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Big C

It has recently struck me rather strange at how many young men are being stricken with different types of Cancer. Someone I love very much has fought the battle and came out the other side a much better person than when he started. I didn't know him at the time but from what he has told me about it he is now a much better a person to others and himself. Now on a site I read quite often about Corey, a comic addict and gay guy in NYC , he recommended a new site from another guy who seemed quite similar to him. Well, Corey loves DC comics as I do so i thought this new one would be a nice one too. Starting to read I learn that the writer(aka, Wolf of Steel) , a 31yo guy, loves comics and is starting his fight with cancer. Not sure if you needed all that info but go check it out. If you know what he is going through or just want to show your support and love of comics, take a gander. And just to be on the safe side: Read, Check and See your Doctor.

Too Strange Not to Include It.

<< Od Occurrence >> Dwarf swallowed by hippo A hippopotamus swallowed a circus dwarf in a freak accident in northern Thailand last week. The circus dwarf, Od, was in mid-act, bouncing on a trampoline, when he accidentally jumped sideways... and straight into the mouth of Hilda the hippopotamus, who was yawning on the sidelines, waiting for her act to get underway. Hilda's gag reflex took over.. and Od was swallowed whole. The 1000 spectators in the audience applauded wildly ... until they realised what they were watching wasn't part of any act. Can you imagine?


Wednesday already and I haven't posted like I have wanted to for the past three days. So if I didn't mention it in one of the last posts I spent this past weekend in Baltimore, MD (Maryland, for my international friends). I was there for, of all things, a volleyball tournament. BELIEVE (otherwise known as the Baltimore mantra.) My friend Tony and I drove out of Jersey City mid afternoon and had a great drive down to the City of Baltimore. Found our host hotel, the Mount Vernon Hotel , rather easily. Easily when you consider it is about three blocks from the host hotel we have had for the past 4 years. We have been at the Wyndham Sheraton for years now. Funny thing is the hotel this year is also part of a business/hospitality college. So it was student run and it was in an old YMCA building. Rather interesting. Anyway, it was nothing to speak of but most people were staying there so at least there was some mingling in the lobby. We actually didn't get to see ma

Discussion Time.

Check out Rocco's blog . The guy seems to either make people laugh or piss them off royally. This post actually made me laugh. It takes me back to the mean days. But seriously, people, you know who you are.....many love to be in HX . Take it with a grain of salt and you just might be able to laugh. If your too serious, well, I can say I added to the list of comments he receives from people for every post he puts up. The home page for his site .


So my man is about to return to me after being gone 31 days so far; it will be 45 days by the time he gets here. I am so excited I can hardly sleep. No, seriously, I have been having the hardest time sleeping lately. I go to sleep around 3am, yes, I am a night owl, and I wake up around 5am feeling like I have slept for days. Then I go back to sleep to wake up in time for the Today show to start. Well, I should say I wake up for Early Today and then go back to sleep and then wake up for Today with Matt and Katie. Only time I have slept really well since he has left was when I wasn't feeling well or was just so wiped out that I could hardly stand. I hope he knows how much his presence, even by phone or chat, has meant to me. I think he does. For a very closed person like me it is hard to open up to someone, even if I love them. I am trying harder than ever. I have friends who I have known for years who tend to think I actually work for some clandestine agency. Just call
My friend Sako sent me a bunch of picture from his friends in Rio trying to coax him into moving back. Just loved this sunset shot.

Tech Age Mix Tape.....

That is what my man sent me this weekend. He listens to what I say. He reads what I write. He puts things together and knows how to surprise me and make me feel special. But of course I ruined it. I ended up erasing his mix and now I am waited, with breath that is baited, for his return. Both to hold him again and to get the mix back. Anyone else out there feel as lucky as I do? Tell me.


Who knew I was such a bitch???? Haha, okay put down those hands. You all gave me very good reason for the eyes and little noises I gave you. Re-read the posts last night after I got home from winning our last match of the season. I was actually talking to Schawn at the time and he even thought I was a little bitchy to Mrs Reynolds, just a little. But I stand by what I said. Said in emotion and it was my release, but it all stemmed from what she has said in the past and present. Sister is on another planet....oh wait, don't get me started. Especially since the View is on right now and I am missing all her worlds of Wisdom.

She's the Queen of The Nile.....

