st. Reeling G&L Film Festival, Chicago, November 6th. Thanks again and all the best, Arik Treston Producer, "Scab" Standing Room Pictures, LLC Arik, thanks for checking out what I had to say. Might be a good reason to get to DC the week before All Hollows Eve.

New Dislike.

Well not so much dislike but not satisfied with the new haircut. A low caesar as they call it. But if my hair was longer you would think I could be soldier on HBO's "Rome". Very sharp angles, please grow in quick.

Fly with Me....

So as soon as I posted about Tony and his vids I realized there was something else I wanted to comment on that I just saw on CNN Headline News Network . Of all the news channels I think I like that one the best. Well, come on they do have AJ Hammer doing the entertainment news. I have loved him since he was back on VH1 as a VJ. Well, anyway, they were talking about a new website that brought together travelers. As a single traveler you can post what airport you are flying from/to see if there is anyone out there flying the same carrier or waiting in the same terminal you might possibly want to talk to in while waiting or sit side by side on the flight and see how it goes. For those of you who travel like crazy and don't like that arm fat from the person next to you creeping over the arm rest go check out Airtroductions .

Catching Up on Tony...

So I was just watching the latest Tony Hayden videolog and come to discover that I have been missing out on Ebay. Yes, of course I know what Ebay is but I never knew you could get such killer deals on such things as clothes and shoes. Think I need to drop into this online bidding war that has since passed me by. I need to catch up and get me some products.

Just Another Gay Horror Movie???

"Scab" - When a trick turns Ajay into a vampire, he desperately wants to convince his friends to become bloodsuckers too, or kill 'em trying. That is the tagline for Scab. This new "gay" vampire movie coming out from Standing Room Productions. I took the liberty of stringing together(through photoshop) the pictures of the cast so you can see that even if the film is bad it should be pretty hot. And really isn't that what you want? After Hellbent came out I didn't hear about the movie but mostly about Andrew Levitas' body. Well it is up to you now. Go check out the trailer , the website and look for it coming your way soon.


7 THINGS TO DO BEFORE I DIE: 1) Go skydiving. 2) Fall head over heals for someone and vice versa. 3) Travel throughout Europe. 4) Take an RV around the USA. 5) Get friends together for a really good vacation (non-standard trip). 6) Make a difference in someone's life. 7) Hope someone can make a difference in my life. 7 THINGS I CAN DO: 1) Cook a mean lamb chop and lasagna (separately) 2) Make people smile 3) Be a really good listener 4) Keep a secret 5) Kiss really well (been told so) 6) Be a good friend 7) Be spontaneous 7 THINGS I CAN'T DO 1) Whistle. 2) Crack my own back. 3) Speak a foreign language. 4) Trust easily. 5) Drive a stick. 6) Fly (not yet anyway). 7) Quit my job. 7 THINGS THAT ATTRACT ME TO SOMEONE 1) Masculine 2) Smart 3) Muscular/Athletic build 4) Ambitious 5) Funny 6) Hairy 7) Tall 7 THINGS THAT I SAY OFTEN 1) Right (or as Pablo says, “Reigh”) 2) He-He-Hello 3) WHAT? 4) Love ya. 5) What's your name again? (just kidding). 6) Your nuts. 7) Well, le

Funny Papers

Arrest Me Officer

Now for those friends of mine who live in the Garden State, well I think I need to be coming to your cities and getting in some trouble. Well, as long as they promise that one of these fine officers, the men please, will be coming to make me spread eagle, do a thorough pat search and then do as they may. Go check out the site and purchase a calendar. I always knew that there were bodies like those under those uniforms.

A Couple of Lines that Fit Me of Late.

"I wish I could quit you." " I'm not sure what I want, other than to stop missing him so bad. And I haven't figured out how to do that just yet." Not sure why I am writing these down right now but it is on my mind. Think it helps actually. These are exactly how I have been feeling for a while now.

Ms Kim Goes Bye-Bye

Well, Lil Kim I guess I should say. We shall see you in about 9-10 months I assume. Think of this as your Hustle & Flow. You can come out of there with a good cd, maybe two. Then again I am not sure if you write your stuff or not. For those not in the know, Lil Kim starts her perjury sentence of 1 year and 1 day. So I guess we won't see her in 9-10 months. Damn, girl better work while your in there. Did I just post a dirty picture or is that shadow I see?

