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One of My Guys

So yesterday I ran across the blog from one of the guys I coach on Wednesdays. He had been sick and injured for a good part of the season after I was brought in as coach, okay, so I got to coach him for one day and since that was the day he got hurt I know at least he had potential because he made the point as he hurt his ankle. The boy has heart. Well, anyway, I ran across his blog, he says there is more than one, but this is his poetry blog and I liked it alot so I thought I would share the link and one of the poems I liked alot. Fat Bubbling, boiling, rolling, Shuddering, blubbering, Jiggling, dangling, gelatinous, Poochy, bouncy, globbulous, Pliant, bulbuous, lumpy, Soft, squishy, unctuous, Greasy, slimy, blimpy, Beefy, husky, meaty. It goes on and on. The mind of someone fat. These words, and the power They have over you. The lack of control to stop it. People say "just stop." I want to punch those people In the face. Who the

Feeling Up and Down.

I love my friends. They have been mostly all I have needed since I moved to NYC. There has been relationships, but obviously none of them worked, and I think I knew that to start out with. Now, with the one I love so far away, seeing my frieneds is great but I do feel alone. Funny, how just a memory of his eyes/smile/ears/mouth, or better yet a picture, can make your heart swell and your stomach drop. Just waiting to get on that plane to his city or waiting at the airport for him to return to you. I would gladly make that trip as many times a week or month as need be. Love Actually Is All Around.

Days of My Life

Eating a bagel, having coffee in the mid afternoon trying to work on my handheld Toshiba e740 Pocket PC. Luckily this was bought with the intention of using it for airport and inflight emails and blogging. So at least I am able to do some work. But I do think I need to upgrade to the new Blackberry. Then I can email, call, chat, the works all without having to have two or at most three electronic items on my table as I work. Glad I was sitting around cause I got to talk to the man for about 10 minutes on his way to lunch with his friend Rudy, I could be wrong on the name but I am pretty sure I got it right. Now the rest of the day consists of trying to get my whole email list onto this damn little thing, hard to import onto this. Then still trying to find a way to get my gmail, since this pocket pc doesn't allow me to select the ports that the pop/smtp go in and out of. My problem. But I have found which goes in and lets me see/write/send emails from any emai

Where do you want to be buried?

Okay, so I was never really clear on who I would side with in the Terri Schiavo events of the 15 years or so, even though the general public has only jumped on the bandwagon in the past couple of months. I heard about this story years ago, not sure why. Now that Terri is gone there is still a fight of possession going on. And in this case I fully support the family. Michael Schiavo plans to cremate his "wife" and have her buried in Pennsylvania. Now maybe I missed something but what is in Pennsylvania. Bob and Mary Schindler wish to bury their daughter in Florida, which is where the husband and her family both live. Now that Michael, and Terri supposedly, got their wishes would it be that bad or that hard for him to bend a little and give the parents one last wish of being able to be at least close to their daughter in death. Am I wrong on this one? I kept quiet on the feeding tube and so forth because I have no idea whose wishes were really being granted. Oh yeah,


So last night my honey told me I need to get a new computer since my current laptop is too big to fit into the Columbia laptop/messenger bag I just purchased. Three hours later my computer system died. No clue it was coming. The is not a light to it. So I guess it is the electrical system, because not even the charging/ac light shows up. Yes, I will admit I am hard on computers but I think my man sabotaged the computer so I would move to the APPLE world that he lives in. Kidding, but the timing sucked. But at least we had finished our long distance nightly talk before the system fried itself. I take that as a good omen of things to come.

What is up with the Easter Bunny anyway?

Wishing you all a better day than this bunny....or for some of you as good a time as this bunny is having.

I have the 8th World Wonder, not how it sounds.

Woke up early this morning, made my coffee like I always do. Then it hit me from nowhere, everything I feel about me and you. The way you kiss me crazy, baby you're so amazing. Seven days and seven nights of thunder, The waters rising and I'm slipping under. I think I fell in love with the 8th world wonder. I guess that I'm just falling deeper into something I've never known. But the way that I'm feeling, makes me realize that it can't be wrong. You're love's like a summer rain, washing my doubts away. Seven days and seven nights of thunder, The waters rising and I'm slipping under. I think I fell in love with the 8th world wonder. It's only been a week, but it's coming over me. It's making me believe that you're the one for me. Seven days and seven nights of thunder, The waters rising and I'm slipping under. I think I fell in love with the 8th world wonder. (Thanks Kimberly Locke for writing this so I didn't have to)

love actually

Looking around what do I see..... Spice. Orangina. American Eagle. Wine. Empty Plates. Big Bed. Empty Evian. Soon to be filled tub. The handsomest man I can imagine......that I have been waiting to meet.......for a very long time. "Love is Actually all around."

