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Merry Christmas

Camera v. Phonecam

So with the holiday season here I have been running around and just snapping pictures of all things Holiday. I was not near Time Square really so don't expect all that crazy stuff, but more subtle, nice and simple. First line is Phone cam. Second line is the Canon digital. The phone cam is actually quite good and of course it is more convenient. My phone is always in my hand when I am walking around so it makes it so easy to just snap all things around me. The Canon Digital on the other hand is usually in my bag or in my back pocket. If I am walking I don't really like to have to stop and take a picture but I know if I stop with this camera it will look good, given I get the right angles and so forth. When I pull out this camera I want to get a really nice picture as opposed to the phonecam which I will just snap off ten pictures in a couple of seconds and just check them out later. I love them both. Nothing will change.

Back to the 80's

I finally was able to sit and watch the trailer for "Transformers" . Looks promising, but I think I might have to hold out until I see more. Speaking trailers I am off to Apple Movie trailers to see what else I have been missing.

The New Sex & The City....

Personal Screen is a webisode/shopping list website that I just found out about. The show is actually called " in men we trust " and the first episode is out and online now. A very smart idea for those who, women primarily, love what they see on a show but have no idea where to find it. With this show various items are sidebarred as you are watching with the designer, cost and location to purchase. They also sidebar such things as restaurants that the characters are at, as well as bios, inner thoughts and various accessories. I thought it was very smart and I will be watching just for the fun of it.

Rosie's New Feud

So, now Rosie has started a war of words with Donald Trump and not only did the Donald come out swinging but he came out to hurt feelings and just be plain mean. Rosie started it by commenting on Donald and, my girl, Tara Connors(Miss USA 2006). "Left the first wife, had an affair, left the second wife, had an affair. Had kids both times, but he's the moral compass for 20-year-olds in America," O'Donnell said to roars of audience laughter. "Donald, sit and spin, my friend." She continued: "He inherited a lot of money. wait a minute, and he's been bankrupt so many times where he didn't have to pay. ... I just think that this man is sort of like one of those, you know, snake oil salesmen in 'Little House on the Prairie.'" So here is "The Donald's" response:

B-day? Surprise Me.

So which one will I find at my front door before the night is over? Come on, it is my birthday and if I have to go get one of these on my own then ya'll never hear the end of it.

Room Service

Had a great Thai dinner the other night at a new-ish place in Chelsea called Room Service. After urban volleyball match Bry, Ariel, Marjun and I didn't know if we wanted BBQ or Thai. I decided on Thai and picked the new place down the street. Great decor, not over the top but it had its pluses. After sitting around forever trying to figure out what we would have two of us ordered the Pad Thai, one had the Pad Thai special(pad thai with shrimp then wrapped in fried egg whites) and I can't remember the 4th, but it had chicken and some kind of red sauce. All was good. I would say head there if you are in town. We had the window seat, the only place to sit unless your date isn't that cute, but then again wouldn't all your dates be cute? Be Well.

So Much Catching Up To Do

I really have been writing down things to talk about for the past two months or so but just haven't been blogging them. There is plenty of television shows to talk about; from Heroes to Brothers & Sisters to America's Next Top Model. Yes, I love trash tv. That will be discussed. Politics? Well, that has never been my thing, but there are some things to say about gay marriage and, sadly, this surgery that took place yesterday that could give control back to the Republicans in the Senate. Well, anyway, let me make a real list and just start writing. You will beg me to stop writing, hopefully, by the time I get it all out.

Saintly Finally Pays Off

You scored as Angel. Angel: Angels are the guardians of all things, from the smallest ant to the tallest tree. They give inspiration, love, hope, and positive emotion. They live among humans without being seen. They are the good in all things, and if you feel alone, don't fear. They are always watching. Often times they merely stand by, whispering into the ears of those who feel lost. They would love nothing more then to reveal themselves, but in today's society, this would bring havoc and many unneeded questions. Give thanks to all things beautiful, for you are an Angel. Angel 75% WereWolf 50% Mermaid 50% Faerie 50% Dragon 33% Demon 25% What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!) created with