Oh wait, I mean the Queen of Denial. Congratulations go to Star Jones-Reynolds. I plan on following all your marriage advise. And my Man is about as straight as yours. Sorry, Girl, but you have been talking alot of smack lately and you think you shouldn't be called on it. Take an Ambien, get a good sleep then when you wake up tell me what you see. Actually don't tell me, I don't want to hear your crying mess.

How Big is That Gavel, Your Honor?

Sad to say I missed this story that is almost a year old but still thought it was funny enough to send out again, even if you have heard it before. Oklahoma's Attorney-General wants a state judge removed on suspicion he frequently masturbated and used a device for enhancing erections while his court was in session. I guess that is why they have that look of being tired all the time. At least the ones on “Law & Order” do. There is even a blog set up to keep people up to date on the status of the case. Sad, interesting and weirdly funny.

Two Things Made My Day Already....

One was a call to my man as he was working in the film basement. Hence that explains why I had to call office number instead of just his cell phone. Two: This clip is just too much joy for me to hold to myself. If you don't feel good after this then you are made of stone. Go check it out..

A Little More for Today

Wow, this past week was pretty newsworthy and I think I missed most of it getting ready for just one weekend of playing in town. Now lets see, what didn't I really comment on. The Pope's passing : I didn't really know that much about the man. Being Episcopal I didn't have that much reason to look up to him but I will say that after reading his story/bio from all the news agencies I do respect the man for all the things he did before he was the Pope and for the love he had for his people of Polish decent. The Church will never have politics that I will believe in but I guess that is why I am not Catholic. Ummm, what else? Prince Rainer passed, but I have never been to Monaco. Too late for him to invite me. Maybe Albert will. Seems like a number of people passed last week. Michael is still in trouble and getting deeper, in trouble that is. Celebs have flooded the streets of NYC and becoming more and more visible. Spring is here at last and I am happy as

Big Apple "small" Recap

Recovered and ready to play again is how I am feeling. First, I want to thank everyone on my team, NY Toxic, for making this past weekend a lot of fun, no matter where we finished. Okay, we didn't do that bad, we were seeded 6th out of 22 on the first day and we finished 6th on Sunday. So thanks to Jorge, Marjon, Daniel, Ray, John, Frank and last but not least, Cheese. This was actually the most pulled together team I have played on in quite sometime. No drama, just go out and get the job done. Daniel, thank you most of all for being a great team example on Sunday. Congrats to NY Seven for taking 2nd place in a tough fought match against the team from PR. And I have to say to Troy, you took almost 400 pictures this weekend and you missed me and my team entirely. Now I have to do a search with people to see if I can find some pictures. Be well and talk to you all soon.

Since this weekend is awash, let me say.

I love me some Schawn. I love him, I honestly do. Now, I guess I should go to sleep because I have to be up in 3.5 hours to play in a volleyball tournament. I hate the night before these things. I can never sleep. I need to be tucked in somewhere with a nice cuddly, sexy guy who loves me and wants to be with me. And if you don't know who I am talking about go to the links to the left and check him out. He, of course, is the first link of the 3.

Those Crazy French.....

Llorda (l) & Ljubicic (r) Todays little bit that made me smile and got my imagination running was this little bit that made the Jock Talk section of : Locker Room Surprise: The last time we saw French tennis player Michael Llorda it was on TV at the Australian Open, where he was changing between sets (pictured right), revealing a lean, tight body and leaving little to the imagination. So this following story is probably not a surprise: Two weeks ago, at the Nasdaq-100 in Miami, Croatia's Ivan Ljubicic opened his locker and found a naked Llorda awaiting him. Thanks to the BBC, which provided this blow-by-blow description: Ljubicic: "I saw the door slightly open, so I went to open it and then, shock, complete shock--there was Michael Llodra, naked in my locker! "He was looking at me, I was looking at him. I said, 'What the hell are you doing here?' "He said: 'I'm trying to focus for my match.' "I said: 'It's 1

One Final Thing for the Day....

Columbia/Sony Pictures has finally released a trailer for Bewitched . Looks very funny, original and like a good showcase for both Will Farrell and Nicole Kidman. Go check it out and let me know what you think. Am I right or wrong?