Need I Say More

Keep It Coming and Don't Stop the Love

You know how you feel songs at times can eally sum up how you are feeling? Well, you know I do becuase I just did it a couple of days ago. But here are a couple more lines from another song that makes me as happy as I am feeling right now. I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean, Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens, Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance, And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance. Dance....I hope you dance. I hope you dance....I hope you dance. I hope you dance....I hope you dance.. (Time is a wheel in constant motion always rolling us along, Tell me who wants to look back on their years and wonder where those years have gone.)

Imagine This.

Mercer Huge Tub Candle Two glasses Very Warm Sea Salted Water Laying Opposite Someone Great As You Stretch Out Can you imagine it? Just let me tell you it is better to live it than you can even try to imagine. If only it weren't for those damn papparazzi standing around in the morning.

Tell me this....

Is it just me or is it disgusting to have someone come sit next to you at lunch, in a cafe, sit their food down, sit between you and another person and just as you are getting ready to take a bite of food they decided to blow their nose, not once but multiple times? Okay I know that is a major run on sentence, thank you MSWord, but come on people, when did just walking to the bathroom to blow your nose become to much to do. I didn't know this person from Adam, or I guess I should say Eve, but that is just disgusting. There are but a couple of people who can get away with that and they are quite simply your parents and your boyfriend, girlfriend for some of you. Enough of a rant for today, but be forewarned, I am watching.

They Tell me This is It.

Well, now I guess I can see why Star Jones-Reynolds is upset...this 6ft 2inch drag queen does look just like her. Well actually I think he is slimmer but let's not argue of diets/gystric bypass surguries. Star wishes she looked this fierce. Wait, was that bitchy....maybe because I can be...I am in a very good mood after last post if you don't know why.

My Feelings This Very Moment

It's, oh, so quiet It's, oh, so still You're all alone And so peaceful until... You fall in love Zing boom The sky up above Zing boom Is caving in Wow bam You've never been so nuts about a guy You wanna laugh you wanna cry You cross your heart and hope to die 'til it's over and then It's nice and quiet But soon again Starts another big riot You blow a fuse Zing boom The devil cuts loose Zing boom So what's the use Wow bam Of falling in love It's, oh, so quiet It's, oh, so still You're all alone And so peaceful until... You ring the bell Bim bam You shout and you yell Hi ho ho You broke the spell Gee, this is swell you almost have a fit This guy is 'gorge' and i got hit There's no mistake this is it 'til it's over and then It's nice and quiet But soon again Starts another big riot You blow a fuse Zing boom The devil cuts loose Zing boom What's the use Wow bam Of falling in love The sky caves in The devil cut

My Pao, My Pao

Oh a good night out is always a great thing, especially when you are back to my normal, hate that word, self. How about back to my usual self? Wait, who am I asking? I am the one writing this, I can describe it any damn way I want and it still won’t matter because I am the writer, editor and publisher, well, for the most part. Well, before I get off on a massive tangent I will just say what I had to say and get out of there. Last night, after BAP (volleyball club) practice, we decided to go out for my friend Jim’s birthday. His birthday is actually today but since he and his boyfriend were both on this side of the Hudson we thought no better time than 2 hours before his rightful birthday. After deciding on a place we ended up at XL . We had a small group of about 7-8 and toasted Jim and had a really good time. I called Schawn to let him know where we were so he could come over after his ‘so fun’ dinner with some business people he has come into town to see. Well, luckily

3 Days Late.

So again I meant to post about my weekend earlier than this but here it goes anyway. I don’t usually say what I did on the weekend because it usually consists of the same old thing. Coaching, eating, computers and every other week a local tournament to play in. This weekend, starting on Friday was a little different though. Friday was the night I was finally going to head to Jersey City to see my friends Jim and Billy in their new place. Well, actually, they have been there since last August and I have been invited a million times but Friday was going to work out great. We were going to make it simple with dinner and a movie. Well, that was until Jim called to tell me that he had been in a car accident. He wasn’t really, it was just a scrape, hardly but he loves the drama. Billy cooked. We talked. Yes, Billy is the ideal husband. He keeps that house running like clock work. I love them both to a coma; I would never want to love someone to death. LOL. Anyway after e

Things that have made me smile lately.

1) A very friendly police officer at Penn Station. Just wanted to ask him a question and he was really friendly and accommodating. Not something you see much of here in NYC, especially from city workers. 2) An Asian woman fresh out of the plastic surgeons office with her "daddy" and new "oh my God" breasts that will have her tipping over when he isn't helping her to walk across the street. Those breasts were sick. 3) Not funny for the person involved but I do have a problem with MTA subway booth employees. For people who are trying to save their jobs they are rude and could seem to care less when it comes to customer service. Last week a tourist took a picture of an agent sleeping inside the booth and it ran on the front page of the city paper, Daily News or the Post, I forget which. Little things...little things.

I am back....

Okay, so it is the 9th of March and the last time I even opened up a "create post" on here was a good week ago. But alas it never was posted. All in good intentions of course but life has just been somewhat strange of late. Strange, how? Strange, why? I can not say. Not that I am keeping things from you, but there is no explanation. We shall see what the spring brings me. Hell, we shall see what the end of this week brings me. It shall be special; that I can be sure of.