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Last of the Gates

I have no idea why these damn things are such a big deal with me. But after tomorrow they will be gone and all that will be left are the thousands upon thousands of pictures taken of them. So I finally got up to Central Park and the Time Warner Center with my visiting friend Erich and did the Gates on Wednesday. It was cold, still snow in some spots and wet. Not my favorite environment but I had fun. Tons of people in the park at mid-day (3pm). I guess this was enough of a reason for people to come out and bring their cameras. I being one of them. Click here for the contact sheet of our afternoon. And here is the link for the picture of "The Crackers" ; salute to the Gates through saffron colored cheese snacks.

Chris Rock Alert....

With all the talk about him hosting the Oscars and what may or may not be said by him I ran across a new LA Weekly article. Some favorite pieces of his and some supposed SPOLIERS from this weekends Oscar monologue. Laugh away: Anyone who knows Rock’s act has heard his razor-sharp “Bush lied to me” riff. “Bush lied to me, man. He said we got to move on Iraq because they’re the most dangerous regime on Earth. If they’re so dangerous, how come it only took two weeks to take over the whole fucking country? You couldn’t take over the Bronx in two weeks. You’d need a month to get the Grand Concourse.” SPOILER ALERT): “No one does the thing they’re supposed to do on the Oscars. Like you watch the Grammys, they singin’. You watch the Tonys, they dancin’. And you watch the Oscars, no actin’. Ain’t no one even thinking about acting. The only actin’ you see at the Oscars is when people act like they’re not mad they lost. It’s unbelievable. When Halle Berry won the Oscar, I saw Nicole Kidman

Reading others...

Found this listed on Gawker today: If hell truly does exist, it’s probably located somewhere near Prince Street and the Soho Apple store. But anyone who’s had to wait more than two hours for a “genius” to serve you at the “bar” probably knows that already: Nearing hour two, you realize that this setup really is no different than the line at your neighborhood Pathmark, a grocery store so ghetto, you call it Trackmark. The difference is that, at Trackmark, when a line is too long, you’ve seen elderly black women with curlers stand and curse at the shuttered manager’s window until more cashiers magically re-appear to open extra checkouts. You’ve also witnessed a spindly crackhead threaten another woman who cut in front of her in line with the following salvo: “Bitch, back da fuck up before I punch you in the cunt.” No one waiting in the customer service line in the Apple store in Soho threatens to punch anyone in the cunt. And you know what? Maybe that’s the problem. For th

Beta Site to Play With

Web site Liveplasma, the music and movies “discovery engine ,” creates a map of film and music recommendations based on a movie or band name. Search by band, movie title, director, actor and country. Liveplasma’s recommendations seem solid, and handy links to Amazon are provided for band discography and film purchases. Slow computers alert: it’s a giant Flash movie.

The Gates Unleashed.....but not by me.

Okay, so I said I was going to go to see the Gates on Saturday but if you know me at all you would know I was probably sleeping. So my faithful, favorite, returned to NYC blogger Andy " Towleroad " Towle was up and ready with his camera with the masses to report on the event. This picture as well as the coverage are from Andy. Click here for all of his pictures of the day.

Take a Saffron Colored Walk

Little preview of The Gates in Central Park . An exhibit by Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Tomorrow they shall unleash the saffron colored fabric panels from the tops of the gates.

My NYC Landmark is Gone

Did you ever have a movie or song that reminded you of a place or a time in your life that you will always remember? I did. The place was called the Supreme Macaroni Company. It was located on 9th Avenue, near 38th street in the area now called Clinton. I never went to this establishment, never looked in the windows, hardly ever walked on the same side of the street as the shop, but I looked at it day in and night when I walked past. The year I moved to NYC I saw a movie called “ The Professional” (aka “Leon”) . Jean Reno played Leon, the quiet assassin. Natalie Portman played Mathilda, his neighbor in an abusive home and soon to be orphaned. Gary Oldman was Stansfield, the bad cop who ran the drugs that Mathilda’s family were killed over. These are three great characters in one of my favorite movies of all time. Well, anyway, getting back to the shop. Leon would frequent this shop because that is where Tony (Danny Aiello) would give him his jobs and bank Leon’s mone


Walking down the street. Sitting in the subway. While in the elevator. While checking in and out (anywhere) We have all heard the stupidest things you can imagine. Don't you often wonder what other people have heard. Is it as bad as what you heard two days ago from that two women walking behind you down Amsterdam? Well, go find yourself hundreds of little stories that were overheard in NYC over the years. Don't miss this one. It will make you laugh outloud.