Bye to my Catch Du Jour

My friend Tim died in his sleep this weekend, right after returning from a two month gig in Hawaii. Sadly I found out in a strange way just this AM, but I had to put his face out into the world at least one more time in my own small way. Kind of funny....we actually started talking a couple of years ago...went out on some dates....then seemed to lose each other for a year or two. In the past year we have gone out for coffee, talked about the business, all the things going on in his life(the work, the men, the family, the friends and the travel). He was quite a sweet guy. Last saw him a couple of months ago while he was getting ready to sublet his apartment so he could go to Hawaii where he would be working for two months. He would pop up with an IM to me at least once a week with "Aloha". My last "Aloha" came this past Friday. Aloha to you, Tim. You're my superstar. Thanks to Rosie for the pictures.


For those who don't know December 1st is Worlds AIDS Day . The day when ALL should remember those known and unknown to them who have died or are living day to day with HIV/AIDS. Okay, now that you have stopped what you were doing, quieted down and hopefully gone to light a candle in memory of someone with AIDS I need you to do something else. Get tested. Here in NYC I know a pharmacy in Chelsea that will give you private, anonymous testing EVERY Friday of the year. Corner of 20th Street and 8th Avenue for those who don't know. Give your time or money or love to an organization or person who can really use it, again this is something that does affect us all daily no matter if you know one person or 50 who are afflicted. Just Don't Forget.

My Secret....

is that this time of year is my favorite time. It is time for the Victoria's Secret Show. Get your tivos and dvrs ready for the night of December the 5th, 10pm on CBS. This is the one yearly event on television I will not miss . Pictures courtesy of Manchic . Got to love Steph & Alek.

"We Belong" Documentary Exposes Homophobia in High School

I felt this should be seen by all so I took this directly from Towleroad this afternoon. Please Go and Vote . The contest ends 12:01am December 2nd. So basically you have until midnight Friday evening to log on/register and vote. It is a good cause and only takes about 30 seconds to do. Head over to Current TV and check out " We Belong ", a fantastic short documentary entered in their Seeds of Tolerance contest. The doc was made by CJ Wills and exposed the homophobia and bullying at Franklin High School in Venango County, Pennsylvania. And a special note from PageOneQ . If 1,000 people head over to Current TV and vote for "We Belong" the producers will donate the entire $100,000 prize to programs reducing homophobia in American schools. I will add this: I also like the short entitled " Blood Brothers ". It is about tolerance and gay-bashing.

One Picture.

One picture is all I took the whole weekend, but I did have fun. I got to DC around 10:30pm Friday after a long, long trip on the Chinese bus. Someone spilled soda on the floor and I think my trainers were stuck to the floor for 3/4 of the trip. Got to the hotel and was surprised to find that my captain, David, had given me my own room. I hate rooming alone at these things because then you have to go running around to find people and teammates to go out with. Went back down to the lobby and met up with members of NY Toxic and Seven to go hit some bars. Not a late night seeing as how it was already 11 and we had to play at 8am. Drinks at the DC Eagle, disappointing crowd but good videos on the screens. Haha. Maybe an hour there then off we went back to the hotel to pick up some more people and hit Halo. Very cute, bright loungy bar. Alot of volleyball people there and since it was only 3 blocks from the hotel a good place to end the night and go back to rest. Memories of that nig

Time for DC.....AGAIN

Just about to run out the door to catch my Chinatown bus down to Washington DC for the annual volleyball tournament. Came in 2nd last year. Hope to just as good if not better this year, but I am playing with people I do not know so that will tell the tale. There will be pictures to come ( My yahoo photos ) and probably no tales to tell, but I am hoping to have fun. Laters.