So I am sitting in my new favorite coffee shop, Grounded and I see someone coming up to me from my peripheral vision and I get a very nice hug. Just happens to be my friend John who lives down the street and around the corner. Just thought it was funny to see him because I have never seen him in here before. He tells me he knows the place and has been in here when it first opens but he happens to run a place about a block away called Brewbar . Well, now, what do I do? Do I forgo, there is that word again, my friends establishment for the one I have grown accustomed to? Do I try and split my time? He actually said that when Grounded opened up they lost some customers. I told him that I had been in his place but once and whenever I pass it the place always seems closed. He, not being the owner, says they do close early...something like 5:30 or so. Well Grounded doesn't close until 8. That is at least a respectable time. I don't think most people get to coffee pl

Oh wait....

did I mention that I have moved away from my loyalty to Compaq/HP and I am now working on a Toshiba Satellite until I make a final decision on my next laptop. I know I have one very important vote going for the Apple Powerbook/iBook series. Any other laptops out there that can supply me with alot of battery power, a great screen and, of course, wireless. Oh, and it can't be a Sony. Great screens but I don't like how they run things. Please comment and let me know.

Big Weekend for NYC Volleyball

Well, I thought I should write as much as I can about what is going on now before the weekend gets here. This weekend is the Big Apple NAGVA Tournament. NAGVA stands for North American Gay Volleyball Association. It is part of the roster of a city tournaments that lead up to the end of season Nationals Tournament which, just as in any other sport, is held in a different city every year. This year it will be Dallas over Memorial Day weekend. Depending on what my sweetie is doing I will either go with a team or I will "forgo Nationals" in the dramatic way of Bring It On. Yeah, I would be Courtney. So, yeah, anyway we have had practice this week, a friendship tournament (warm-up)on this past Sunday and also two more tonight, Wednesday, and another tomorrow. Registration is on Friday and then we play all day Saturday and then Sunday is elimination day. It can either be really fun or really annoying, but you know you will be wiped out afterwards, that is assured. My te

Those Home Matrons of New.

From, this just cracked me up: OMG! Did you hear about what happened at the Vanity Fair cover shoot with the Desperate Bitchwives, um, we mean, Housewives? The AP was all: Vanity Fair’s cover proclaims: “You wouldn’t believe what it took just to get this photo!” The article acknowledges that the poolside photo-shoot, in which the five women appear in different colored bathing suits, was manned by an ABC representative who was to make sure that certain demands were met — including that Teri Hatcher didn’t select her wardrobe first or appear in the center of any group photo. “Whatever you do,” the ABC rep, who wasn’t identified by name, said when he arrived on the set, “do not let Teri go to wardrobe first.” And you know who went to wardrobe first. Yup, Teri Hatcher! We know! Then Teri gets all up in the middle of the photo—which you know she wasn’t supposed to do—and then Marcia Cross was all, fuck this, I’m outta here!, and we were all, wow! And the flack was l

End of the Chicken Man's Road

So being a child of the 70's-80's I do associate chicken with one man, Frank Perdue. And I will continue to see that gentle older man's face when I hear the name. His son is around with the commercials now but he is no Frank Perdue. And sadly now there is no longer a Frank Perdue. The man we have all known for his pure chickens has passed on us after a brief illness. Funny how someone who didn't effect my life in any way really, but who I could see on a commercial a couple of times a day, can make you sad. I am not sitting here all broken up but you did feel like he was trying to take care of you and what you ate. Rest in peace.

Another Night with the Men (and some boys)

So recovering from a late, shut down the bar, kinda night at Gym Bar. Well, okay, they do shut down early for a NY bar. During the week they figure a 2am close time is good. It is a sports bar don't forget. Not much going on sports wise past 2am. Go to another bar if you want to hunt some prey. Well, actually they do get a great crowd at Gym Bar. Schawn will love it when he gets back. They are running NBA and March Madness like crazy. And my man likes his basketball, damn he just loves sports. Last weekend he was out playing croquet, no less, with a couple of soap studs. But before I drive you guys crazy with more talk of my sexy guy I will get back to the point of this particular entry. Gym Bar has a couple of partners but the two main seem to be Nick and Rick, volleyball guys, and since last night was the first Thursday they were open we all moved to Gym Bar from our usual Barracuda. Yes, we have a new bar to call home. We usually have a group of 8-10 out on any g