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Yeah Arkansas!!!!!

Arkansas Razorback players Clarke Moore, Brett Goode and Casey Dick need to stop hanging out on the sidelines...!!

Another End to Vball Season

So this past Sunday's end of season tournament wrapped up another glorious Gotham Volleyball season for the top two divisions. Let me just say I didn't even feel like playing at all on Sunday. I contemplated not going at all. I even sent my captain a text message saying I would be late, but then of course I can't miss anything like that so I got my ass up and going and got there about 20 minutes before we were to start to play. Good thing I did because my team only had 3 people when I arrived at the gym. Apparently someone was late on a flight, one was working and two others hadn't been heard from. So thankfully I was there and that made 4 people, the minimum about needed for your team to play. Of course going into a situation like that with only 4 people, going up against a team o f6 or 7, just makes you think you have nothing to lose. So we played hard and we won. Then by the next time we played we had 5 people. The plane arrived and our player had hustle

Cry Baby

I am such a sucker for a little drama. It's all about the drama, well scripted drama, NOT Other people's issues. The same things seem to get to me. The same television shows. The same movies. Not sure if I have getting harder living here or getting softer in my old age; I guess we shall see as time goes on. Should you call me and I tell you I am watching Judging Amy (only about a handful of episodes, damn Tyne Daly is good), The Color Purple or Field of Dreams that means I can't talk now because I know I am going to be tearing up at some point very soon. Call back later.

Hey Pres.....

President of Syria Bashar al-assad On Charlie Rose Cute/charismatic/sweet/smooth. That is how I wrote the note to myself after watching an episode of Charlie Rose on PBS. Yes, I had seen this man before on the news, I do believe it was an interview with Barbara Walters and for some strange reason he did strike me as very cute, mouse-like (in a good way) and sincere. Now those last two descriptions could prove to be very wrong, he could be a rat and just evil, but for the time being I will see him in a good light. I think it is more that I found him cute that really stuck me. That is it. Just a short observation about this man who, the way things are going in the middle east, could really change the way the world is going to change.


So I finally got my ass to the barber school for my haircut and as usually I see the changes that are slowly taking effect in the city. Last Friday as I was walking to open play volleyball I was passing one of my favorite spots to get Thai Chicken Curry. The Rice Bowl is, or should I say was, located at Broadway between 71st and 72nd street until last week. They, as well as some neighboring stores had closed their doors. And they had that sad sign up that thanked everyone for coming to Rice Bowl for the past years. But the thing is sadly, as with many other stores in the last year or two, there was no relocation address. They are just closed. So many closings. First it was too expensive to live here and now what options for food will we have? Back to the haircut. I go to the Barber school that is located on 29th just off of 8th avenue for a buzz when I can. I loved it. $3.99 for a haircut and then I give a $4 tip. Today I walk over and low and behold the price has been rai

Walking through Cental Park

Walking to the Westside while listening to the iPod mini just bopping along. Next thing I know the Dane Cook comedy CD comes up because I recently added it. I usually skip it to listen to the music, but today I left it on. Now I have to sit my silly ass down because I was losing the ability to laugh, walk and breath. I was seriously walking and cracking up with laughter. At least the people you pass can see you're listening to something funny. I think I was only but three city crosstown blocks into my walk when it came on. Starts off so damn funny that I thought it would lose something as it went. It only got better. I am sure you have heard of him but probably thought he was a flash in the pan, think again. Give him a listen. Plus he is cute as hell. Dane Cook-"Harmful If Swallowed"