Coffee Cups:

My friend Richard sent me this little story and I thought it was the perfect time to post it for all to see, enjoy and learn from. Thanks to Richard and Paul and Happy Thanksgiving A group of alumni, highly established in their careers, got together to visit their old university professor. Conversation soon turned into complaints about stress in work and life. The professor went to the kitchen and returned with a large pot of coffee and an assortment of cups - porcelain, plastic, glass, crystal, some plain looking, and, some were expensive, some very exquisite. He told them to help themselves to the coffee. When all the students had a cup of coffee in hand, the professor said: "If you noticed, all the nice looking expensive cups were taken up, leaving behind the plain and the cheap ones. While it is normal for you to want only the best for yourselves, that is the source of your problems and your stress. Be assured that the cup itself adds no quality to the coffee. In

The Chosen One Shall Return...

on July 13th 2007 apparently. Click here for the teaser trailer. It looks good and I will be waiting for it. Sad, but I love these movies. Pure escapism at its best. I have to say I was never on the band wagon until most of the books had already come out. I only read the third book, the first one I read, because I knew there would be a lot lost in the translation to the movie. Then as the books got bigger and bigger I just knew I couldn't stop reading. And there are little details along the way that explain plenty. I will wait for the last book, of course. I will read it months after it comes out, probably borrow it from a friend. This movie should be the real kicker of the series. Alot of action, the kids are pretty much adults in this magical world they live in due to circumstances beyond their control. Will be good to see this movie, even if it is eight and a half months away. And on that note....

Playing Email Catch Up

Michael sent me this picture from London over the weekend. Just getting back to try and post after being out in Queens most of the weekend coaching a volleyball tournament. First picture is Michael with Mr. Leslie Jordan at an HRC event in Houston a couple of weekends ago. Second picture is of the team, NY Spikealicious, that I was coaching out at Queens College this past Friday through early Sunday evening. I got back in time to see Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters though. More on the team and the Golden Apple/Green Apple tournament in a post later today.

So Much To Tell

And I will get to it, I promise I will. But the two things that are cracking me up right now are this website: Evangelical Dating and the thought of this title for an actual book for women: How To Make Your Man a Bottom.

New Season; New Look

So summer has come and gone and I have decided to change the look of the site yet again. I grew tired of the black, made the pictures pop with color but who wants to look at a black screen. Green is one of my favorite colors so I thought why not a splash of that to battle the gray outside skies. Actually tomorrow, or should I say later today, in NYC is supposed to be about 68 degrees but the gray skies are not far behind. Should have some new pics up on here soon as well as new stories to scandalize. Okay, so maybe there is no scandal on here but come on back anyway and see what is going on. My friend Jim told me this weekend he assumed I had a intern/page scandal in my closet but as I told him; I would have to be that page. I don't go for the younger ones for the most part.

As For that Big Foot.....

Adrian gave me a call today because, as he said, he was tired of text messaging. He gave me the info str8 from his doctor regarding his foot. It is, luckily, just one torn ligament. The doctor was totally surprised that it wasn't more than just one so hopefully the rehab that he has started immediately will get him up and on his way a lot sooner than he thought. Apparently he should be walking with a boot with in a month or so and then when he can wear a shoe again he will have to wear a brace when playing. Lucky guy. He is very happy about it too.

Worst First Day Ever

So this weekend I was asked, last minute(like Friday afternoon), if I could play in a volleyball tournament in Pittsburgh. This weekend. Leaving at 5pm on Friday. But everyone knows I am a volleyball whore so I said yes, with some reservations and off I went to join the rest of the team to drive from NYC to Pittsburgh on a Friday afternoon, really early evening, during rush hour in a minivan with 5 others from the team. We arrived in Pittsburgh and checked into the hotel around 1:30 or so and got ourselves ready for Saturday morning. The venue. Saturday. Nice courts, nice people, friendly new and familiar faces from other cities and tournaments. We referree the first match and then we had an off match before we played our first. We are playing another NYC team our first match. People we know. We are halfway through and things are not going well; but things are not out of control either. That is when it happens. Someone comes under the net trying to hit a really bad set and

Catching Up: Day in Holyoke/Northhampton

So the weekend before last I had a day with no plans so I thought I would take a day trip. I got on the MetroNorth and took a ride up to New Haven. I had called my friend Cullen to hang out; one of those friends I never, ever get to see. So he wanted to go bike riding but I wanted photos of the trees and just to walk around in some small town. Well he knew just were to go. We drove to our first stop of Holyoke, MA. His hometown that he hardly ever visits since his parents left. Holyoke as he told me is also the birthplace of volleyball. Just after he said that we saw a sign for the Volleyball Hall of Fame. So you can guess where we were going. The Hall of Fame was nice. Sadly they were in the process or reoganizing for an induction ceremony that should taking place this coming weekend, but most everything was up and in place. After leaving there we went to Northhampton to walk around. Cullen called it a 5 college town because there are 5 colleges in the area, Smith College

