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Update: Scrubs

So I have been informed that pink is not the color of the scrubs worn by my hot male nurse. They are light blue with a hot tight tee shirt to keep the temperatures soaring in the ER/Trauma Ward.

Oh Mr. Sulu...

George Takei, our own Mr. Sulu, of Star Trek series and movie fame has come out of the transporter....I mean the closet.

Will We Ever Know.....

What that smell was last night? We started smelling it rather early, sometime around 5:30 or so in Chelsea. Thought it was because we had just emerged from Starbucks on 23rd and 8th with a Grande Caramel Macchiato but once it was gone that smell was still so strong. We continued shopping, eating (yes, the smell made us both hungry)and then back to see Paul at View Bar. Such a good smell that it was almost sickening. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some new psychotropic drug that has been developed that most people breathed in more than they should have. Think this is a case for Sydney Briscoe. Well, maybe if the show was still any good. Haven't really watched Alias since they moved it from Sunday night. What is that smell? Many people are writing about it.

Sunday Hospital Update....

Well not much to report. Nothing was broken, which is what Archie was hoping for. They say a break is alot easier than something torn. Off to a specialist he goes. Well, guess I will have to keep in touch with him by phone because he knew his volleyball season was over. Was kinda cool though while we were sitting around at the hospital after his xrays were done we were sitting outside the "conference room", seemed more like a 6x6 lounge for the doctors to look at x-rays and chat. But the screens for the x-rays, computer screens not the wall boxes we are used to, was so big we could see his films from outside the room. I can't read x-rays, well not like a real doctor, but we didn't see anything broken. Later the doctor came out, she was nice, and yanked on his foot before she left him in the care of was her time to go home. Then Archie's BF showed up so we all talked a little longer then I left him in the hands of his man. Just in case you were w

Tuesday, Oct 25 10:52pm

Walking after my volleyball match across 14th street. I just passed a large black woman in her upper 20's on 14th and 7th. Speaking rather loudly into her hands-free microphone saying, "Look at this, you got me on the street screaming at you like I'm black." Sad. Why is it sad? Because what she is is ignorant. Being black is her excuse and also her curse if that is something she perceives as a trait or stereotype.

Favorite Tee

So once in a great while I will find something while shopping that I would never expect. The latest thing has turned out to be my favorite tee shirt. Just a tee shirt. A plain navy blue pocket tee shirt with a small golden eagle on said pocket. Okay, the golden eagle is a give away if you getting to or already do know me. I LOVE AMERICAN EAGLE. I used to like Abercrombie alot. Have you ever just put on anything in your closet that made you feel....Safe? Confident? Sexy? Like it was made for you and really no one else? If so then you know what I mean. In the first week I believe I washed and wore this tee shirt three times. I knew then I had a problem.

Ready to Cry...

I just watched some footage from Monday's Today Show. Of course everyone is/was reporting on Hurricane Wilma, I always preferred Betty, but anyway that is just me. The footage was of Al Roker giving a report out on the deck of his hotel. Wind is whipping past all, similar to how it was beating up Shepherd Smith back with Hurrcane Rita. Next thing you see is the camera panning back (zooming out) to show all indeed on the deck outside the door. The camera man was very obviously inside the room while Al, hero that he is taking his beating. Pan back more and we see someone, not sure if it was the sound guy, a grip or what but someone has wrapped themselves around Al's legs so he doesn't blow away. But Mother Wilma was in bitch mode and next thing you see is a gust and down Al goes onto his "anchorman". After that he said he was alright and would continue from inside. Again, what makes reporters and weathermen, no, they are not the same thing, believe they are

7:50pm Sunday, October 23

Sitting here in the Cornell Medical Center at 70th and York. One of our volleyball players was hurt today while at a tournament. My first time,and only time, in an ambulance;knock on wood. Rough ride. Archie yelp in pain at some really bad potholes in the NYC streets. This is nothing like "ER". One kinda cute nurse. They keep paging Dr Gupta. I keep wondering if it is the same as on television. I think this is a good hospital after all. Waiting to hear if Archie has a tear, sprain or if something is actually broken. Wondering if I can pull together a halloween costume from things I find lying around. Doubt it. To be continued, I guess.....

