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So I thought I would write this post before I head to bed. About a week ago I finally went to see "The Devil Wears Prada". Okay, so I knew I would love this movie as soon as it came out, but being me I will wait and wait until it is just about to leave the theatres because I hate crowds. So finally one Saturday night, a good month or so after it had come out Michael and I went to catch it. Think it was like a 9:30 show. Same weekend "Snakes on a Plane" came out. Only two screens at this place so there were two quite different crowds going inside. Trailers all looked good. Movie was fantastic. They even had the song they play at the end of "So You Think You Can Dance". You know, the song they play when they kick you off and the song is part of your goodbye reel. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. So back to the reason for this post. In the past week I have had two dreams all about fashion. I am not sure if it was from some influences from the movie

Just Wanted to Say Hi.

So after last night I decided I needed to get away. Got up this morning and hopped on a plane to a nice warm island in the middle of everything, I never really want to be in the middle of nowhere. You can see the hut they gave me in the far left side of the above picture. So much better than that foggy wet mess NYC has become over the last couple of days. Who wants to join me? Forget that who wants to join me. There are only two people I might ask to come along. Bry? Michael? Okay, so really I am sitting in front of my computer as usual having a little day dream, but doesn't that picture just make you leave yourself for a little bit? It is not amazing or overly luxurious but it is very relaxing and I could sit in a hut like that and just look out at the ocean. I think it is time to get back to reality and go to Starbucks, okay, maybe I will stay in my hut for another 10 minutes then I will join the rest of you again. See ya soon.

Very Tired...

well maybe not so much tired as I am wiped out. Went to the YMCA tonight for the first time to get my bearings back when playing on a regulation height net and to play with my friends. Was a lot of fun. Very good level of play too. Just sitting here eating some pasta and turkey meatballs and some Energy VitaminWater. No, I didn't eat before I went downtown, but I will know better next time. Felt like I played a full Saturday of a usual tournament. I will go again.

Photographer: Near or Far.....

My friend Troy has branched out and dropped the secure life we all know and cling to so he could realy dedicate himself to his love of photography. Obviously the photo above is a Troy Alexander photo from his site. So here is his new website: Troy Alexander Photography Any questions or comments for Troy can be sent to him through his website, please don't leave them on here because I don't always have a way of telling who is leaving messages. Good luck Troy. By the way, Troy is also a kick ass volleyball player. Laters.

So It Is True About Reality TV.....

I was laying in bed last night just flipping through the channels around 2am when I got really high into the channels 800+. I came across FitTV and a show called Fit Family. I was watching for a few minutes when I realized I had seen this woman before. Wait, I had seen this fire fighter husband before and also these three kids. What gives? Oh, they were the Pitt Family from Wife Swap and lived in a pet infested dump. So I had heard that people really go from show to show but it is rare that I have seen a family go from show to show. I guess there isn't enough reality out there for everyone so some families just get a lock on it. Or could it be that most people don't want to be taped every second for this show and that show. My friend in Miami saw this blog recently and said I was totally exposed. I beg to differ; I write about what I choose to. I edit, okay really I just try to spell check, but there is no hidden producer to make me seem one way or the other. I have

BTW, The Little Man Won Big.

Leslie Jordan picked up his first Emmy Award at the Creative Arts Primetime Emmy awards this past week for his role of Beverly Leslie on Will & Grace, but then again I told you last week that I thought he deserved it and hoped he would win.

Quite Simply; I Love the Colors

Was in the park the other day and just snapping away and just loved the way the bag was laying and the bright blue and yellow along with the yellow. It makes me happy, one of those simple little things that can make you smile.

Too Small? Too Eccentric? You're Gone?!?!

Apparently that is the way the International Astronomical Union are seeing things these days. Yesterday the Union agreed after a weeks worth of butting heads that Pluto, the smallest planet in our solar system is no longer a planet. Apparently the fact that it is smaller than Earth's moon and that it possesses an eccentric orbit create such differences that it has been removed from the records. Forget everything you knew from science from 1st grade through how ever far you went in school.

Earth To Mars

Planet Mars will be the brightest in the night sky starting this August. It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye. This will cultimate on Aug' 27 th 2006 when Mars comes within 34.65M miles of Earth. Be sure to watch the sky on Aug. 27 12:30 am. It will look like The Earth has 2 Moons. Don't Miss it..... The next time Mars may come this close is in 2287. NOTE: Share this with your friends as NO ONE ALIVE TODAY will ever see it again!


