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Well, Surprise Surprise

Seems like I will be back 'off' The View come June when Rosie is going to leave the show after not being able to come to a deal with ABC TV. She will give them one great year of ratings and then she is gone. Barbara Wawa said: "I induced Rosie to come back to television on 'The View' even for just one year. She has given the program new vigor, new excitement and wonderful hours of television. I can only be grateful to her for this year. I am very sad that ABC Daytime could not reach an agreement with her for a second year. We will all miss Rosie on 'The View,' and hope she will be back with us often next season. She remains for me a cherished friend and colleague." Question is what will they do then? The only real reason to tune in now is to see who is fighting with who, but really I think Barbara just wanted to make it to 10 years and then she is going to get back in that Jacuzzi with Judge Judy and Cindy Adams.

Spring Has Sprung Again 2007

Happy Earth Day 2007

Seems that people are actually really into Earth Day this year, not sure if it is Gore or Oprah or just the fact that the planet is dying but I hope it isn't just a fad until people get bored of it. I did love Yahoo's Earth Day page and, yes, it is still up and functioning.

Bad Week, but

at least Josh is back in town and, if I can make it through the weekend, this is Big Apple weekend. NYC's Biggest Gay Tournament of the year. Not a good time to be unable to sleep. What's going on on with you people? Comment.

Apple Me What?

Just received an email from Apple regarding keeping me up to date on the iPhone. Nothing new but a picture and telling me I will be kept up to date. Big whoop, but what did get me was the disclaimer underneath the ad. "You are receiving this email because you asked to receive email updates about iPhone. If you have questions about Apple's Privacy Policy, click here. This device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained." So, here it is April and the phone is due in another 3 months and we still aren't sure if or when it will really be approved and released? Blah, blah, blah, new technology, don't promise me something than pull it away. I hold faith that Apple will have it all resolved by then.