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My Memorial Day in a Few Pictures.

You can see just how blue the sky was all weekend in all the pictures. I will be writing about most of these pics soon but thought I would put this up to stir some questions. Hope your Memorial Day 2008 was as good as mine. For those not from the US; Memorial Day a day when we honor the memory of lsot service men and women from our military.

Things to Do This Week:

Keep checking Genius Rocket for new freelance ad work. Head to Home Depot in Queens to get a propane tank. Strange that in you can have a grill for your deck in Manhattan but since 9/11 you can not buy a propane tank in Manhattan. You have to leave the island, buy it, bring it back to the island and then get it filled. Ridiculous. Do some laundry; an every other day kinda thing with me. Write back many emails for people who I have been missing from. You know I hate being on the phone. Start taking pictures again with the 5mp camera I am using until I can find camera I really want. No more settling because I see a great price. Pray that the sun comes and stays out this week. A sun that feels like it is just above the clouds and makes me sweat as I am walking to the park to wander and play volleyball. See 'The Chronicles of Narnia; Prince Caspian' by the weekend. I swore I would see it on an off day when it wouldn't be full of parents and their kids. Sit and wis

Is This the Promise of a New Generation?

Okay, so it would never happen but I do love this picture. It is funny that for a movie that will do such great business the promotion is immense. I know people have plans to see it already in groups and have to see it by that Monday. I might be one of them, actually I would wait until Wednesday to go to a less crowded theatre. But I love this photo.

Him? Naked? For Time Out Mag? Why?

Time Out Magazine's Horny Issue Poll So should you click on the link above you can go through 19 different NYC men who are in a competition to be chosen to do a nude shoot for the Horny Issue of Time Out Magazine NY. I have to say I had to go through about 13 clicks to find one I might want to see with his shirt off, let alone naked. Or at least as naked as their nerves will end up allowing them. You be your own judge. There are alot, alot of regular guys to choose from.

I Can See the Future

Oh, come on, like u didn't see that coming. I am a bad, bad person, but come on I needed a laugh after crying at the drop of a hat all week. Actually it wasn't a laugh but a big wince and major inner ouch.

Cash Cabbing with Ben Bailey....almost.

You know when something just falls in your lap that just seems too easy? Yeah, I had one of those moments Wednesday night as I was just walking down 9th avenue. So there I was with Ren and Brett just laughing and being a bit silly when I look to the street. There he was. Ben Bailey . Host and resident hottie of Cash Cab . In his cab. Parked just off the curb. Available light lit and ready to go. I bent down and looked him dead in the face and smiled. Boy does he have a smile. I told Ren and Brett immediately and the funny this is I didn't want to do it. We talked about it for half a block and I kept looking back and he was just sitting there waiting. Besides not wanting to be sitting there all sweaty after playing and being in a sweatshirt and gym shorts I also knew that I would not be able to concentrate and would just be A Big Gay Mess . And to those of u who know me and read that last line, "SHUT UP." The concentration part would be just because I would be l

I Am Crying Right Now.....

I had no idea this was coming at the end of the episode of last night's " Brothers & Sisters " but it hit me hard and fast and I just sat on the couch as the DVR played it out for me. And as for all the people messaging to make sure I am okay; all is good, just been pretty busy. I promise to get back to it soon.

Seen in the streets: Tom Welling

This past Sunday as I walked down the street with Nestor and Giancarlo, eyeing the men as usual, we were in the Lincoln Center area when I spotted him. Clear as day, it took me but a two second from half a block away to realize there was Smallville's main man, Tom Welling. He looked me dead in the face and being a NYer I gave him that knowing glance and looked away. At this point he was but 4 feet from me. I have to say he is incredible in person and big. Height wise that is. I waited a few seconds and directed both Nestor and Gian to where he was but neither saw his face just his back. Gian started to say that it probably wasn't him but Gian has been with me long enough to know I can spot celebrity a mile away. My mind always goes to; I wonder where he was going? But then ABC is up the street and of course just the Upper West Side in general.