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Showing posts from April, 2011

Our rental has adjustable colors for the cut holders.

People of obese stature: mu seat on the flight is not there to help u left ur ass out of ur seat. Use ur arm rest to lift that ton of meat.

Tired. Won all 3 tonight.

Should I do wild octopus for dinner? Or stick to my trusted Sole?

Intermission at NJPAC performance of Max Rawness. Do good. Fun.
WOW, talk about a mood swing. All the sudden I am in the pissiest mood and on my way to dinner party. Sorry people.
On a train to some god forsaken place in NJ and some big ass girl is, and you know it, planning on taking on her phone the while way.

Hanging at NYU watching men's volleyball. NYU is down 0-2.

Painting the bedroom today...

Supplies are bought and I just finished breakfast. Who is up for helping me tape?
I saw Thor standing on the corner of 46th & 9th yesterday.Took me this long to figure it out. Nurse Jackie's Thor, not Marvel comics Thor.