Problem Solved

Why does it seem that everything that I am loving lately is so remotely stupid and funny in the funniest way? I have found the problem to all our problems, well at least the Maury Povich, Ricky Lake and of course Jerry Springer problems..... Extreme Dodgeball . This show is so serious in the physicality of things. These people want to take off heads, even though a hit to the head doesn't count towards knocking a person out of the game. It just hurts like hell. Watch this show, listen to these balls hitting the wall, these guys have been working out. Not really the hot types in the game, more the slightly couch pototo type. You know, the ones that have about 10-15 extra pounds from watching the game on tv. That didn't come out right, I would remove it if I allowed myself to edit these posts. Oh well. Anyway catch it on the Game Show Network . You will go back for more.


What the fark is it with me and these damn light night posts? The world must be thinking that I have been out partying and all this fabulousity has been happening that I just can post at 2:31am. Well it hasn't. Did nothing tonight but sit here, talk to some friends in Europe and watch some stupid tv. There are some things that I want to share with you though. Some you might have to do a little reading to gain more information some are rather straightforward and stupid funny. One is this Quicktime movie I found. Anyone who has spent anytime in the NYC gay ghetto will either love it or hate it. Click here for what I think is a good laugh. The second is a piece that was written regarding a certain high school-ish situation that is going on between some bloggers, one of which I read, the other is someone who apparently is too PC for words. I have mentioned Rocco on here before because his writings are funny, stupid, crazy and very, very, very un-PC. If this place isn'

New Favorite Quote:

"Your like a lobster in the pot. Your thrilled that the water is getting toasty." Lisa Kudrow in The Object of Beauty. I was watching this movie last night and this line just cracked me up as soon as she said it. I wrote it down and now it is just reverberating in my head.

How Could I Forget This?

I have been waiting for the trailer for Brokeback Mountain to come out for months now. I watched it earlier this week, a couple of times, and it was worth the wait. Now, I just have to make it until the movie arrives on the steps of our fair Multiplex...or more likely the Quad. Having never read the "novella" that the movie is based on I have no real idea about the characters other than what I see in the trailer. This movie certainly seems like it could very well be today with the subject matter. Falling in love but doing what is right in light of society, but in the end knowing that this love won't go away. If this movie is as powerful as they say then I am sure, if Hollywood can see past the gay/bi subject, it will be around come Oscar time. Come on it is Ang Lee after all.

Finally A Scary Movie for Me

Every 23rd spring for 23 days, it gets to eat. Those 23 days aren't over and the Creeper has a school bus load of champion basketball players in his sights for some regenerative snacks in "Jeepers Creepers 2." That is the tagline for this sequel. And yes, I did see the first and I liked it just as much as the second. This post comes courtesy of a pizza dinner I had the other day with 5 other people from the Central Park volleyball group. We went over to my friend Gian's house and sat, ordered pizza, and just talked for a good couple of hours. It was a nice night. The subject of horror/scary movies came up and it was funny that no one but Mike had a scary movie that really spooked them. His of course was The Exorcist; hello, his is a nice Catholic boy. He was allowed his movie on that basis. Now I haven't had a movie that made me jump or kept me glued to the screen since Prom Night back in 1980 when it came out. I remember I didn't actually see

Still Sexy and On His Game

This man just can not stop. He came back from being down 2-0 against James Blake (also an incredible player with a great story). Tied 2 sets a piece; Andre beat James in a tie break 5th seat that went into the early morning hours. He just doesn't quit. A good way to live. Take it all Andre. I'm still behind you. US Open

My Ups

Make me happy: Venus beat Serena last Sunday. Being a more lean volleyball player I will always go for the athletic build over the big muscle. Too bad she lost soon after, but still glad because people have been counting her out. Saying Serena is better and if I had bet on their match I know I would have made a lot of money. You know she was the dark horse in that match. The Harry Connick video on NBC Today Show earlier this week . The story remains sad but seeing him take the time to help his dad's neighbor and then take off his shirt and cover the man while doing it. Oh that is when I became happy. Shirtless. My god, why didn't the producers/writers of Will & Grace give him a bed scene or a shower scene? Maybe they would have found a reason for him to stay. Can anyone say BEEF? I know I can. WOOF. (I hope it is still up online by the time this comes around.) My new guilty pleasure: Kathy Griffin's Life on the D-List. Oh my god, not for a long time ha

