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Sitting at Starbucks

Now anyone who knows my computer habits knows I like to go to a coffee shop in Chelsea and sit and do my emails and actually sit and work on the blog you are reading (writing, searching for picture, thinking up ideas, etc.) Well today I thought I would try the “Daddy of Them All”; Starbucks. I parked myself this afternoon at the Starbucks on 47th and 9th avenue in Hell’s Kitchen. My do people act strange in public. And yes, it is still public. Your little table is but a mere foot and a half from the next and people carry on conversations as if they were home. Private, not fit for public conversations. Homeless people coming in, at least I assumed they were homeless, maybe they were just crazy. Tourists, couples, singles, people coming in to do work, problems hooking up to the wireless signal ( I was asked for help twice) and so on. But after the hours of crazies and accents I noticed that there is a kind of kinship at this place. People make space for others. M

Killing in NYC

So, the story about the actress who was shot in the LES this past weekend seemed quite shocking to me, but why? The more I hear about this story it seems that everyone involved was stupid. The kids who were out looking to hurt someone and the victim who commented, while I gun was pointed at her, “What? Are you going to shoot us now?” A friend who lives in New Jersey was shocked by the story. Not for the same reasons as those of us who live in Manhattan. He lives in Hoboken and is a teacher at a local high school. He said it was strange that something that is common place outside of the city in more urban areas would garner a front page slot for 2 days in Manhattan. As of today they seem to think they have half of the group that was out with the shooter that night. They think they may even have the shooter, we won’t know until after the press conference they have planned. I knew it wouldn’t take a week to get to the bottom of this. Kids talk, the people the kids brag

I Love Lofy Ambitions

1000 Bars is a weblog of a man in NYC who vows to visit and drink at 1000 bars in the 5 boroughs of NYC in one year. That is only about 3 bars a night but expensive and it has the makings of a killer hangover. Good Luck.

Something to Wake Up To.

Okay, I am wishing I had a picture of Jeff Gordon, Nascar racing super star, from the Regis and Kelly show this morning. He was co-hosting with Kelly, filling in for Regis and he looked amazing. Not sure why I am just posting pictures of hot guys lately. Maybe I should get back to more thought oriented items. But wow, was he looking great. I was ready to run up to the studio in hopes of catching him.

It Is Always Summer Somwhere.

So HOT down there. But not none of them compare to T of Z .

Because I Can

Alex Smith, quarterback for Utah, doing a session during their last summer training program. Don't worry, Alex, I promise to warm you up when u get out.

Liza with a Z.

Liza Impersonator, in town and looking to be plowed while in costume. Folks, I couldn't even make this stuff up. Too sick to actually be sad...but I bet there are many takers. Take a peek. Oh and there are pictures too.

Caught My Eye

As many know I love Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I hardly sit there and cry the entire episode but a tear can come to the eye near the end when the family comes home, has the proverbial break down and gets to live happily ever after. In most cases, that ever after is in a mortgage free home also. But of recent they have been switching members of the crew on some weeks and this has actually made me quite happy. It first started when they switched blondes who do the shopping for the interior of the house but of recent it has been the carpenter and landscape guys. Even though I love to see that little daddy Paul with his scruffy face and big crocodile tears I was most excited to see a hot english bloke filling in for him a couple of weeks back. Ed Sanders come on down you crazy hottie. Not sure what it was; the accent of that shaved head. Sexy....and yes, that is reason enough to watch. I would still watch the show no matter who the crew was for any given week but then

Let It Come.

A fine Saturday afternoon. I love to be able to walk down the middle of the street though. Sixth Ave & 10th Street. Tomorrow count on seeing pictures of dirty nasty snow piled up high on cars and the sidewalks.

Start of Something Good

So we have moved past our opening night of play in the Spring 2005 season for Gotham Volleyball. I am actually quite pleased with my team. Being a new team you never know what you are going to get, but we have a great group of guys, so attitude yet. Okay, so to the point we won our match 3-0. Enough said, because who knows what next week holds.

Eagle Jock Ball (The Day After)

Have to say that the Jock Ball was alot of fun. Fun guys, some new friends to go with the old, sorry, good friends I went with. No view of Cyd, but a lot of softball, enough gay cheerleaders to fill a football field, a handful of adv. volleyball players and I guess some flag football people, rugby MEN and assorted others. I still don't consider bowling a sport. Hey it is just MY opinion. It is fun, but not a sport. Beer was Budweiser World Draft or something like flowed from 7 until 10. From the bottle or you could have a cup to pour it into. Cheena needed his in a cup, of course. Rich, Cheena, Steven, Arvin, Hal, John, John Henry, Ethan, my baby Pablo, Josh, Josh, Jorge were all spotted having a great time mixing among the different sports. Got to meet quite a number of people I had only seen before. Watched the Pool Tournament between the different sports, not sure what sport won. It was after 10 by then and it was winding down. Afterwards it was over

Eagle Jock Beer Blast....TONIGHT!!!