Super, Super, Super.

“Hi, how are you?” “I’m super, thanks for asking.” That would be my answer if you asked me last night. I went out yesterday and had a great time with some good friends and teammates. It isn’t very often that I go to actual parties; I am more the go out with the crowd and hang out at the bar, then go home. I am the one that is always invited but never shows, with a good reason of course. But O-Duo were having a Super Bowl party and after a week of saying I was going I finally RSVP’d to show up. After bribing my new friend Robert into going with me, god, he only lives 6 blocks from the party we headed over and I made the introductions. Most of the people consisted of volleyball players or their husbands, but there were a smattering of others who made it interesting. The idea was the football game but seems we all got a little bored with the big event once the room started to fill and we started to talk, laugh, meet new people and examine life in NYC and travels. Rob

Is it me or my Non-iPod?

I have never felt like I was left out by not having an iPod , even though I do plan on getting the iPod shuffle any day now. But it does seem strange to me that when I am listening to my music through my PDA that people still stop me to ask me questions, directions, where I got the "make your ass hot" jeans I am wearing…okay, maybe not that last one but you get the idea. My ass is hot on its own. Could it be that the lack of white earphone buds means I am not cold and closed off to the world? That, somehow, by still listening to music through black ear buds that I am more open to the world? Am I “Old School”? I have to say I never see iPod devotees stopping to talk to anyone other than friends. People say it is because I give off a friendly, welcoming vibe when I am walking down the street, but most people that know me can tell you I walk at top speed down the street, look everyone in the eye, but I don’t register much. I will continue to listen to my mus

Now This is Nice..

A weekend without snow or rain and were the temperture is actually warming up to be able to leave the hat and gloves in the shoulder bag until at least nightfall. But then who is going to be walking around come nightfall, we will all be watching the GAME. Who will win? Do I care? More about having fun with friends (and new friends) during one of the best commercial days of the year. Yes, I do work in the commercial business so I will be watching. Sadly though the lot is pretty tame, nothing overtly sexual. I have seen a select lot of the new ones to show this evening and they are shall we say, cute. No Brit/Beyonce/Pink is warrior garb, but we do get some MC Hammer in his old 80's fly pants. We get P. Diddy, Will Smith and Eva Longoria in Pepsi trucks. God, they all blend together at this point. Well, I say it will be the Patriots by 14. Oh Mr. Brady. Wait, are we talking about the father on the Brady Bunch? Brady Anderson, what ever happened to him

Coaching is So Fun.

Talk about a nail biter. Saturday afternoon, well early evening, my Division 7 team was scheduled to play the last match. Now, last week, the first week of the season, only 5 people of a team of 9 showed up to play. I was worried at that point. By game time I just wanted them to have fun. Most were new to me. I knew Brian and I had just met my best friend's new boyfriend, John; both great guys. I had seen Brian play in the past and I knew his abilities and somewhat weaknesses. John surprised me with a strong arm, good hands and a great serve. The rest of the guys on the team who I didn't know I figured I would help to improve over the season. Well, they won their match last week 3-0 and with blowout scores. Everyone was on. Makes you wonder if that is just first week luck or the makings of a really strong team. So come the second week, yesterday, I was curious to see the other 4 people who would make or break this team. By 20 minutes to play time we had 7

Sad Lose of a Great Man

Actor Ossie Davis Found Dead in Hotel. I have to say I have admired Mr Davis and his wife, Ruby Dee for some time. They were and are very important to the african american, civil rights and entertainment community. We have many of his pieces of work to remember him by or to let yourself be introduced to him should you not have been informed before. Rest in Peace.