My Downs:

Katrina. Need I say more. My down is the down for most people across this country but you can read about that in a future post. Probably up later today. Katrina, once again. She has me not being able to reach my friend Tony who went to Tulane with his wife. He was to live down there with her family while he went to school. I know he has this link so if he should be reading please email. I tried sending last week but haven't heard back yet. Last Katrina for this particular posting. If your a media whore like I am then you already saw these photos and their captions. If not read them closely. This is what pisses people off about the media and what, I think, first made this whole catastrophe into a racial issue. (Click on it to get a larger version) Next would be George Bush taking advantage of everyone paying attention to the Hurricane by having Chief Justice Rehnquist killed and nominating Roberts as his successor all in the same breath. Okay, so maybe he didn't ha

Hello, Birthday is Coming...Start Saving Now.

Your pick:

Big Cup Closing

Well, it seems that after being in NYC/Chelsea for 11 years it is my time to say goodbye to a place that was a big part of my first 3-4 years here in the city. The Big Cup. Word came the other day from my friend Hal that there is a sign posted inside the establishment stating that due to rent increases they will be shutting their doors as of next week. Now Hal and I laugh that he who lives but a block away and visits there most mornings to do computer work, so much in fact that we call it his office. I stopped going years ago when it felt like I was approaching the first age limit. I consider there to be two limits. Those too young to be able to hang at bars so they meet friends and hang out there. The others are men who either never left or are looking for boys too young to get into anywhere else. Either way, I knew when it was time to leave. I think tomorrow I might have to go back and have myself a really bad cup of coffee, grab a tattered magazine, get a cream cheese bage

To My Friends at 5A

Sarah, Dave and Bill, I have not forgotten about you. Just a little crazy lately. Thanks for the silly/crazy messages, I do believe a couple of you could be medicated but I do thank you for the love you show. Enjoy the next week and a half cause your summer is O-V-A-H. I write this here because I know they read this. See you soon, Chris

Are There Really Nice Guys Anymore?

Well, I mean besides me and many of my friends. Makes me wonder why I have the strict rule about not dating friends or friends of friends. Maybe it would make sense to dip into that pool, at least you get some insider information beforehand, right? Of late I have tried to do the dating thing again. Well, really only once. Nice guy, I guess. Great times. Then all the sudden he is too busy. I know he is a busy person but come on, when you see someone online and they can't even drop you an email or phone call, you aren't too busy. The nice guy before him, well I have no idea still what is up with him. He tells me things that I tried to believe but I am starting to think that really all guys in NYC or LA want are people that treat them like shit and they want to take it. I am at the point where I don't care what guys think, but I get the constant question of, "Why are you still single?" I know they both read this and I hope they will give me a clue as to

We All Do It.

Just found this commercial and thought it was too cute to keep to myself. Click here for a little light fun in the middle of your day. This is safe for work computers also.

Campus Man.

While sitting here writing these posts that I have been promising the tv has been on behind me. Out of the blue comes on a movie that I used to dream about when I was entering high school. Campus Man. A really 80's movie with Morgan Fairchild and Dana Delaney. They are the only names who are really still around from the movie. It was about a student/entrepreneur who is trying to stay in college, Arizona State University I believe, and he decides to make a “athletic” calendar featuring the men of Arizona State. Steve Lyons was a model who was brought in to play his best friend/roommate/school diving star who becomes the cover model for the calendar. Oh after that life changing chaos erupts. Okay not life changing and you know that everything works out but there is enough skin to put a 13 year old gay boy over the edge. Speedos galore.

Happy Birthday Rich.

Last night we all, well a group, gathered at GYM Bar for our friend Rich's birthday. Good to see a lot of people who I don't get to see in the volleyball off season. I don't even get to see Rich that much even though I talk to him daily. A lot of fun and laughs and good times. More pictures being posted in the photoblog to the left. Thanks all. Picture: Dave (in the red), Pablo, Rich (birthday man) and Me.

