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An Amazing Race Facebook Email with Bill

Funny how u can get riled up about the stupidest things and this subject just happens to be one of my can't miss shows: The Amazing Race. My friend Bill, in Minnesota, and I were emailing and the subject of Amazing Race came up, most specifically the team of Margie and Luke. Here is what came from it: Bill April 26 at 10:54am sorry I missed you -- sounds like you'll get a little free time. I will def make time later for my AMAZING RACE! Christopher April 26 at 10:55am I am here and I record 60 Minutes and Amazing Race every week. Sadly I have grown very tired of Luke. Is it me or does his Mom do every tough challenge? Bill April 26 at 10:58am Oh yeah ... he would be lost without her. They do make a good team because they have such great communication skills, though. I am kinda rooting for them. No one else really gets me fired up. The show is still great, but it's a little different than when it first started. It used to seem like they actually went a LOT more

A Word from Your Blogger!! What Really???

Haha. Yes, sorry for the extended leave of absence with just a few pictures in passing to keep you, ever so slightly, at bay. Alot going on with my life in the last few months, the most being a great (absolutely fabulous man) but those of you in the know KNOW that I don't write about that stuff anymore but I will put it out there that I am SO happy. So very happy. So now a little rundown of the past few months. A few Broadway shows: Equus was for my birthday back in December. Hedda Gabler 9 to 5: The Musical Waiting for Godot HAIR Out of all the shows I would say Waiting for Godot was the only one I didn't really enjoy. Although it was nice to see Bill Irwin on stage again. Surprisingly enough I really enjoyed Hedda Gabler. So much volleyball in the city with a side tournament in Pittsburgh. Meet "Red Square Mafia. Yeah, I am not sure about the name either but we had a great time and are going to try and keep as much as the team together as possible. A few tri

And the winner is: I don't know...some purple flowers.

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Out Shopping for new plants on a great day.

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Found it.

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