Click on picture for bigger view. So I looked up from the computer about 20 minutes ago and saw a lot of smoke on the horizon and I thought maybe there was a fire north of me behind a building or so but come to find out, from a neighbor on the roof, that it is actually an accident or car fire up in the Bronx. So you know I had to get some pics and post them.

Wi-Fi is Now in Central Park

Starting today, certain areas of Central Park will have access to free Wi-Fi service. The areas include the Dairy, Summerstage, The Sheep Meadow, The Delacorte Theater, the Dana Discovery Center and the Arsenal, which houses park offices. Hopefully they will reach the top of the Great Lawn otherwise I might have to go back to the Sheeps Meadow and lay out and type away. Just think I can post instantly while taking pics at your request.

Volleyball, Opera and Spicy Thai

I can forget to post about the most basic things that make me happy. This was a good Tuesday night. Started out with volleyball in the park, as usual. Sadly we had to leave early because the parks dept was doing the opera in the park so they needed to close our area for the performers and such. They put up a big stage and such at the north end of the Great Lawn for this. Similar to when they host the philharmonic. So after leaving I had plenty of time to go shower and change to head over to the Urban match my friends were playing in. Surprisingly I get there and they are playing mroe friends of mine. Very uneven match but they could both tell that going in. Makes me see I want to be a better hitter in the middle everytime I go watch. So afterwards we (Bryan, Ariel, Marjon and myself) go over to Hell's Kitchen for some thai food at Pam. 47th off of 9th avenue. All the food was good. I will remember to ask for mild spicy on my Green Curry beef next time. Very, very spicy.

Some Pics from CentralPark

Anyone that is a friend of mine knows that I can be found in Central Park most of the summer. Afterwork hours. Most of the weekends. Sometimes even just a walk through to get to the Westside. So I thought I would put up some of my favorite park pics from the last couple of weeks. *Note: If you are in any of these pics and don't want them online just let me know and I can remove. Thanks. Chris

Desperate Once Again

So the Women of Desperate Housewives are back with their promo for season 3 . Go take a look. I think they are actually getting sexier and it is nice to see them include Nicolette Sheridan.

That Nut Going to Boulder, CO

So I am writing this as I watch 'The Insider' on CBS. They started with a story on John Mark Karr, the confessed killer or Jon Benet Ramsay. So his lawyer is saying how hard he has had it. After his return in Business class from Bangkok drinking champagne and pate he is now stuck "harsh cement cell" and he was given to eat: a bologna sandwich, carrots and an apple. Life is harsh when you say you killed someone. I do believe this is what he wanted and yes, that is what happens. This is some crazy stuff. Some people just don't think when they speak.

Think About This When Watching The Today Show

With all we have to find on the internet it is quite a feat when this is the hottest picture of the moment. Or maybe not? Everyone always loved Matt Lauer until he did that crazy haircut. I think going out and showing his 6-pack in Southhampton, NY was his way of saying forget all that but look at this. And I am looking.

Mr. Jordan, I Presume.....

We all know him, maybe not by name but you do love him as Mr. Beverly Leslie from Will & Grace . No one can get under Karen Walker's skin like her little male neme-sissy. Seems as thought Mr. Lelie Jordan has finally been given his due by being nominated for an Emmy Award for his years of work on W&G. Stiff, very stiff competition be damned. He deserves this award for years of guest starring on that show. Once Jack and Karen lost some humor it was the Beverly Leslie character who came in and it never felt like stunt casting, as that show is FAMOUS for. Good luck Leslie Jordan and don't go out on the balconey in a blustery storm.

A Gift for Me

So MC got back this morning, woke me up cause I always keep the chain on the door but that is okay because he, being in Brazil and reading my blog, bought me back a real pair of Havianas from Rio. Sadly they are too small for my big ass feet, they were only 9's but the sales guy who sold them to him and was larger than me(and said they would fit him) told him that they should fit me. Guess he just wanted the sale. I thought it a great thought to acknowledge both my blog and to try and give me a gift. I thank him. They are cute too. Yellow ones with Brazil broken up between the two flip-flops.

This Mornings Feelings

So as I got up this AM to the greyish sky I don't know why but I thought of the poem that Ponyboy told Johnny in the movie, 'The Outsiders'. Nothing Gold Can Stay Nature's first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf's a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay. -- Robert Frost

Bar East/Samantha/Halan

Text message to Samantha: What are you up to? Text message reply: Meet me at Bar East at 11:30. Meet up outside. Meet bartender Halan, Samantha's crush. He is a bundle of energy. Samantha and I chat for 3 plus hours. Silly, giggles and fun. Samantha the writer jots down a cute poem. I walk her the block to her door, it is late after all. I had to include it. To love fundamental the charm of all the courage of the true the belief of knowing the possibility of discovering.