Second Date:

Not going to go into details. I will say it was great. The food was great. Moustache on 10th Avenue between 1st and 2nd, I think. Movie was great. See post about Hustle & Flow. For more you can click on my photoblog for the photos from the date. Yes, I took the camera with me!!!!! The company was the best part. To be continued soon.........

Hustle & Flow

What can I say about this movie? I will say try to avoid the trailer before you see it. As someone in the commercial/voice over industry I have to say I do love my commercials and I live for movie trailers but I was really happy I hadn't seen the trailer for Hustle & Flow. I had no idea what to expect. I had no idea what it was about except that it had something to do with music. I like Terrance Howard a lot and he was the only one I had seen mentioned about this movie. Now, aside from the fact that I was very happy to be sitting next to Mike as we went to our 8:30 show at the 3rd Ave & 11th Street Loews for our show, I was almost as happy with the movie. I won't ever say the movie was better than the date but that is a whole other story. The movie caught me pretty much right away from the 70's feel it put off to the language “slang” that was used. I think that is something that makes you really watch this movie. If your not listening to what is being

Brian Ellner

Hey Dave, guess who was on the subway platform with me and then sat one person over from me on the way downtown? None other than our soon-to-be Manhattan Borough President Brian Ellner . I say soon because he is really the only face I recognize in the race and I haven't heard any scandal or wrong doings by him. And he is a lot cuter in person, believe me I looked, than he is on his website or on his flyers. Dave and I actually first saw Brian Ellner at Broadway Bares this year. After waiting a mile in line to get inside Roseland we saw him at the front of the line shaking hands and meeting hopeful voters. We both took his postcard/flyer home that night. I have to say his flyer is still very visible up and around Dave's house. Well, at least it was the last time I was there. I was visiting his website today and he actually wrote about being up at the 77th Street station coming downtown. Sad he didn't mention me though. I could have sworn we had a moment. Or maybe

Nick Cannon's "Can I Live?”

I was clicking through the channels the other day and came to rest on Tatiana Ali's face on BET. For those who don't remember her name she was the youngest daughter on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. The video had her sitting up on a examining table in a white hospital type robe and so I watched wondering what it was about. Two minutes later I am sitting, rather surprised, with the video I ended up watching. “Can I Live?” by Nick Cannon featuring Anthony Hamilton was quite out of the norm for what I would expect to see on BET. The video dealt with abortion, “straight up” as they say. But it also really went into what the mother goes through and the decision process. Children singing wearing “Can I Live” tee shirts give you the feeling, or at least it gave me the feeling, that they were the ones who were allowed to live. Maybe they lived and remained with the mother, quite possibly they were allowed to live and were given up for a better, hopefully, life with a family

Reality Shows That Have Caught Me of Late.

Very sad this guilty pleasure. I watch them alone with a tub of Breyer's Vanilla Bean ice cream I have been watching at least half of some of these shows when I see them: Amazing Race (always at the top of my list) Surreal Life 5 Real World: Austin Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (love Edward the English carpenter) Celebrity Fit Club Date My Mom (embarrassing, but I did see the one gay episode, made us all look like sluts) Real World/Road Rules Challenges (whatever happened to Road Rules anyway?) Kept Strip Search So You Think You Can Dance (just for the dancing, not really the judging, the judges are weak.)

New York's New Security Precautions

I would just like to think that as a New Yorker that if someone was really out to get me that they would be smart enough to change up their plans once the police tell you they will be searching bags and packages. I have to say I can think of many ways to get around those searches and I am sure they have too. As someone who usually carries a bag with a computer, gym clothes and assorted papers i have yet to be stopped. Actually I have only seen them in the subway at 86th street once. Never at 77th. I did however see two police officers slowing down a bus line tremendously by having people open bags as they boarded the bus. There should be some way to do that quicker. If people are waiting check them as they stand in line, don't wait until the bus pulls up, that is when schedules get thrown off. I feel no safer or secure by the fact that they are violating anyone's and everyone's rights by illegally searching bags. Be honest, do you feel safer? Isn't there mor

It's Coming.

I am sitting here with posts that I have to write that go back a couple of weeks. They will be coming soon. Actually taking the morning tomorrow as I go to walk my friend's dog to sit and write what I have been thinking. Look back late tomorrow afternoon for a good couple of reads. Chris Out.

Hypocrisy Runs Rampant.

