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Century Planet.

That is the name of one of my favorite songs. Schawn knows this. He has heard it played I do believe a number of times when he has been here. It is about really being able to "do something" anytime in your life. From leaving an abusive relationship, to going on that dreamed of trek, to telling someone you love them even if it has been from a far for 30 years. The song starts, “Outside my house is a cactus plant they call the century tree. Only once in a hundred years it flowers gracefully and you never know when it will bloom.” Well, last week the Century Tree bloomed.

A New Fave....

I have just been loving watching Tony Hayden today in my downtime. Watched some of his Gay Days clips and from Pride also. Go check it out. Too funny. Think you can also donate to his "camera fund" if you love it as much as I do. Seems like someone you want as a buddy.

Catching You Up.

Wow, I feel as if I haven't really put anything down on here of any significance of late. Well, it isn't like I spout on and on about anything important but I do like to convey information about what is going on with me and what I have been up to. So I guess I have to go back a good two weeks. I know I have posted in that time but late me give you the skinny, cause I haven't been getting anything fat. Wink. Broadway Bares : My first time going to this benefit in the 11 years I have lived here in NYC. It was so much fun. I was disappointed that the tickets said no photography and I had to leave my new camera at home. Next year though, and I will go, I will bring my camera. Everyone had a camera. Digital. Camera Phones. SLR. I think I was the only one walking out without a picture or two. I was able to find two pictures from this year online and they are just below. Between their two shows and donations they raised over $654,000 this year alone. Way to go Jerry

Moving Over Bacon.....

So it would seem that Abercrombie has hit its stride with most of the gay community of NYC. Is it because the clothes aren't as good anymore, sorry Adam (my teammate who works for Abercrombie - Hello. Hottie!!!!), but I think it is more because they are trying to pull away from the gay commmunity who really put them in the forefront of being popular. Well we have the new heir to the throne. Aussiebum is coming on hard and in those shorts and such I think that is the idea. I have to say I am loving their stuff. I can see, some if not all of, their stuff on my man also. Go check them out. Get some stuff and lets create a new, more fun cult of clones...I doubt the straight teenage boys will be getting this stuff.

Improvements All Around

Do you have any idea how happy I am that Blogger has enabled its users to post pictures directly through there templates instead of having to use Flikr, Hello or Picasso? Expect to really get to see some great pics from this Fabu weekend in NYC. The weather is supposed to be great, the Pride festivities will be the same but you can count on some great bare chested MEN pictures. Hey, even if I am taken I still get to watch the parade go down the street. Why else are we walking if not to show off our hard earned bodies from hours in the gym? Hello? Talk to you all soo and I mean soon because I have alot saved up I am supposed to be writing about.

Update II: Long Time Coming

60 years is the sentence for a man who will be bed ridden any day now for the remainder of his, what, maybe 2-3 years on this earth. Sorry, that isn't justice. Okay, enough with the heavy stuff. I need to get back to the fun and light. Have almost a weeks worth of small things to post about.

Clouds in My Coffee

Update to July 19th, 2005 12: pm Sunday Afternoon

Well, what do I really have to say at this point. Just finished writing about the whole racial disrespect that this country has laden upon its supposed second class citizens, sorry if it wasn't as deep as I promised. And I also gave you some pictures of cute boy (and the two girls) that were left at the MJ Party when I got there. What else do you want from me? Perhaps the story behind this picture? Well, just like any ordinary summery weekend in the park people are out and about. Exercising, playing volleyball, basketball, lounging around, looking at the young Jewish group that gathers every Saturday late afternoon at the northwest part of the Great Lawn. But today we ALL noticed this guy running suicides out in the grass, then switching it up to just sprints(backwards and forwards), just bending down (more than one needs to) and just when you thought you had seen enough he takes off his shirt. Well, as I have the new camera that is attached to me at the wrist everyone say

Long Time Coming

This article, Repairing Senate's Record on Lynching: 'Long Overdue' Apology Would Be Congress's First for Treatment of Blacks was sent to me today by my ex. Really makes you think about the past and still the present in a multitude of places here and abroad. Today we have bias crimes that are tough to prove, mostly bias crimes toward the Arab community and, of course, the gay community which has gone on as long, if not longer than slavery in the US. To think what it would have been like to be stuck in the middle. What I would have done 50 or 60 years ago? Gay and black in a time when both things were looked down upon if not scary to be. Here are a couple of things to check out on the web that will give you something to think about. Some are books, some are sites, some are tv documentaries. Oh, forget it. I grew tired of trying to write this post weeks ago and possibly I will really dig into it again when I see if this whole “Apology” thing the government is


Okay, so MJ being allowed to skate was a really bad reason to have a party but isn't any excuse to see your friends at a party good enough.

