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NY Players in DC

So now that the long weekend is well over and Wednesday has come I am finding the time to sit and post about the things that have been going on since Thanksgiving. I just posted a few pictures from Thanksgiving Parade but after the parade was packing for a volleyball tournament in Washington DC. Went down with a team of my friends who play in both Gotham and Urban here in NYC. We were playing in a new division, BB+. It is equal mix of rated A and BB players and I was looking forward to it. Kind of funny how the last few tournaments I have been to I have ended up playing with a setter who I had never met before we stepped on the court. But let me see both times have been very enjoyable; the first was a great setter who led our team through some great games and the second from the past weekend was just as good but he made me laugh and be silly throughout the weekend. I look forward to hanging out with him again really soon even though he is up in Toronto. We finished our first day 2wins

More Pics from the Parade.

Just thought I would keep it simple and show those select few pictures that I really liked and the street corner we were on for reference sake. Was my first time in my 13 years of being in the city of actually being there for the beginning of the parade and dealing with the crowds. Was fun and of course hanging with my buddy Vilmar made it great. I will miss him when he leaves to go back to UTA in less than two weeks.

Thanksgiving Look.

Just sitting here in DC waiting for my friend to get himself together and I thought I would post a pic from Thursdays parade.

I Swear....

Editors of Project Runway: Please, please edit out any more of Ricky crying. It is only the second episode and he has cried at least twice. Bitch can't take it. Just edit him out of the show. I don't care if he ends up winning; which I highly doubt. I swear is he cries one more time for no reason in his little hysterical manner I will stop watching until he gets his "auf wiedersehen" from Heidi.

Oh Project Runway..

I am just about to watch tonights episode on the DVR so I can skip through the commercials and all of Tim's "Words of Wisdom". I swear that man is now working my last nerve. I would think Parson's would lock him out. I have no favorites since the hottie Raimi gave, in my opinion, one of the most boring creations last week. Especially if that is the basic stuff he does in his store. Is he another Chloe? I really liked Chloe though. Hope you dig that MadTV skit. They really can make u crack on a show.

Explain to me, please........

why I have been laying here awake since 6:34am for no damn reason?!?! I didn't even see the sandman til about 3am and now I am up with the sunrise with some naughty but pointless thoughts in my head. Pray I can go back to sleep before I really have to get up or should I just get up since it will soon be a full hour I have been awake? (Mobile posting)

My Girls....

so last night was the Victoria's Secret 2007 Runway Show . Strange but I wait for this show every year. Michael says it is sick and then wonders if I am really gay because he says I get a sick look on my face when watching it. But we all know gay men watch runway and wait for the highlights and those few things we can pick apart. I already have some thoughts on this show just from the pictures but I will hold my tongue until the show is broadcast on CBS this December 4th. Here is some video from last years show available on

DVR Recordings

It is actually kinda of scary how easily you can really start to fill up a 40-80gig DVR (digital video recorder). Seems that with the current writers strike I can't really bare to try and watch reruns of The Daily Show and with pretty much all shows stopping production we are going to be headed into reruns come next month. Which isn't much of a surprise since sweeps are coming up and we would be in reruns and mid-season replacements anyway. I do notice that I am reluctant to watch most of the shows on the DVR so I will have plenty to watch when the time comes, but then again when I don't watch those shows I can not watch the next episode on shows like Heroes, Journeyman, Ugly Betty, The Hills, ANTM or Brothers & Sisters. Wow, I guess I just really gave you pretty much all of my favorite shows and I would think some of the gayest shows on tv right now. I like though that I have a equal mix of scripted and reality shows. Life should be about variety. Oh and since th

Forgive & (kinda) Forget

The last few weeks I have been just posting items that are mostly photos with a story but not much real substance. Well, after putting it off for a few weeks I do have to finally write about that one man who really got under my skin then pretty much did the whole "Alien" thing to get out. Okay, so that is a bit much on the description but you know how it feels when someone leaves you and you are left there just in a pile. So Schawn came to town after putting it off once before; things came up on his end. He wasn't here to see me per se, but he did want to make a point of seeing me face to face after more than two years. We met up. Had a nice sushi lunch then came with some very nasty tea. We hung out, we talked and I think we both came out of it better than we went in. I can see us really being friends again. Good friends and I will always wish him the best in his life and I was very happy to hear the things he said about me (back then and now) and I am very happy

The Only Reason to Watch Dancing With The Stars

is Maksim Chmerkovskiy (oh yeah, Mel B also). They better win, but I don't go as far as voting. Maybe I will do some email voting on the last week, but I would NEVER call in. I save that for So You Think You Can Dance. LOL

Gone Mama Gone: Farewell

In Memory of Noi Chudnoff. Noi, owner of Go Mama Go!, died on Tuesday, Nov. 6, after a fall at Holy Cross Hospital. I had written a post this past June 6th after a trip down to DC where I met Noi and found her to be such a nice woman and then I was told of all her efforts in the DC gay community. Just thought it right to acknowledge her death just as I had her life up to the point I met her. Here is a comment that was let anonymously on the post I wrote in June. Anonymous said... Noi was my friend. We met in Oregon while I was selling products to newcomers. We had Thai cooking classes in her humble home and went canoing on the Williamson River for crawdads. We shared good cups of coffee and pastry together and vegetables and fruits from our gardens. She had an incredible sense of style. I am saddened greatly by her sudden death. She touched many people with her kindnesses and her wit. We loved her very much. We will miss her very much. Please continue to support her causes and he

NY Kryptonite (We Leave You Weak)

So this past weekend was the Golden Apple Tournament in NYC. It was held at Queens College out in, duh, Queens. Above is my team, NY Kryptonite. Jake, Joe, Bart, Giulio, Adam and myself. I had such a great time with this truly great bunch of guys. I do see them all weekly but this is the first time we have all played together. Was a learning lesson for many and I hope not the last that many of us will play together. Our theme song, "Apologize"by Timbaland/OneRepublic. Just seems every time we got in Bart's Escalade to head back to Manhattan that song was on the XM radio Top 20. Love it.

And the Winner is......

the Fujifilm Finepix F480 for a ridiculous price at Best Buy. I mean it was on major sale starting today and it was just what I wanted. Expect to see some pictures from me yet again. Think I will head out now and take some test shots.