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Big Cup Closing

Well, it seems that after being in NYC/Chelsea for 11 years it is my time to say goodbye to a place that was a big part of my first 3-4 years here in the city. The Big Cup. Word came the other day from my friend Hal that there is a sign posted inside the establishment stating that due to rent increases they will be shutting their doors as of next week. Now Hal and I laugh that he who lives but a block away and visits there most mornings to do computer work, so much in fact that we call it his office. I stopped going years ago when it felt like I was approaching the first age limit. I consider there to be two limits. Those too young to be able to hang at bars so they meet friends and hang out there. The others are men who either never left or are looking for boys too young to get into anywhere else. Either way, I knew when it was time to leave. I think tomorrow I might have to go back and have myself a really bad cup of coffee, grab a tattered magazine, get a cream cheese bage

To My Friends at 5A

Sarah, Dave and Bill, I have not forgotten about you. Just a little crazy lately. Thanks for the silly/crazy messages, I do believe a couple of you could be medicated but I do thank you for the love you show. Enjoy the next week and a half cause your summer is O-V-A-H. I write this here because I know they read this. See you soon, Chris

Are There Really Nice Guys Anymore?

Well, I mean besides me and many of my friends. Makes me wonder why I have the strict rule about not dating friends or friends of friends. Maybe it would make sense to dip into that pool, at least you get some insider information beforehand, right? Of late I have tried to do the dating thing again. Well, really only once. Nice guy, I guess. Great times. Then all the sudden he is too busy. I know he is a busy person but come on, when you see someone online and they can't even drop you an email or phone call, you aren't too busy. The nice guy before him, well I have no idea still what is up with him. He tells me things that I tried to believe but I am starting to think that really all guys in NYC or LA want are people that treat them like shit and they want to take it. I am at the point where I don't care what guys think, but I get the constant question of, "Why are you still single?" I know they both read this and I hope they will give me a clue as to

We All Do It.

Just found this commercial and thought it was too cute to keep to myself. Click here for a little light fun in the middle of your day. This is safe for work computers also.

Campus Man.

While sitting here writing these posts that I have been promising the tv has been on behind me. Out of the blue comes on a movie that I used to dream about when I was entering high school. Campus Man. A really 80's movie with Morgan Fairchild and Dana Delaney. They are the only names who are really still around from the movie. It was about a student/entrepreneur who is trying to stay in college, Arizona State University I believe, and he decides to make a “athletic” calendar featuring the men of Arizona State. Steve Lyons was a model who was brought in to play his best friend/roommate/school diving star who becomes the cover model for the calendar. Oh after that life changing chaos erupts. Okay not life changing and you know that everything works out but there is enough skin to put a 13 year old gay boy over the edge. Speedos galore.

Happy Birthday Rich.

Last night we all, well a group, gathered at GYM Bar for our friend Rich's birthday. Good to see a lot of people who I don't get to see in the volleyball off season. I don't even get to see Rich that much even though I talk to him daily. A lot of fun and laughs and good times. More pictures being posted in the photoblog to the left. Thanks all. Picture: Dave (in the red), Pablo, Rich (birthday man) and Me.

Second Date:

Not going to go into details. I will say it was great. The food was great. Moustache on 10th Avenue between 1st and 2nd, I think. Movie was great. See post about Hustle & Flow. For more you can click on my photoblog for the photos from the date. Yes, I took the camera with me!!!!! The company was the best part. To be continued soon.........

Hustle & Flow

What can I say about this movie? I will say try to avoid the trailer before you see it. As someone in the commercial/voice over industry I have to say I do love my commercials and I live for movie trailers but I was really happy I hadn't seen the trailer for Hustle & Flow. I had no idea what to expect. I had no idea what it was about except that it had something to do with music. I like Terrance Howard a lot and he was the only one I had seen mentioned about this movie. Now, aside from the fact that I was very happy to be sitting next to Mike as we went to our 8:30 show at the 3rd Ave & 11th Street Loews for our show, I was almost as happy with the movie. I won't ever say the movie was better than the date but that is a whole other story. The movie caught me pretty much right away from the 70's feel it put off to the language “slang” that was used. I think that is something that makes you really watch this movie. If your not listening to what is being