Forgive Me

but I had on Fox News for a moment and heard this story. Just cracked me up so much I had to post it. Sadly they don't have the pictures up they showed on the news report. Beauty Beatdown. You know they can f***up your hair but bodily harm, DAMN. He is my DUMBASS of the Week.

What's On the Menu?

They say this is the new way to let your nutritionist in on your daily menu. It took so long to get the light right for this I am sure I burned a couple of calories just taking this picture. I wanted salad but the spinach I had in the refrigerator had gone bad, boo hoo. Off to the supermarket today I guess.

Dear Michael.....



So between last night and about 2 minutes ago I received updates from the two friends, actually my two best friends, who I set up on a date. I had introduced them both last year. But both were going through big changes in their lives, but each conveyed to me his interest in the other. So now that both are here in NYC, one in Morningside Heights and the other out on Long Island I thought it was time for the actual putting them together. So date was Friday. Morningside Heights(MH) went out to Long Island (LI) for the date. Dinner and conversation. LI drove MH back to the city, then returned to LI. Yes, they kept it clean. Last night was talking to LI. Smitten. Was so happy. Still walking on air. Can't wait for their next date. Being careful. Just finished talking to MH. Smitten. Had a great time. Couldn't say enough nice things about LI. Hopes their next date will be soon. Cautious. Sounds like they are both on the same track. LI has met Schawn. MH has


to see this one. Murderball . Another feel good movie. A different feel good movie than Mad Hot Ballroom , but still something to see. What is it with me and indie movies lately?

Pussycat, Pussycat....

Talking to Schawn earlier today while I was downloading music. Couldn't think of the music that the Pussycat Girls, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz danced to in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. I knew the song was hot. The dancing was sexy and playful. What was that song? Did a search. Henry Mancini's "Pink Panther Theme", but in a techno remix. HOT. Listened to it while walking to the park, twice, and that is only a 5 block walk up and 4 blocks over. If you want a song that is familiar but remixed to a totally hot shake your thing in that slow dirty way then look for this track.

Someone Stop Me.

I can't stop posting. Actually working on a relevent life post but giving you fluff for now until I get it right. Not really about my life but life in general for many of us. Watching Picture Perfect on BRAVO with Jennifer Aniston , Kevin Bacon and Jay Mohr . Will someone tell me why she was so stuck up on Kevin Bacon? He is a skank in this movie and as soon as Jay Mohr came in she should have just fallen for him. Something about this guy, I always thought so. Funny, naughty, sexy, hairy. She was a fool to wait so long but then again if she didn't wait until the end of the 90 some-odd minutes it would be just a short student film.

Stormy and Captivated

Sitting around. Freshly showered after playing volleyball in Central Park. Looking out the window at the gray, foggy storm that has swept into town. Ashamed to be pulled into the reality that is Strip Search . Okay, I am not ashamed because I can tell you I will be watching this show most every time it comes on. If you have seen the show you have to love Johnny . Such a mess but he will keep the craziness going in the show. Once he is gone I do believe the fun will be over. I wonder if MTV's Real World/Road Rules: Inferno II is on today? Okay, this rain needs to stop because I am supposed to be in CT tomorrow for a grass vball tournament. Oh, but I will say I will never watch Kept . That is just trash, sorry if you like it.

Summer is Almost Here.

Wow. If you were in NYC for this past weekend you are probably still wiping yourself down from the heat that greeted you as you left your building. I am not going to be like some and proclaim that summer has arrived because we know that just a week ago we were chilly and wearing sweatshirts and such. Weekend was fun though. Saturday, after waking up way too early and trying to go back to sleep I ended up in Central Park, as planned and played volleyball for about 6 hours. Not sure what was in me except the alcohol but I was playing like a demon and jumping high on that swing, but then again I do prefer to play in the heat than in a cool environment. Went back Saturday night and just chilled all night. Went to sleep early and woke up early again on Sunday. Sunday though I was able to get back to sleep. Sat around. Then went to the park late. Was about 90 degrees so I only played a couple of games before it was just nasty out. Walked around the park with my friend Gian then w

La Conseguenza di Amore

The weekend started early for me on Friday. I mean it started around 11am. Let me explain. I had been promising to have lunch with my ex for weeks so I could see his new loft in the South Bronx. Now being somewhat of a Manhattan snob and having heard the history of the South Bronx I was not too much in a rush to go there. Then I found out that he is just on the other side of a foot bridge across the Harlem River it was no problem to go over. We agreed on Friday brunch and I would go to the Italian Film Festival with him to view a movie, La Conseguenza di Amore (The Consequence of Love). I get to the new place, which I loved and saw it was basically a loft building that is being populated by a lot of the type of people who moved out of Manhattan for lower priced, up and coming areas. We ordered breakfast. He won't cook in the new place because until he can redo the kitchen he hates the stove and counter and so forth. Hey, he is Italian after all, but I will say he is the t