Crisp Fall Day

Oh, Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest and after running around most of Saturday I was more than up for a walk through NYC with my camera in one hand and a hot Starbucks in the other. Here is what caught my eye. Apple has gone (RED). You would have to have been under a tree to not have heard about the Product (RED) initiative through Bono's The One Campaign. Most of the rest of the pics from the walk are just things I saw or places I like to walk past. In my 12 years here in NYC and all the times I had walked past this area I never really knew that Grand Army Plaza was at the SE corner of Central Park. Is the Angel reaching out for Time Warner Center? This was actually my favorite photo of the day. It wasn't until editing that I saw the father and son working on their remote control boat to put it in the pond with the other slips. And no matter how good a day I was having I could see that between the time I walked to the park around noon and by the time I came back

What Kind of Guy Are You?

You scored as The all-round cute gay guy . YOu are a cute guy who many would die to be with..........lucky!! The all-round cute gay guy 80% A Big Bear 60% Straight Acting 60% Raging Queer 40% Straight 20% Straight Queer Basher 0% S + M guy 0% What type of Gay are YOU? created with

Scary At This Minute

So while I was writing this last post I get a call to see if I am alright. Michael called all the way from Palm Springs to see if I was home and "if I had heard about the plane crashing into the building?" So I turn on the news, apparently a tour plane crashed into a building 7 blocks south of me on E72nd street. They say it would appear to just be an accident but they also say people are frightened because even though it was a small plane it is also the 11th of the month. You never know apparently. It would seem that the plane was owned by Yankee Pitcher Corey Lidle, who also has a pilot's license. They are not sure if he was flying or on the plane. 2 fatalities from the plane reported, not sure about from within the building. Pictures are from CBS News website . And,yes, those cops were there quite quickly. Update: Released from the Yankee Organization: A member of the NY Yankee organization was aboard the plane but no name has been released yet. Reporters

Camera Phone Fun

So I think I have mentioned my phone before on here, the Nokia 6682. I love it. My Finnish ex years ago totally got me hooked on Nokia and if possible I have had them ever since. They have some of the best mobiles out on the market, but I also have a little thing for Samsung , but their best stuff is available only in Korea. Either way, both are good companies in my eyes, but this is about some fun pics I have been taking with my N6682. I can see how these phones can get you in trouble,haha. My friend Sue and I had left Central Park to go over to Time Warner Center to goto the Borders Bookstore and use the restroom. We found this exhibit inside and decided to take our turn on the video screen with the falling letters. Once inside the bookstore we both just thought that this guy , who we had actually seen already downstairs in the Hugo Boss store was just hotter than hot. More on my side of the fence than Sue's though, if you know what I mean. So we had to snap a shot. Could

Happy Coming Out Day

So today is National Coming Out Day. I wonder how many people wait months and months to come out on this one day. That would kill me, I think, but I can see the comfort in knowing that others are in the same boat as you. In any case, enjoy everyday and live your life how you want, not how others think you should.

Always A Way Around Things.

So the firemen of France wanted to protest/strike for the basic needs that they deserve. But how do u do that when you can't wear your uniform, it is illegal to protest in your uniform? Well, if you want to draw attention to your cause and get around the rules what better way then to strip down . Click the link to see alot more pictures of their march through town.

Side Effects Never Looked So Hot

I just found this beauty site for Reversa which is very well done. Please go check it out. Make sure you click on each product and make sure you go and click on the side effects . Watching this is like having a great day dream while working, or not working, depending on if today is a holiday for you. Enjoy Your Moment.

No More Videos

I have decided to not include videos on here anymore unless they are really relavent and current. Some might be funny, maybe a trailer for a movie here or there but just having posted 3 I thought to myself was too much. It is a lazy way to post and I don't want that.