"I have never intentionally used steroids. Never. Ever. Period.". Those were the words spoken by Rafael Palmeiro, seated in the middle, back in March before the Congressional Hearings into Steroid Use in professional baseball/sports. Palmeiro is also quite vocal as part of Major League Baseball's Zero Tolerance board. Today Rafael Palmeiro was suspended for 10 days for testing positive for steroid use. Too funny. Too sad.

New Addition to My Blog

I have decided to incorporate my photoblog and my "blog" into one fine-tuned creature. Viewable flash link is now featured in the left hand column for reference to certain pictures about my life; from just my roaming eye around NYC, from the park to the street to trying to get that perfect picture of myself that will become the picture I send out to any prospective dates. Not really doing that last part right now, that much, but we shall see what happens.

Burn'in Up

Okay, so I wasn't burning up except for the crazy weather we have had the last two weeks but boy was I getting hot when I met one of NYC's Bravest, Fireman Johnson at 84th and 5th Avenue. After helping my friend Marjon down the hill from the park after he badly sprained his ankle, man is he heavy, we stopped on the corner of 84th and 5th while our other friend went to get his car to take Marjon to the emergency room. Well, it so happens that there was a fire of some sort taking place on 84th between Madison and 5th. About 4 firetrucks parked on the street and firemen all over. I had, of course, eyed Mr. Johnson before we even crossed the street. Hard to describe him but was such 'the man'. As we were waiting on the other side he came over and started asking if we needed any help or an ambulance. We told him how our friend had gone for his car and so he stood with us a couple of more minutes looking down at the foot and talking with us. He was so lucky that my fr


Can a heterosexual man trust his woman more than a homosexual man can trust his man? I mean trust with heart and soul. I would like to hear some responses to this question.

Google Earth: Program

What can I say about Google Earth ? It is fun. It is cool. It is a total waste of time that I will keep enjoying on rainy days and late nights. Go download yourself a copy and join the craziness.

One of those Moments:

One of those moments is what I had last week on the subway as I was headed uptown to Central Park...I do believe it was on Monday. Forgive the lateness of this post but seemed silly to write it but can't get it out of my head. I was sitting on the C train on my way to 86th Street and CPW (Central Park West, for non-New Yorkers). I had just sat down in one of the double seats opposite the end cabin for the conductor. I pulled out my magazine and started to read because I had a good 50 blocks to ride. Not 2 minutes after my head went down did I see someone all the sudden standing against the conductor door. I could just feel they were there and so I slowly looked up from the magazine which I held near my lap. Slowly I looked up to see some blue slacks, then a gun, then a belt, then a nice blue shirt with a badge that went up to the hottest cop/daddy face I have seen in so long. And he fit that uniform well. Just as my eyes met his and I thought I was going to have a little t

Transport Me, Mr. Man.

So. Another Transporter Movie. Transporter 2 . Another reason for me to sit and watch Jason Stratham kick, shoot and drive his way out of trouble that he didn't ask for. Last time they threw in a cute little Asian girl to be a love interest as to make the film not just a homosexuals wet dream. This time they have some blond crazy bitch running around in her Victoria Secret garters as outerwear. God help us. But as a diehard fan of the first and especially the oil fight and the bus ass kicking I will be in line for this one as well.. Damn is that man hot.

Batman & Bathrooms

Monday after volleyball I was up for seeing a movie, I know, I said I would see Murderball this weekend but I never got to it. Batman Begins made the list instead. I had been dying to see it. I love Christian Bale. As a comic book kid since I was 6 or 7 I had always read them, loved them just for what they were. I had hundreds but I wasn't a collector. Just a kid with a 2 tv boxes of comics that my mother wanted thrown away. She eventually got her wish. The movie was great in my eyes. Better than even the first one with Jack Nicholson. I loved the very dark aspects of Bruce Wayne and Batman, both individually and as one. Loved the scene at Arkan with Batman and Scarecrow. Was a little disappointed in Katie Holmes but it could just be the overexposure of late. The kiss at the end though did seem more authentic than what I have seen her and Tom swapping any time a camera is present. I do look forward to what I hope will be a new line of movies done in this manner. I al