Brian Ellner

Hey Dave, guess who was on the subway platform with me and then sat one person over from me on the way downtown? None other than our soon-to-be Manhattan Borough President Brian Ellner . I say soon because he is really the only face I recognize in the race and I haven't heard any scandal or wrong doings by him. And he is a lot cuter in person, believe me I looked, than he is on his website or on his flyers. Dave and I actually first saw Brian Ellner at Broadway Bares this year. After waiting a mile in line to get inside Roseland we saw him at the front of the line shaking hands and meeting hopeful voters. We both took his postcard/flyer home that night. I have to say his flyer is still very visible up and around Dave's house. Well, at least it was the last time I was there. I was visiting his website today and he actually wrote about being up at the 77th Street station coming downtown. Sad he didn't mention me though. I could have sworn we had a moment. Or maybe

Nick Cannon's "Can I Live?”

I was clicking through the channels the other day and came to rest on Tatiana Ali's face on BET. For those who don't remember her name she was the youngest daughter on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. The video had her sitting up on a examining table in a white hospital type robe and so I watched wondering what it was about. Two minutes later I am sitting, rather surprised, with the video I ended up watching. “Can I Live?” by Nick Cannon featuring Anthony Hamilton was quite out of the norm for what I would expect to see on BET. The video dealt with abortion, “straight up” as they say. But it also really went into what the mother goes through and the decision process. Children singing wearing “Can I Live” tee shirts give you the feeling, or at least it gave me the feeling, that they were the ones who were allowed to live. Maybe they lived and remained with the mother, quite possibly they were allowed to live and were given up for a better, hopefully, life with a family

Reality Shows That Have Caught Me of Late.

Very sad this guilty pleasure. I watch them alone with a tub of Breyer's Vanilla Bean ice cream I have been watching at least half of some of these shows when I see them: Amazing Race (always at the top of my list) Surreal Life 5 Real World: Austin Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (love Edward the English carpenter) Celebrity Fit Club Date My Mom (embarrassing, but I did see the one gay episode, made us all look like sluts) Real World/Road Rules Challenges (whatever happened to Road Rules anyway?) Kept Strip Search So You Think You Can Dance (just for the dancing, not really the judging, the judges are weak.)

New York's New Security Precautions

I would just like to think that as a New Yorker that if someone was really out to get me that they would be smart enough to change up their plans once the police tell you they will be searching bags and packages. I have to say I can think of many ways to get around those searches and I am sure they have too. As someone who usually carries a bag with a computer, gym clothes and assorted papers i have yet to be stopped. Actually I have only seen them in the subway at 86th street once. Never at 77th. I did however see two police officers slowing down a bus line tremendously by having people open bags as they boarded the bus. There should be some way to do that quicker. If people are waiting check them as they stand in line, don't wait until the bus pulls up, that is when schedules get thrown off. I feel no safer or secure by the fact that they are violating anyone's and everyone's rights by illegally searching bags. Be honest, do you feel safer? Isn't there mor

It's Coming.

I am sitting here with posts that I have to write that go back a couple of weeks. They will be coming soon. Actually taking the morning tomorrow as I go to walk my friend's dog to sit and write what I have been thinking. Look back late tomorrow afternoon for a good couple of reads. Chris Out.

Hypocrisy Runs Rampant.

"I have never intentionally used steroids. Never. Ever. Period.". Those were the words spoken by Rafael Palmeiro, seated in the middle, back in March before the Congressional Hearings into Steroid Use in professional baseball/sports. Palmeiro is also quite vocal as part of Major League Baseball's Zero Tolerance board. Today Rafael Palmeiro was suspended for 10 days for testing positive for steroid use. Too funny. Too sad.

New Addition to My Blog

I have decided to incorporate my photoblog and my "blog" into one fine-tuned creature. Viewable flash link is now featured in the left hand column for reference to certain pictures about my life; from just my roaming eye around NYC, from the park to the street to trying to get that perfect picture of myself that will become the picture I send out to any prospective dates. Not really doing that last part right now, that much, but we shall see what happens.