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New Season; New Look

So summer has come and gone and I have decided to change the look of the site yet again. I grew tired of the black, made the pictures pop with color but who wants to look at a black screen. Green is one of my favorite colors so I thought why not a splash of that to battle the gray outside skies. Actually tomorrow, or should I say later today, in NYC is supposed to be about 68 degrees but the gray skies are not far behind. Should have some new pics up on here soon as well as new stories to scandalize. Okay, so maybe there is no scandal on here but come on back anyway and see what is going on. My friend Jim told me this weekend he assumed I had a intern/page scandal in my closet but as I told him; I would have to be that page. I don't go for the younger ones for the most part.

As For that Big Foot.....

Adrian gave me a call today because, as he said, he was tired of text messaging. He gave me the info str8 from his doctor regarding his foot. It is, luckily, just one torn ligament. The doctor was totally surprised that it wasn't more than just one so hopefully the rehab that he has started immediately will get him up and on his way a lot sooner than he thought. Apparently he should be walking with a boot with in a month or so and then when he can wear a shoe again he will have to wear a brace when playing. Lucky guy. He is very happy about it too.

Worst First Day Ever

So this weekend I was asked, last minute(like Friday afternoon), if I could play in a volleyball tournament in Pittsburgh. This weekend. Leaving at 5pm on Friday. But everyone knows I am a volleyball whore so I said yes, with some reservations and off I went to join the rest of the team to drive from NYC to Pittsburgh on a Friday afternoon, really early evening, during rush hour in a minivan with 5 others from the team. We arrived in Pittsburgh and checked into the hotel around 1:30 or so and got ourselves ready for Saturday morning. The venue. Saturday. Nice courts, nice people, friendly new and familiar faces from other cities and tournaments. We referree the first match and then we had an off match before we played our first. We are playing another NYC team our first match. People we know. We are halfway through and things are not going well; but things are not out of control either. That is when it happens. Someone comes under the net trying to hit a really bad set and

Catching Up: Day in Holyoke/Northhampton

So the weekend before last I had a day with no plans so I thought I would take a day trip. I got on the MetroNorth and took a ride up to New Haven. I had called my friend Cullen to hang out; one of those friends I never, ever get to see. So he wanted to go bike riding but I wanted photos of the trees and just to walk around in some small town. Well he knew just were to go. We drove to our first stop of Holyoke, MA. His hometown that he hardly ever visits since his parents left. Holyoke as he told me is also the birthplace of volleyball. Just after he said that we saw a sign for the Volleyball Hall of Fame. So you can guess where we were going. The Hall of Fame was nice. Sadly they were in the process or reoganizing for an induction ceremony that should taking place this coming weekend, but most everything was up and in place. After leaving there we went to Northhampton to walk around. Cullen called it a 5 college town because there are 5 colleges in the area, Smith College

Crisp Fall Day

Oh, Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest and after running around most of Saturday I was more than up for a walk through NYC with my camera in one hand and a hot Starbucks in the other. Here is what caught my eye. Apple has gone (RED). You would have to have been under a tree to not have heard about the Product (RED) initiative through Bono's The One Campaign. Most of the rest of the pics from the walk are just things I saw or places I like to walk past. In my 12 years here in NYC and all the times I had walked past this area I never really knew that Grand Army Plaza was at the SE corner of Central Park. Is the Angel reaching out for Time Warner Center? This was actually my favorite photo of the day. It wasn't until editing that I saw the father and son working on their remote control boat to put it in the pond with the other slips. And no matter how good a day I was having I could see that between the time I walked to the park around noon and by the time I came back

What Kind of Guy Are You?

You scored as The all-round cute gay guy . YOu are a cute guy who many would die to be with..........lucky!! The all-round cute gay guy 80% A Big Bear 60% Straight Acting 60% Raging Queer 40% Straight 20% Straight Queer Basher 0% S + M guy 0% What type of Gay are YOU? created with

Scary At This Minute

So while I was writing this last post I get a call to see if I am alright. Michael called all the way from Palm Springs to see if I was home and "if I had heard about the plane crashing into the building?" So I turn on the news, apparently a tour plane crashed into a building 7 blocks south of me on E72nd street. They say it would appear to just be an accident but they also say people are frightened because even though it was a small plane it is also the 11th of the month. You never know apparently. It would seem that the plane was owned by Yankee Pitcher Corey Lidle, who also has a pilot's license. They are not sure if he was flying or on the plane. 2 fatalities from the plane reported, not sure about from within the building. Pictures are from CBS News website . And,yes, those cops were there quite quickly. Update: Released from the Yankee Organization: A member of the NY Yankee organization was aboard the plane but no name has been released yet. Reporters

Camera Phone Fun

So I think I have mentioned my phone before on here, the Nokia 6682. I love it. My Finnish ex years ago totally got me hooked on Nokia and if possible I have had them ever since. They have some of the best mobiles out on the market, but I also have a little thing for Samsung , but their best stuff is available only in Korea. Either way, both are good companies in my eyes, but this is about some fun pics I have been taking with my N6682. I can see how these phones can get you in trouble,haha. My friend Sue and I had left Central Park to go over to Time Warner Center to goto the Borders Bookstore and use the restroom. We found this exhibit inside and decided to take our turn on the video screen with the falling letters. Once inside the bookstore we both just thought that this guy , who we had actually seen already downstairs in the Hugo Boss store was just hotter than hot. More on my side of the fence than Sue's though, if you know what I mean. So we had to snap a shot. Could

Happy Coming Out Day

So today is National Coming Out Day. I wonder how many people wait months and months to come out on this one day. That would kill me, I think, but I can see the comfort in knowing that others are in the same boat as you. In any case, enjoy everyday and live your life how you want, not how others think you should.

Always A Way Around Things.

So the firemen of France wanted to protest/strike for the basic needs that they deserve. But how do u do that when you can't wear your uniform, it is illegal to protest in your uniform? Well, if you want to draw attention to your cause and get around the rules what better way then to strip down . Click the link to see alot more pictures of their march through town.

Side Effects Never Looked So Hot

I just found this beauty site for Reversa which is very well done. Please go check it out. Make sure you click on each product and make sure you go and click on the side effects . Watching this is like having a great day dream while working, or not working, depending on if today is a holiday for you. Enjoy Your Moment.

No More Videos

I have decided to not include videos on here anymore unless they are really relavent and current. Some might be funny, maybe a trailer for a movie here or there but just having posted 3 I thought to myself was too much. It is a lazy way to post and I don't want that.

Boston Starbucks

Saturday late afternoon and my captain and I were returning from our first day of play at the Boston tournament. We decide to stop at his, and my addiction, Starbucks. I thought we were just going to do what I usually do and just get it and go but we decided to stay and sit outside since it was a great day weather wise. So James and I are sitting there at the outdoor table talking about stuff gay men talk about: men, volleyball, men, life, men. Haha. So of course it being Starbucks there are people coming and going and we are just eyeing them up and down. This is not a Chelsea Starbucks but Boston has some cute men. So at one point this cute guy starts walking around the corner, very cute. About 5'10, 28 or 29 years old, shaved head and tatts on his arm. I was looking at him but then I see some crazy queen walking towards the Starbucks door stumbling all over the place so I am watching and snickering at him. By the time I get my eyes back to the tatt'd guy he is pra

New Posts....

So. I have been away from here for too long and I have a laundry list of things I have either written about or have to write about to bring things up to speed. So for the meantime I will be throwing things in here and don't think everything is overly current. This first post is from mid September, the weekend of the 15th to be exact.