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To One & All.

Happy Thanksgiving and please try to give thanks for what you have .


What in the hell has happened to my writing skills? I think of late I have just sat myself down at the computer and really been sloppy with my writing. I apologize. I still don't edit myself but I think I will be a little more deliberate and careful in my writing. Thanks for sticking through all the bull.

No Escaping It.

A slightly windy day but the winds died down. A police sargent on every ballon, like that can do anything. No rain yet. No snow at all. Two people injured in Time Square as the "Thanksgiving ballon" ballon swung into a street lamp and caused it break off and fall onto a mother and pre-teen child. That is why the closest I have come to the Thanksgivng parade is the night before ballon blow up.

Please God.

I don't know where this thought came from today but I saw something where someone was saying, "Please, God." Are we just so attuned to these comments that they aren't considered prayers at all? "Dear Lord". "My God". I have never been an overly religious person, I do consider myself to be a good Episcopal and I do go to church on most religious holidays but I have never really thought much of prayer. Not sure where this thought is going because I usually don't plan on what I am writing about but I was wondering what of the agnostics and atheists. What do they say? And for the rest of us are we really thinking we are being heard by who ever we pray to? Do we think someone is really going to do something for us that we can not do ourselves? Are we asking because we don't believe we have the ability to fulfill what needs to be done? Are we actually acknowledging a higher “hidden” power that we accept? Just sitting here thinking abo

One of those nights.

So last night I had no set plans when I arrived at volleyball. Actually it was early afternoon when I got to volleyball, I didn't leave until the evening (1:45pm-7:54pm). So by the time my Div6 team was arriving to be coached for their match I was getting quite tired. The actual plan for the evening was to go to a small birthday gathering for a friend up in Hell's Kitchen but I actually forgot to write down the address. I took that as a sign and just said I would sadly have to miss it. My friend Ethan, one of the nicest guys in the world, told me to come on over to his place after volleyball to have a drink and hang out. Sounded nice and better yet since he is actually just two doors down from the gym. So after my team won their match 3-0, I got my ass finally out of that gym and headed over to Ethan's to just relax. A couple of cosmos later we were just lounging and having a great time. Ring of the bell, Chad shows up and the energy stays great. Amazing how aft

Things I have enjoyed in the last month or so...

After play drinks with my team (Gian, Jorge, Josh). Crazy city days and nights. Not sure what it is but something crazy is going on in this city of late. People are wigging out and it is getting worse and worse. Maybe I shouldn't put that down as something I enjoy but it really does make you open your eyes when your walking down the street. Dinner with Pabs. Not many can make me smile and feel at ease as a really good friend. Mustangs “flying” free in Alabama. Couple of good dates. Couple of bad dates. Still trying to figure out what that smell was. If your not sure what I mean go back in my posts and read about the mystery smell in NYC last month. Two of the happiest barristas I have ever seen at a Starbucks. 54th and Broadway. One loved my jeans and the other just kept staring at me. New Hearst Building. Passed it last Monday afternoon and noticed how the old base and the new glass go together, weird, not sure if I like it but I enjoyed the idea. Got to love hangi

One Year Ago...

So it was one year ago I started this blog. Time sure does fly. Lessons learned. People come and gone. New things all the time yet nothing changed much. Lets see if in this next blog year I can really bring to fruition all that I hold possible. Keep me going and get on my ass if I slack. That is figuratively, lets not get dirty. Okay, well maybe a couple of you can take that in a dirty way, but ask me if you are one of them. HAHA. Later y'all.

Lazy Town

That would describe me and sadly the stupidest show I have ever seen but oddly I keep watching it. Nickelodeon. Afternoon. I really just watch it for the hero of Lazy Town, Sportacus. Not sure why. Think it is because he reminds me of an ex of mine. Anyway, I will watch it until the fascination and his tight outfits, on this kiddie show, wears off. But what will wear off first; the fascination or his hero garb? I promise to move my ass from this self imposed lazy town though. I have tons to write about just haven't set ass to chair and fingers to keyboard to tell y'all the tales. Okay, I realize I need help now once I went throught he effort of finding the pics to post. But yet, isn't he cute. Soon.