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My friend Richard sent me this clip of Keith Olbermann doing a closing of his show for the anniversary of 9/11. Quite good and I, as do others, think it speaks for many of us. It is long but pay attention.

Could It Be True?

Have they FINALLY driven each other crazy enough to SEPERATE? Actually it was Whitney who filed for divorce. Now maybe we can get some good stuff out of Whitney again, rather then seeing Bobby and Whitney looking for the good stuff. So here is to hoping that she goes from this(above) back to that(below). Okay, so she looks a little cracked out in the below picture too but I would have to go back alot of years to find a picture where she is how she was 20 years ago. Come on, Girl, I am rooting for you again.

Yes, It is Fashion Week......

but nothing makes me happier than this.... I could watch this show over and over again. I will watch Full Frontal TV for the shows I missed but if you try and get in my way of getting a ticket to the Victoria Secret show I will cut you, I swear I will.

Nothing Gets Me More....

thank when you would see these posters up around town, hoping beyond hope that their loved ones were hurt somewhere and not a victim. Thousands and thousands lost, but the ones I really think about are the families who had to go search, hoping along the way and still know in their hearts that nothing would come of it. St Vincent's on Seventh Avenue between 12th and 13th had preserved their wall of photos. Yellowed and falling apart but you can still see posters from those days that followed of familiy members and friends who were lost. I know they were searching but we will never forget them. Each year I watch the reading of the names, I will sit for the 3 hours it takes and look at the pictures because I think we all should. Remind ourselves visually that it wasn't about two buildings but 2,711 indiviudals who were taken from us. Not sure why I wrote this now but felt I needed to say something and that is exactly why I have this here.

Still Behind from Weekend Before Last

So here is a picture of my 5th place team from the Columbus, Ohio Labor of Love Tournament. Had a great time playing with most of them for the first time. We had fun, I think. I know I did. More details to come, it is just too late right now for me to put something coherent together.

New Beta Blogger....

So today I switched over to the new Blogger beta system. It seems fine so far but it does state that for now the best viewings are on Firefox and IE. Those using Safari will have some difficulty rendering some parts of Blogger. I am not so sure if my site is complicated enough to make it difficult or not. So that being said, go out and download Firefox . It is the better browser and if you aren't too crazy for Firefox I would suggest Flock or Opera .

Mean, But Funny

Found these answers to some regular pick up lines today. I could never use them but I know of a few people who might have the balls to. They just made me laugh. Q: Haven't we met before? A: Yes, I'm the receptionist at the VD clinic... ------------------------------------------------------- Q: Haven't I seen you someplace before? A: Yes. Thats why I don't go there anymore... ------------------------------------------------------- Q: Is this seat empty? A: Yes. And this one will be too if you sit down... ------------------------------------------------------- Q: D'yu wanna go back to my place? A: Not sure. Would we both fit under one rock?... ------------------------------------------------------- Q: Your place or mine? A: Both. You got yours and I'll go to mine... ------------------------------------------------------- Q: Can I call you? What's your number? A: It's in the phone book... ------------------------------------------------------- Q: Hey, sex

WOW, I Catwoman at 50%, Huh?

So I found this cute little test online and as a kid who grew up with his nose in the comic books I just had to take it. I actually like my results because next trying to figure out how to fly I have always thought to be able to vibrate at such a high level that you can run throuh walls is really cool too. My results: I am The Flash The Flash 70% Fast, athletic and flirtatious. Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz