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Times Are A Changin'.........

I remember watching the first season of the Real World way back in the day. Then it was only known as The Real World . Not The Real World:New York. That would come later as the show would grow up. And I guess the time has come for many of us to grow up and move on. Well except those RW alumi who make a living off of being just that:RW Alumi. Anyway, I just sat down at the computer. I turned on NY1, our local 24hr news channel, and who do I see? Mr Kevin Powell. Do you remember him? He was portrayed as the 'angry black man' of that initial first season. I will say I didn't find him as angry as just trying to educate in the wrong manner. One of those loud people who would rather break eggs instead of carrying them softly. Well, who cares right, that was like 20 years ago, right? It would seem that Mr Powell is now Congressional Candidate Kevin Powell. Take it as you may. Or may not. Just thought it was an interesting fact I would share with the world. This is not

But Did It Hurt?