Boston Starbucks

Saturday late afternoon and my captain and I were returning from our first day of play at the Boston tournament. We decide to stop at his, and my addiction, Starbucks. I thought we were just going to do what I usually do and just get it and go but we decided to stay and sit outside since it was a great day weather wise. So James and I are sitting there at the outdoor table talking about stuff gay men talk about: men, volleyball, men, life, men. Haha. So of course it being Starbucks there are people coming and going and we are just eyeing them up and down. This is not a Chelsea Starbucks but Boston has some cute men. So at one point this cute guy starts walking around the corner, very cute. About 5'10, 28 or 29 years old, shaved head and tatts on his arm. I was looking at him but then I see some crazy queen walking towards the Starbucks door stumbling all over the place so I am watching and snickering at him. By the time I get my eyes back to the tatt'd guy he is pra

New Posts....

So. I have been away from here for too long and I have a laundry list of things I have either written about or have to write about to bring things up to speed. So for the meantime I will be throwing things in here and don't think everything is overly current. This first post is from mid September, the weekend of the 15th to be exact.


My friend Richard sent me this clip of Keith Olbermann doing a closing of his show for the anniversary of 9/11. Quite good and I, as do others, think it speaks for many of us. It is long but pay attention.

Could It Be True?

Have they FINALLY driven each other crazy enough to SEPERATE? Actually it was Whitney who filed for divorce. Now maybe we can get some good stuff out of Whitney again, rather then seeing Bobby and Whitney looking for the good stuff. So here is to hoping that she goes from this(above) back to that(below). Okay, so she looks a little cracked out in the below picture too but I would have to go back alot of years to find a picture where she is how she was 20 years ago. Come on, Girl, I am rooting for you again.

Yes, It is Fashion Week......

but nothing makes me happier than this.... I could watch this show over and over again. I will watch Full Frontal TV for the shows I missed but if you try and get in my way of getting a ticket to the Victoria Secret show I will cut you, I swear I will.

Nothing Gets Me More....

thank when you would see these posters up around town, hoping beyond hope that their loved ones were hurt somewhere and not a victim. Thousands and thousands lost, but the ones I really think about are the families who had to go search, hoping along the way and still know in their hearts that nothing would come of it. St Vincent's on Seventh Avenue between 12th and 13th had preserved their wall of photos. Yellowed and falling apart but you can still see posters from those days that followed of familiy members and friends who were lost. I know they were searching but we will never forget them. Each year I watch the reading of the names, I will sit for the 3 hours it takes and look at the pictures because I think we all should. Remind ourselves visually that it wasn't about two buildings but 2,711 indiviudals who were taken from us. Not sure why I wrote this now but felt I needed to say something and that is exactly why I have this here.

Still Behind from Weekend Before Last

So here is a picture of my 5th place team from the Columbus, Ohio Labor of Love Tournament. Had a great time playing with most of them for the first time. We had fun, I think. I know I did. More details to come, it is just too late right now for me to put something coherent together.

New Beta Blogger....

So today I switched over to the new Blogger beta system. It seems fine so far but it does state that for now the best viewings are on Firefox and IE. Those using Safari will have some difficulty rendering some parts of Blogger. I am not so sure if my site is complicated enough to make it difficult or not. So that being said, go out and download Firefox . It is the better browser and if you aren't too crazy for Firefox I would suggest Flock or Opera .

Mean, But Funny

Found these answers to some regular pick up lines today. I could never use them but I know of a few people who might have the balls to. They just made me laugh. Q: Haven't we met before? A: Yes, I'm the receptionist at the VD clinic... ------------------------------------------------------- Q: Haven't I seen you someplace before? A: Yes. Thats why I don't go there anymore... ------------------------------------------------------- Q: Is this seat empty? A: Yes. And this one will be too if you sit down... ------------------------------------------------------- Q: D'yu wanna go back to my place? A: Not sure. Would we both fit under one rock?... ------------------------------------------------------- Q: Your place or mine? A: Both. You got yours and I'll go to mine... ------------------------------------------------------- Q: Can I call you? What's your number? A: It's in the phone book... ------------------------------------------------------- Q: Hey, sex

WOW, I Catwoman at 50%, Huh?