Flow of Late

So I have a lot to catch up on since I last wrote anything down here. Just so you know this entry is picking up basically from Saturday the 9th of July until present. Last time I was writing I was not in the best place....believe me, I am now. After getting re-pissed as it were last night I am more than fine with everything now. I won't even go into what made me so pissed. But I hope you know why I was if you are reading this. End of that. So. What next? Well, I have been downloading music lately, don't ask me if it is illegal or legal. But I was just throwing in names of people and getting some of the songs that my program sent back. One of the songs that came back was Tim McGraw's “Live Like You Were Dying”. That has now become my new mantra. It is so true and if you don't know it or just think country sucks or whatever; find it, listen to it and think about it. I just wish someone else hadtwo weeks ago. Damn, stop it. So I thought I would start off wi

Been Waiting Months for....

Murderball . I do think I have mentioned this movie before. I won't go back to see if I did or didn't I will just continue now about it. Don't worry, it will be short. Movie about, well, guess it is about human stories involving men in this Quad Rugby league. Seems like it takes a lot of balls and I have to say Mark Zupan is a major hottie. It opened this weekend. I swear this will be my first movie of the summer. I will be talking about it by Monday.

So Good It Hurts

One thing I like to do is laugh. If you can make me crack up/laugh out loud or just get me to giggle I will probably like you right off the bat. Not really talking about people I know in this case, but that holds to for them too. I am referring to comedians/actors. And for the past 4-5 years the one that can make me laugh just by saying a couple of words is Mo'Nique . I can watch her in a comedy special, on The Parkers, in movies or just on Showtime at The Apollo and somewhere along the line she is just too much for me to take. I hurt from laughter. You know you know her. Don't feel guilty. Enjoy her and let her make you feel good too.

Break Up

How many times have we told ourselves, “NEVER AGAIN”? Be it getting hurt, hurting someone, smoking, drinking, cheating, being a mean person, being too nice of a person(that hurts the most actually) because you know that they will all come back to bite you in the ass. Well, I opened up again. I really opened up to someone who I thought I would really be able to grow with. Someone I loved quick and hard. I gave all and he “thought” he couldn't/didn't give enough. God, it pisses me off when someone thinks they know what I am thinking, what I need and what I am not getting from something. I have been in NYC for 11 years, pretty much my whole adult life and I have grown hard, very hard except when it comes to love. I will always give it a chance. It is the one thing that can make us truly happy when the rest of our life may be going to hell in a hand basket. 11 years of opening up and then closing back up when I learned that I wasn't right or that he wasn't right f

Another Fave. Revisited.

So I know I have mentioned grounded as my coffee shop/cafe of choice in my 'hood, but I don't think I have spoken openly about my addiction. It is soft, moist, and rich. No, you know I am not writing about coffee, but I have fallen under the lustiness of their Chocolate Loaf Bread. If I am there long enough, after my initial coffee and bagel I will get a slice. Nothing wrong with that. Then that is when I get sneaky. I tend to watch who is behind the counter, hoping someone else will take over the register for awhile so when I am ready to get that second, and this time I have guilt about it, slice I am not looked at like a chocolate fiend. Jen, the owner, knows of my love and said to me the other day, “It is just bread. And a shit load of chocolate.” Guess that explains why I am bouncing off the walls at all hours. Sometimes I just stop in just to take a piece home with me. grounded orangic coffee and tea house 28 jane street

Century Planet.

That is the name of one of my favorite songs. Schawn knows this. He has heard it played I do believe a number of times when he has been here. It is about really being able to "do something" anytime in your life. From leaving an abusive relationship, to going on that dreamed of trek, to telling someone you love them even if it has been from a far for 30 years. The song starts, “Outside my house is a cactus plant they call the century tree. Only once in a hundred years it flowers gracefully and you never know when it will bloom.” Well, last week the Century Tree bloomed.

A New Fave....

I have just been loving watching Tony Hayden today in my downtime. Watched some of his Gay Days clips and from Pride also. Go check it out. Too funny. Think you can also donate to his "camera fund" if you love it as much as I do. Seems like someone you want as a buddy.

Catching You Up.