Who is up for some drinkingand mingling? Head on over to the Eagle tonight (28th street between 10th and 11th Ave) around from 7-9 and join in with the jocks. Should be fun and I think there is free domestic beer for the event. If you can drink domestic that is. I will be there. Come on along and bring friends. See you there Mike?

A Double Take.....

That is what I had to do as I was walking down the street this morning when I saw the cover of the New York Post. Emblazened was the headline of, "Mike's Catch". Story about his impending wedding to someone I didn't think he was involved with. But then again everyone has their own taste. Not exactly my cup of tea. Oh wait, was that the story or was this the correct story.

My Village.

Just saw this shot of the West Village on this cool photo site called Cornershots and wanted to share it with everyone. Enjoy. Kinda gives the village that mysterious feeling again.

Media Hounds Alert!!!!

Time to Vote again... this time lets try to get everyone to just make a couple of clicks....Oh yeah, Towleroad has been nominated three times. Make sure you vote for his blog . If you don't know it, there is a link to the left so you can check it out. Many new blogs on here I didn't know. Checking them out as I write this to you. Maybe I will be there next year. Go VOTE.

Apple Has Done IT Again

Apple - iPod shuffle was just released along side the Mac Mini. Now I am not a Mac user, love them but have no real need for them, but I am going out before I leave town this weekend and I am getting a iPod Shuffle. Small, light and easy. This is made for people who don't need a 2000 songs with them at all times. It was made for me.


Sunrise over St. Gallen, Switzerland...I love sunrises and sunsets.

You knew it was coming.....

Oprah Hires The Marines...... to go to Arugam Bay and help Nate Berkus find his lost bf, Fernando Bengoechea . Okay, they are ex-marines but I knew, fingers crossed, that she would do something sooner or later. But this was more than I thought. Of course a film crew/producer will be traveling with them as they search.

Because I Can

Haha. This Tim Mack, 2004 USA Gold Winning Olympic Pole Vaulter (no pun intended)

Only Gets Better.

Still H-O-T to this Day. - Figuring out Dennis Quaid - Jan 4, 2005 Can't say when it was I first thought him HOT but in these last couple of years it has only gotten better. Meg who? I could have said that is our love child, but girl needs to get to an opthamologist.

Appropriate or Not?

Since moving to NYC ten LONG years ago I have seen things I never thought I would see on the streets, subways, in restaurants, at the gym (okay, I knew I would see that) , but some things just make me sick. Now I know people have a need to sneeze and blow their nose, two things that totally gross me out. I don’t know why they just always have. But since when is it okay to clip your nails in a crowded subway? You never know it either. All the sudden you start to hear this clicking sound and you know you know the sound but can’t see where it is coming from. Then you see the man or woman who is just clipping away at their claws. Now as a decent, properly taught person I like to do that in the privacy of my bathroom, just because it is not a fun thing and easier to clean up; but the first thought that comes to me on the train is watch your eyes. Come on we all know those babies can fly if cut at the wrong angle. I know I am not alone in this but I think people are just a

Reading Up.

So I finally finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this past weekend after starting it a little before Christmas. Potter is just bedtime reading, it too big to read on the subway. Now I have moved on to the three, count them, THREE somewhat self help books that were GIFTED to me this Christmas. Two are business related from EJ and one is Zen and the Art of Archery from Dan. Since "Zen" is the smaller book I started that and I am close to being at least a 1/3 if not more done with the book. Quite interesting but I think it would be that much more if I had an archery master over my shoulder and I had a bow in my hand. Well, that is that. It had nothing to do with anything but was in my head. Had another thought on the subway because of something someone was doing but I will save that for another moment on here, maybe in just a few moments from now. And for those of you who read the 4th Harry Potter book just consider me Dumbledore and I am just pulling t

Cereality should and could be a way of life

Cereality is a very cool new franchise that I hope will slowly get to New York. Any Jerry Seinfeld fans out there or just cereal lovers will really get a kick out of this place. They seem to have something for everyone. They were also on the TODAY show about a month or two ago with Matt and Katie, that is where I saw them first. So if you are in Arizona or Philly; they are open in your area.