So I found this cute little test online and as a kid who grew up with his nose in the comic books I just had to take it. I actually like my results because next trying to figure out how to fly I have always thought to be able to vibrate at such a high level that you can run throuh walls is really cool too. My results: I am The Flash The Flash 70% Fast, athletic and flirtatious. Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz


So I thought I would write this post before I head to bed. About a week ago I finally went to see "The Devil Wears Prada". Okay, so I knew I would love this movie as soon as it came out, but being me I will wait and wait until it is just about to leave the theatres because I hate crowds. So finally one Saturday night, a good month or so after it had come out Michael and I went to catch it. Think it was like a 9:30 show. Same weekend "Snakes on a Plane" came out. Only two screens at this place so there were two quite different crowds going inside. Trailers all looked good. Movie was fantastic. They even had the song they play at the end of "So You Think You Can Dance". You know, the song they play when they kick you off and the song is part of your goodbye reel. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. So back to the reason for this post. In the past week I have had two dreams all about fashion. I am not sure if it was from some influences from the movie

Just Wanted to Say Hi.

So after last night I decided I needed to get away. Got up this morning and hopped on a plane to a nice warm island in the middle of everything, I never really want to be in the middle of nowhere. You can see the hut they gave me in the far left side of the above picture. So much better than that foggy wet mess NYC has become over the last couple of days. Who wants to join me? Forget that who wants to join me. There are only two people I might ask to come along. Bry? Michael? Okay, so really I am sitting in front of my computer as usual having a little day dream, but doesn't that picture just make you leave yourself for a little bit? It is not amazing or overly luxurious but it is very relaxing and I could sit in a hut like that and just look out at the ocean. I think it is time to get back to reality and go to Starbucks, okay, maybe I will stay in my hut for another 10 minutes then I will join the rest of you again. See ya soon.

Very Tired...

well maybe not so much tired as I am wiped out. Went to the YMCA tonight for the first time to get my bearings back when playing on a regulation height net and to play with my friends. Was a lot of fun. Very good level of play too. Just sitting here eating some pasta and turkey meatballs and some Energy VitaminWater. No, I didn't eat before I went downtown, but I will know better next time. Felt like I played a full Saturday of a usual tournament. I will go again.

Photographer: Near or Far.....

My friend Troy has branched out and dropped the secure life we all know and cling to so he could realy dedicate himself to his love of photography. Obviously the photo above is a Troy Alexander photo from his site. So here is his new website: Troy Alexander Photography Any questions or comments for Troy can be sent to him through his website, please don't leave them on here because I don't always have a way of telling who is leaving messages. Good luck Troy. By the way, Troy is also a kick ass volleyball player. Laters.

So It Is True About Reality TV.....

I was laying in bed last night just flipping through the channels around 2am when I got really high into the channels 800+. I came across FitTV and a show called Fit Family. I was watching for a few minutes when I realized I had seen this woman before. Wait, I had seen this fire fighter husband before and also these three kids. What gives? Oh, they were the Pitt Family from Wife Swap and lived in a pet infested dump. So I had heard that people really go from show to show but it is rare that I have seen a family go from show to show. I guess there isn't enough reality out there for everyone so some families just get a lock on it. Or could it be that most people don't want to be taped every second for this show and that show. My friend in Miami saw this blog recently and said I was totally exposed. I beg to differ; I write about what I choose to. I edit, okay really I just try to spell check, but there is no hidden producer to make me seem one way or the other. I have

BTW, The Little Man Won Big.

Leslie Jordan picked up his first Emmy Award at the Creative Arts Primetime Emmy awards this past week for his role of Beverly Leslie on Will & Grace, but then again I told you last week that I thought he deserved it and hoped he would win.

Quite Simply; I Love the Colors

Was in the park the other day and just snapping away and just loved the way the bag was laying and the bright blue and yellow along with the yellow. It makes me happy, one of those simple little things that can make you smile.

Too Small? Too Eccentric? You're Gone?!?!

Apparently that is the way the International Astronomical Union are seeing things these days. Yesterday the Union agreed after a weeks worth of butting heads that Pluto, the smallest planet in our solar system is no longer a planet. Apparently the fact that it is smaller than Earth's moon and that it possesses an eccentric orbit create such differences that it has been removed from the records. Forget everything you knew from science from 1st grade through how ever far you went in school.