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Question for Fellow Moleskin Lovers:

Do you ever feel like one of the hat guys from the Adjustment Bureau when u walk around town? Do you duck in and out of random doors swiftly & smoothly? Is it just me?

Seems Like Everyone Loves Everyone....

When there is a microphone to speak into!!!

Are you on Twitter yet?

Just a lovely blue skied day!!!

Batman & Bathrooms

Update: Just found this draft from 2005. Wow, how did I write all this and then not publish it? Maybe I wrote it on my phone. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monday after volleyball I was up for seeing a movie, I know, I said I would see Murderball this weekend but I never got to it. Batman Begins made the list instead. I had been dying to see it. I love Christian Bale. As a comic book kid since I was 6 or 7 I had always read them, loved them just for what they were. I had hundreds but I wasn't a collector. Just a kid with a 2 tv boxes of comics that my mother wanted thrown away. She eventually got her wish. The movie was great in my eyes. Better than even the first one with Jack Nicholson. I loved the very dark aspects of Bruce Wayne and Batman, both individually and as one. Loved the scene at Arkan with Batman and Scarecrow. Was a little disappointed in Katie Holmes but it could j

Match Game: In The Closet

Olivia Newton-John - Landslide (1981)

Scary that I remember this. 9 year old gay kids loved their Olivia.


Just because there is EVERY REASON to post this. There is NEVER enough Ben Cohen .  

The Aeon Project