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This Weather is Ridiculous

I sit here in Central Park waiting to go to the gym for my volleyball match tonight. I will say that it just get me how people become with some added heat. They slow down so much that it makes you wonder why they are even walking. Take a cab. Take a train. Take a pedicab. But get out of my way. I will say that sitting here at 6:50 Tuesday afternoon, in the shade with a not so humid breeze, feels nice. But I am glad the weather is breaking and I hope for a hard fast cold rain to cool things down. I wonder what the summer holds when we have had 4 days in the mid 90F temps while summer our highest temp all summer was 92F. Sent via mobile.


The definition of integrity is as follows. The adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. So here are the rules of integrity. simplified of course. and i plan on following them to the best of my ability. 1. Don't deny your feelings but don't wallow in them. Find an effective straightforward and non-blameful way to communicate feelings. If you're scared or angry. say so. not a big deal. 2. Tell the whole truth. make yourself safe for people to tell the truth too. 3. Be selective in making commitments and scrupulous about keeping them. Don't break commitments unless no other alternatives exist and then carefully communicate about the broken commitment to all relevant people. 4. Take responsibility for any enterprise in which you're involved and ask for each participant to do the same. I found this piece on a blog I read called " about a boy and his briefs " He simplified something he read in ‘ a year of living co

M102 Helen

I have been meaning to give a little credit to a nice woman I met on the M102. Now anyone who knows me when I am out will tell you I probably have my ipod on and going strong. Same can be said for the few times I am riding the bus. This day I decided to take the M102 from my house up to 87th street to hit the volleyball courts behind the MET. The bus comes. it is one of those super long buses with two sections with the accordian middles for wide turns. I get on, sit down and just relax. Bus is filling up but still enough open seats for people to sit alone and also those single sits are mostly open too. Next stop here comes Helen. Now I have my music in in shorts and tee shirt with my backpack. She comes all the way to the back section where I am sitting, stands in front of me and asks, "Would you mind telling me when we get to 67th street?" "Of course." She sits in the open seats behind me and even though I was just about to put my headphones back in she st