Overheard in Elevator

A mother and her two daughters, approx. 11 and 13, were with me on the elevator going up in my building. Lets just say the mother made Jocelyn "the catwoman" Wildenstein look young. She had obviously been to the nip/tuck doctor way too early in life. I was trying not to pay attention to what was being said; I still had in my earphones, even though the music was turned off. All I can remember hearing was the older of the two daughters say,"I really need to get the grey dyed out of my hair." I hope she was kidding otherwise that mother has started to have a Big Effect already.


So I have come to the conclusion that the whole comfort level that I afford people, most anyone, is just too much. I need to reign it in. Not give so much. People I just meet, guys on 1st/2nd dates, friends of is all the same; I give them instantly what they want in whoever they are meeting. The intention of this little post isn't about making myself sound good or the end all be all, but what I am saying is this gets me into alot of trouble. False friends, false loves, false feelings on both sides because the emotions I felt from others were not real. Do I try to do this consciously? Not anymore than anyone else but within twenty minutes to a half hour I can literally have someone spilling their guts to me or a new boyfriend or both. It is just in the last year or two have I really paid attention to this. I have even thought of going in the psychological field. *Note: Talk to Pabs about that. Not sure what this one means in the long run, except to warn myself

Big Cup Replacement???

Walking this morning up 8th avenue I was just passing the former Big Cup location when I came across a sandwich board next door in front of The View Bar. Sandwich board announced that Java Boy was open and low and behold View Bar was open and had people sitting inside drinking coffee. Wondering if they took a suggestion out of the Cosi Sandwich notebook? They can sell coffee all day and when the time comes switch over to the bar that occupies the space every night. Good idea if you ask me. We shall see what they do in the long run. I might even stop in someday.

Not to be Mean....

This isn't for everyone and not to be overdramatic, but it is slightly: "This is a re-take of my life" "That's the problem, I loved him too much; and when you love him, he becomes unattracted to you." Right now, two lines from the same song couldn't be more true. You think you are totally over someone, then bang, they are back in your city, talking about someone else the same way they spoke about you. Bull shit. Get pissed if you want, you know it is true. Held on way to long. Cared for someone who I never should have. Don't know if I will regret actions of the past couple of minutes or not. I erased every picture I held special. Every email has been deleted. Even removed the email/home/work addresses from my my computer. I am done. Enough. Enough now .

People Really Do Read Me.

Received this post in the comments section for the movie SCAB I posted about. Hey. Thanks for spreading the word about our film. We hope we don't disapoint (too much). It's more of a "Queer Vampire Drama"... (Yes, with hotties!) World Premiere: Reel Affirmations G&L Film Festival, Washington, D.C., Oct. 21st. Reeling G&L Film Festival, Chicago, November 6th. Thanks again and all the best, Arik Treston Producer, "Scab" Standing Room Pictures, LLC Arik, thanks for checking out what I had to say. Might be a good reason to get to DC the week before All Hollows Eve.

New Dislike.

Well not so much dislike but not satisfied with the new haircut. A low caesar as they call it. But if my hair was longer you would think I could be soldier on HBO's "Rome". Very sharp angles, please grow in quick.

Fly with Me....

So as soon as I posted about Tony and his vids I realized there was something else I wanted to comment on that I just saw on CNN Headline News Network . Of all the news channels I think I like that one the best. Well, come on they do have AJ Hammer doing the entertainment news. I have loved him since he was back on VH1 as a VJ. Well, anyway, they were talking about a new website that brought together travelers. As a single traveler you can post what airport you are flying from/to see if there is anyone out there flying the same carrier or waiting in the same terminal you might possibly want to talk to in while waiting or sit side by side on the flight and see how it goes. For those of you who travel like crazy and don't like that arm fat from the person next to you creeping over the arm rest go check out Airtroductions .

Catching Up on Tony...

So I was just watching the latest Tony Hayden videolog and come to discover that I have been missing out on Ebay. Yes, of course I know what Ebay is but I never knew you could get such killer deals on such things as clothes and shoes. Think I need to drop into this online bidding war that has since passed me by. I need to catch up and get me some products.