Wow, I feel as if I haven't really put anything down on here of any significance of late. Well, it isn't like I spout on and on about anything important but I do like to convey information about what is going on with me and what I have been up to. So I guess I have to go back a good two weeks. I know I have posted in that time but late me give you the skinny, cause I haven't been getting anything fat. Wink. Broadway Bares : My first time going to this benefit in the 11 years I have lived here in NYC. It was so much fun. I was disappointed that the tickets said no photography and I had to leave my new camera at home. Next year though, and I will go, I will bring my camera. Everyone had a camera. Digital. Camera Phones. SLR. I think I was the only one walking out without a picture or two. I was able to find two pictures from this year online and they are just below. Between their two shows and donations they raised over $654,000 this year alone. Way to go Jerry

Moving Over Bacon.....

So it would seem that Abercrombie has hit its stride with most of the gay community of NYC. Is it because the clothes aren't as good anymore, sorry Adam (my teammate who works for Abercrombie - Hello. Hottie!!!!), but I think it is more because they are trying to pull away from the gay commmunity who really put them in the forefront of being popular. Well we have the new heir to the throne. Aussiebum is coming on hard and in those shorts and such I think that is the idea. I have to say I am loving their stuff. I can see, some if not all of, their stuff on my man also. Go check them out. Get some stuff and lets create a new, more fun cult of clones...I doubt the straight teenage boys will be getting this stuff.

Improvements All Around

Do you have any idea how happy I am that Blogger has enabled its users to post pictures directly through there templates instead of having to use Flikr, Hello or Picasso? Expect to really get to see some great pics from this Fabu weekend in NYC. The weather is supposed to be great, the Pride festivities will be the same but you can count on some great bare chested MEN pictures. Hey, even if I am taken I still get to watch the parade go down the street. Why else are we walking if not to show off our hard earned bodies from hours in the gym? Hello? Talk to you all soo and I mean soon because I have alot saved up I am supposed to be writing about.

Update II: Long Time Coming

60 years is the sentence for a man who will be bed ridden any day now for the remainder of his, what, maybe 2-3 years on this earth. Sorry, that isn't justice. Okay, enough with the heavy stuff. I need to get back to the fun and light. Have almost a weeks worth of small things to post about.

Clouds in My Coffee

Update to July 19th, 2005 12: pm Sunday Afternoon

Well, what do I really have to say at this point. Just finished writing about the whole racial disrespect that this country has laden upon its supposed second class citizens, sorry if it wasn't as deep as I promised. And I also gave you some pictures of cute boy (and the two girls) that were left at the MJ Party when I got there. What else do you want from me? Perhaps the story behind this picture? Well, just like any ordinary summery weekend in the park people are out and about. Exercising, playing volleyball, basketball, lounging around, looking at the young Jewish group that gathers every Saturday late afternoon at the northwest part of the Great Lawn. But today we ALL noticed this guy running suicides out in the grass, then switching it up to just sprints(backwards and forwards), just bending down (more than one needs to) and just when you thought you had seen enough he takes off his shirt. Well, as I have the new camera that is attached to me at the wrist everyone say

Long Time Coming

This article, Repairing Senate's Record on Lynching: 'Long Overdue' Apology Would Be Congress's First for Treatment of Blacks was sent to me today by my ex. Really makes you think about the past and still the present in a multitude of places here and abroad. Today we have bias crimes that are tough to prove, mostly bias crimes toward the Arab community and, of course, the gay community which has gone on as long, if not longer than slavery in the US. To think what it would have been like to be stuck in the middle. What I would have done 50 or 60 years ago? Gay and black in a time when both things were looked down upon if not scary to be. Here are a couple of things to check out on the web that will give you something to think about. Some are books, some are sites, some are tv documentaries. Oh, forget it. I grew tired of trying to write this post weeks ago and possibly I will really dig into it again when I see if this whole “Apology” thing the government is


Okay, so MJ being allowed to skate was a really bad reason to have a party but isn't any excuse to see your friends at a party good enough.

Forgive Me

but I had on Fox News for a moment and heard this story. Just cracked me up so much I had to post it. Sadly they don't have the pictures up they showed on the news report. Beauty Beatdown. You know they can f***up your hair but bodily harm, DAMN. He is my DUMBASS of the Week.

What's On the Menu?

They say this is the new way to let your nutritionist in on your daily menu. It took so long to get the light right for this I am sure I burned a couple of calories just taking this picture. I wanted salad but the spinach I had in the refrigerator had gone bad, boo hoo. Off to the supermarket today I guess.