Yogasm Taken Too Serious

Claiming that his good name has been sullied by a "Sex and the City" advertisement, baseball legend Yogi Berra has sued Turner Broadcasting System(TBS) for $10 million. Click here to see the actual newpaper ad worth $10 million in pain and suffering.

Charges Re-instated for Marrying Mayor

A judge reinstated criminal charges Wednesday against a small-town mayor who got in trouble for marrying a series of gay couples last year. Attorney Joshua Rosenkranz said no decision had been made yet on whether to appeal, but added that "I know that Jason West is chomping at the bit to face a jury of his peers." New Paltz Village Mayor Jason West helped ignite heated arguements last February when he married about two dozen same-sex couples. West, 27, was quickly hit with 24 misdemeanor counts.

Janet Jackson's Breast : What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Via Gawker : Frank Rich looks at the post-Superbowl XXXVIII career of Janet Jackson’s breast in his Times ‘Arts & Leisure’ column this weekend. According to Rich, it’s been one busy mammary gland: This repressive cultural environment was officially ratified on Nov. 2, when Ms. Jackson’s breast pulled off its greatest coup of all: the re-election of President Bush. Or so it was decreed by the media horde that retroactively declared “moral values” the campaign’s decisive issue and the Super Bowl the blue states’ Waterloo. And then after it got Bush re-elected, it went on to poison Viktor Yushenko. After that, it destroyed the career of Bernie Kerik, followed by snubbing Paul Giamatti for Best Actor. What’s next for this evil breast? Only Nostradamus knows. (Cue: thunder clap, scary music.) The Year of Living Indecently [NYT]

Overseas Friends keep an eye out.

Oh if we could just find stuff like this here in the states. But maybe it is best that we don't. I would be at the store every week looking for the newest items.

10 and Under.

No, I am not talking about the sign outside of Neverland , I am talking about the piece the Daily News did on places to eat in NYC. Great meals, great deals They list 100 places where you can get a real meal for $10 or under. Great list, includes places outside of Manhattan also. Thankfully the list is also broken down into the types/regions so your menu searching is alot quicker. Starting with Mexican it moves onto Peruvian and then Columbian and so on and so on. Take a look then get on that restored C train and go eat.

Ewan and a Night of Love.

So before heading out to SBNY I actually sat down and got to finish watching a movie I started on a flight back from Seattle just over a year ago. Down with Love is just the cutest movie. Silly, 60's type humor but just as funny today. Was just something that came to mind that I did that I had been waiting to do. It now ranks up there with a cute movie to just watch for the fashion, the mannerisms (hello, David Hyde Pierce) and Ewan McGregor in a couple of shirtless/towel laden scenes is enough for me. Add it to your Netflix list.

Fundraiser for Red Cross Tsunami Effort

A Night of Relief. I totally forgot that I stopped into SBNY last night on my way. I had run into my friend Gian on the street and he said SBNY was cute and wouldn't be waste to stop in. He reminded me that last night was the Fundraiser for the Tsunami Relief. So I go on in and I guess I had missed the frist two numbers up on the stage and even at 11:30 they hadn't opened up the dance floor. But I did get to see about 5 different songs, all good. I wasn't too familiar with the men who were up on stage, they were singer/actors but they were also the co-directors of the night. I don't think most of the people on this poster showed. But I will be checking the website to see the pictures to see what I missed. But there was a girl named Jema, Michele Weeks and, of course to close off the night, Ms. Martha Wash. They had enough raffle prizes for dinners, spa services, gift certificates, show tickets and a ski trip to a Vermont (condo included) to think that e

Email from my friend in Iraq.

Well I awoke this morning to two incoming mortars exploding near us....always lovely, then our generators went electricity, no water pressure.... It's election day in Iraq.... Stay warm, M. ------------------------------------------------------ So no matter what we are complaining about here at home, we aren't sleeping with the thoughts thathave to be running throught he heads of every soldier and contract civilian overseas fighting HIS war.

Marry Me, Marat?!?!?!?!?

Marat Safin, winner of the 2005 Australian Open. Has his ups and downs but you haven't seen anyone like him on the court in a long time. Love the temper. Love him when he wins more. Congrats Marat.