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Wait, Mario Lopez wrote a children's book? Someone get me a sketch pad and some crayons, I guess I can write a series books.
Oprah, why didn't Gail get a nice gold microphone for the Texas Fair Show? I guess it wouldn't have matched her outfit like it did yours.

BS Detector

Can I sit in for Andy Cohen one night and ask the Housewives of Atlanta the questions we all want to ask? Such as: Who pays your bills really? If you have a house just sitting empty for 10 years; why can't u go in the door? How much do you get paid per episode? I guess I should work on my list but I doubt they would let me ask more than one question. Maybe I just email in a bunch of questions and see what happens. I feel as if they have a disclaimer ala "V": Don't ask any questions that would paint us in a negative light.

Just Because It Is Jake

All the photos over at Just Jared .

UPDATE: They Are Coming!!!

V Taking A Longer Production Vacation Than Expected? So check out this link to try and get an idea of what is going on with the show. Very hard to tell, but with all the excitement that the new series has aroused I can only hope they stay on track and give us what we have been wanting.

Kozmo, The Super Russell

He was loving the beach this summer.

I Want My WinMo 6.5! NOW!!!!!

So as I sit patiently waiting for today to roll around; I was hoping my phone would be able to upgrade to the New Windows Mobile 6.5. What did I get? Nothing? Technically I have seen nothing from WinMo6.5 all day except reviews that did not have great reviews but I will say any type of improvement would be great with me. I have stuck with Microsoft through their different phone OS upgrades and I keep looking for the day that they get something slick, fun and quick. Now it seems that if I want something like that I will have to wait until the first quarter of 2010 and then also get a new phone. Thus phone having a price tag that is no joke, seriously. Okay, just needed a little venting time. Most people don't care as they have their iPhones and Blackberries or Palm Pre's, but I want my upgrade now.