Today's Photos

So there I was yesterday walking over to volleyball in Central park. I was walking through just as the sun was beind the trees and as has been stated, 'I love the greens'. So here you go. Thought this just looked nice. As I got over to the courts I saw that the friends who called had decided to sit over on the softball field under the trees and watch some softball and eat a little of their subway sandwiches. Missy and Lew were just yapping away. Will and I sat and listened and watched the game. Okay, not so much the game as the legs of the players in the outfield.

Photos: They Will Be Added

I think I am going to start taking at least one photo a day of my goings on in NYC. Well, maybe not what I am doing but since I am always carrying my camera I will start just snapping at things I find interesting or not what you might think of "the everyday NYC". I woudl also love to hear about things you might like to see that you might not think NYC has shown you already. You might not get it the next day but you will get it if I can find it. Also let me know if you like the changes I am slowly making to the blog. I am still not sure of the colors I just changed to. I think for sure the black will stay but the text colors are still up in the air. Come on people, no fun to right this if you don't tell me anything. Come back tomorrow to see what the first picture will be.

Calling Mr. Phelps

I was talking yesterday about how much I like this photo. It is good to see Mr. Phelps back in the water kicking ass like he did back in the Athens Olympics.

Going Through A Green Period

Guilty Pleasures?!?!?

I have two. I one almost over and the other is about to start. First is the show, So You Think You Can Dance . I have been watching this show since about the 2nd week of auditions and even though I might have missed an episode or two in there I have not missed it since they had the too 14 at least, maybe even the top 20. But I am really here to gush on about my favorite, Travis Wall. I am so hoping he wins it all. He is the youngest of the final four and the most technically correct of all the dancers that are left. And at the end of last weeks voting show the judges all agreed that Travis just stole the whole 'Sexyback' number that the final four danced. Wade Robeson was the choreographer. Great number, I have it on DVR and have watched it at least 10 times. Go TRAVIS. Second is the new movie coming out the 1st of September called, Crank .As I have mentioned before on here I have a big thing for Jason Stratham . Since I first saw him in The Transporter then The It

Remember Last Friday Night.....

That sudden rain storm that broke out for a long time around 7pm or so. Well, I found this picture today over on Flicker, seems like someone just sent it in, it had no user name behind it. Oh, God, whatever, just look at the pic from inside the C/E train tracks at Penn Station.

I Love a Little Funny

Go visit Mr Gisby's Totally Gay Pet Shop

Been Meaning to Add This Quote:

"I wish people still swooned, don't you?" Mrs Madrigal talking to Mother Mucca in the book, "More Tales of the City" by Armistead Maupin. I have to say I think swooning is a great thing and I know I do it quite often, maybe not visibly, but I do.

Feeling A Change Coming On

So I just got home after a nice relaxing day of volleyball in Central Park. Afterwards five of us went out to eat alot of food at Jackson Hole just up the street from my house. Ariel, Marjon, a little guy I just love but whose name excapes me at the moment and Big Bryan. Not big in the bad sense, just tall and a really sweet guy. Love seeing him, hardly get to and he was kicking ass in the park all weekend long. I have to say that this is the second weekend I have gone out to eat with Ariel and Marjon, they know I use just go home and grab something to eat. They always say come on because we are usually just a couple of blocks from my house since we are on the Eastside so why not. Why not indeed. Last week was just fun as was tonight. So I think from now on I will be trying to really get back in touch and start really hanging out with friends and going out again. Since I move up here a year and a half ago I kind of stopped going out. Needs to change. So since I just got

Oh yeah....

I took this picture from my window and stitched it together. You can see exactly how clear it is out there the last couple of days. Then I went up to the roof and took a whole city wide photo and stitched that together too. Harder task but was only doing it for fun so please forgive any imperfections. Click on both pics to get a larger view, I think.

See, Bryan.............

I may only have put up two posts but I am starting to get it going again. I have about 4 more posts coming but now I need to run and get some new shorts and flip flops, maybe Havaianas , I have been dying for something more colorful. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. You can't beat the weather in NYC this past week. Loving it.

New Computer....finally.

Well, I shouldn't say finally since I got the computer almost two weeks ago. I decided against the MAC only because I didn't have the time for the learning curve, but the MAC shall be my next purchase. I ended up going to the store to get a Toshiba just like the one I had, but once I got inside Circuit City I saw a laptop that wasn't in the sale papers. 17" wide screen (you know how I like them tall and long), great procesor(okay, not a duo but am I running AVID on here? NO.) Introducing my new Acer Aspire.