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Coretta Scott King Dies at 78

Coretta Scott King, the widow of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., died Monday night in Baja California, Mexico, her sister told CNN. Mrs. King, 78, suffered a stroke and a mild heart attack last August. As part of her rehabilitation, she was receiving further medical treatment at Hospital Santa Monica, a holistic health center, when she died, her sister Edythe Scott Bagley told CNN. Via

Project Runway: Classic Line

"She looks like a baboons ass exploded all over her backside." Santino, from Project Runway , doing an imitation of judge Michael Kors regarding Santino's ice skating costume.

Oh Those Gay Weddings....

I am just sitting here watching my latest station of choice, Bravo . After a night of Project Runway (I love Nick Verreos to death) and a cute Queer Eye about a nude calendar for charity I am now watching Party/Party . Project Runway will have its own post real soon as soon as Santino leaves the show. And oh is this show, or should I say this network, totally gay tonight. Party/Party is all about two parties done by two different groups. They can be anything from children's parties to Sweet 16's to anniversary parties. Tonight is about two gay couples doing commitment ceremonies. Both are in Florida. One is in Jacksonville area, the other is southern Florida One is in Hollywood, FL and was actually being filmed during Hurricane Wilma. This storm really took its toll on this wedding. Sweet couples. Little whiny but it is for their big day so I can totally understand. I am not sure which couple I like more but I will say that the daddy of the one couple has a hot as

Just a Day Walking Around - Last Week

Finally got these pictures edited and sliced up so here are a few slices of my day.

Things On My Mind, Such as.........

Why is it that I find the women on Saturday Night Live to be so much funnier than the men? Myra Rudolph and Amy Poehler are just two women that can crack me up. Rudolph can impersonate anyone and still not have to do much to do it. She does Oprah, but doesn't use dark make-up; it works cause she is so damn funny. Amy can read that news and just make me laugh, plus I just think of her as the mother in Mean Girls with those breasts/nips of stone. Too much. Which leads to another question of.......... Why is it that housekeepers in my building think they run the place? Or maybe I should say they think they run the laundry room. You go in there, every cart is full of wet or dry clothes just sitting around. They are standing around taking up space and they actually will tell you to move like one did to me the other day. Well now, that was just the last straw, my bitch came out and I just told her like it is. I wasn't mean but believe me she backed off quick. But how abo

Just walking down the street.

Click on picture to get a bigger version of what I saw of the strip, Click HERE to see the whole orignal picture.

Starwich on 42nd and 10th

Sitting here at a pretty good sandwich place for about 10 minutes, just got my sandwich and was just about ready to dig in when all of the sudden about 20 mothers/nannies walk in the door and unleash these wild kids all over the place. The children run ignored over the furniture, throwing things, walking behind the counter, just wild in general. Different mothers are sitting around nursing/breast feeding without a care in the world. There are about two other tables besides me who aren't part of this "little" gathering. It went from quiet and nice to loud and just annoying. I think before I get my food to stay next time I will be asking if this is a regular occurance. But the sandwiches are REALLY good here as is the service. Ooop, one of the queens who own the place just made an annoucement telling the mothers to watch their kids because, "We can't do it for you." Kick ass, girl.

Happy New Year to All

Happy New Year to everyone. So just a quick recap of my new years eve and day. Party at Time Warner Center Residences. Fun. Little stuffy. Mixed crowd but very nice. Stayed about hour and a half with Fast Eddie. We bought a bag with a change of clothes and our liquor and put it in the coat check. Yes, we had to be dressed nicely for this one. Second party was at the new residence of Pablo and Robert up in Hamilton Heights (Harlem). We (Fast Eddie and I) got out of our cab, ran to the door (okay, it was a quick trot) and headed upstairs to get our relax on. Pabs, Rob and Mike Z were in the house. That was it. 3 of them. It was about 11pm and all was quiet. And to tell you the truth I couldn't have asked for more. We laughed, just acted silly, drank and had fun. Even though the party was planned rather late and the guest list was about 20 or so it would have been just fine if the night was just the 5 of us. I do love these guys. We actually had 3 others show up for