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Awake and Kicking

So after sleeping just 3.5 hours Friday night so I could be up by 4am for the Urbanathlon I am now awake after falling asleep at 11pm last night. Yeah, it was like 9 hours. Anyway, my friend and fellow volunteer Mike posted his pictures last night and he had about 72 so there are too many to post up on here so I thought I would take a couple and share some of the fun. Thanks.

The Day

Better pictures to follow once I download pics from my friend and co-volunteer Mike.

The Start

Men's Health - Urbanathlon and Festival

Men's Health - Urbanathlon and Festival I have the Men's Health Urbanathlon tomorrow starting in Central Park and ending at South Street Seaport. I volunteered and I am sticking with it. Plus then right after I am done I am off to my volleyball coaching gig. Be there all day too. My day will go from 4am-around 5:30pm and then the day will be mine. Probably just sleep cause I will be on my feet all day. I am sleeping early tonight too. And should u be reading this and will be at the Urbanathlon stop by the bag check-in/pick-up and say hi. I will be taking some pics with camera phone throughout the day and live blogging when I hit an open wifi signal. Have fun without me, see ya when u get back.

Piece of Rainbow.

We just had a quick hard rain in the city. Here is a piece of the resulting rainbow. Christopher Van Dunk

View of UN Craziness

All I hear all day are sirens and horns of aggrevated drivers.

Do you ever.......

See someone and seriosly not know if it is a man or woman? I am standing here on the D train going to my volleyball match and I have someone that I can not identify either way. Doesn't matter; just a thought. Chris 'A Mobile Blogging'

Fun, Fun, Fun....

So Monday afternoon I emailed one of the guys I coach and asked him to join me up in Central park afterwork so that he can get in a little extra playing time on the courts. And if you haven't heard me speak of it before, I play up behind the MET most days I can with a group that I have known for years. Just pick up volleyball games. He said he would come up from downtown quickly after work because he had his Vespa scooter with him. Now, I don't know anyone with a Vespa besides delivery people. Anyway, he came up on a day when not many people showed up but we did get in a few games of 4's and then a set or two of doubles. Was good for him and he said he had a great time. He has alot of potential, hell he is Italian and used to play in school. He is just out of practice but he will move up in levels pretty quick if I have anything to say about it. So as we are leaving he said he was parked down on 5th and I walked him down as I usually walk him, weather permitting. He

Mike in Columbus Circle

Mobile Live Blogging

It's Really Here.

I hate to sound like that "typical gay guy" but how happy am I that they started shooting the other day? Will I be counting the days until production and post production wrap? You can bet your ass. Catch the photos and quick background story for those who don't watch it ever night at the LA Times Site .

Walking Home

Through Time Square.

Only 5 Days Left

Look to the top left corner of this page and just click on the poll I have up. I know how many people come to this site daily and I know what country they are from so I know people are buying the iPod. Come on, put in your 2 cents, or at least your 2 seconds it would take to read and click on your choice. I clicked the iPod Nano, no real need for the Touch for me.

New Camera Possibilities:

The Casio Exilim Or the Panasonic Lumix I think it will be the Panasonic Lumix (bottom photo). I like the look and the body more the the Casio and with the reviews it seemed to just edge out the Casio Exilim. But we shall see once I check out the actual prices over at B&H Photo-Video-Prosound later today with my buddy Mike.

So: Should I or Shouldn't I?

As a New Yorker you travel this city in various means of transportation and you can seem to settle yourself in certain parts of the city. Of late I have come to find that there are things that you notice as soon as you leave your nitch/ghetto/home. Things that can drive you crazy. This would be a rant and it would be specific; am I at that point where I can just throw it up here or will the nice guy in me keep me from just going off? Let me tell you now; people taking advantage of that nice guy role I play is what this would be about. Also, it isn't a role it is just who I am usually within the groups I hang with. I am the "friendly" fun one. So let me know, should I throw it up on here and just spew or should I just leave the illusion alone and live the NYC life that most people just ignore. Share your stories of annoyances and let me know if I should share mine. Hell, I might write it and people on here will be saddened that it isn't as hard and biting as i

Bocce Ball in Park Slope

Out with Mike, Sue, Lisa and Isaac at Union Hall.

Just Saw This at:

So I just saw this photo at the site of someone who visited my site and it just made me laugh. So thanks to Jim over at Jim's Notes for catching this while down in New Orleans getting dirty with his friends. Go check him out, sounds like it was a fun trip; if just for the food.

The Last Picture....

Yes, this was the last picture I took before I lost my camera on Friday early afternoon. I was so sad, I think someone snatched it out of my back pocket. I know the lanyard was hanging out. Now I have to go and get another and Canons are still my favorite cameras right now. Anyone have any other suggestions in the same price range and size?

Nike Store at Night

You can expect to see alot more on the go pictures as I am going to start mobile blogging. The stories will be short and mostly told through pictures since typing, even on a tiny qwerty keyboard, is tiresome.

But He is So Funny...

How can you resist this? Glad he went out there and fought even if Federer ate him for lunch/dinner.

Take the Poll: iPod

In the upper left corner is a small poll that I put up today. Just interested in what people are thinking of the new iPods. I put the poll up there about different things when the deadline has run out for the current one. Thanks and, of course, I will be checking back on the results. Chris

Update: No Go.

So I got home way too late to go meet my Central Park vball bud, Mike, up at the Apple Store. He called and I was just leaving downtown so he went over then went to watch rest of US Open match at Rockefeller Center. He called and said it was already over so now I am here with some veggies, water and a dvr with the match recorded. I am going to watch and cry for the loss of one of my guys. I will hit the Apple Store tomorrow. Night.


Headed on up to the Apple Store with my volleyball buddy Mike later tonight to get our first looks at the new iPods. I wonder who from here I might see there. See you after 10pm. I will take some pics of the actual products, maybe even little video since we can post real video on here now, not just Youtube .

Loving the US Open

Sad that Andy lost to Federer last night but I am thrilled that Carlos Moya is still in it. Thought he has been great for years, plus he is right up my alley if you know what I mean. Wink, wink. Oh wait, I mean: But I am also loving Novak Djokovic, damn me and those Europeans. But I will be down to one once they play each other tonight.