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A Little Something for Me

Okay, so there is nothing little about Ben Cohen but for those of us who don't go for the David Beckham look this is the ultimate you can ask for. They have been running this picture all over and I thought I would join in, at least it is someone hot to look at for a second in the middle of your work day. He took off his shirt for Charity but it seems the pants just followed. Hell if I am complaining.

Is It Me or......

are the ads in HX/Next magazine getting much better? Actually I think this ad is one of the best I have seen in a while. Very timely, very well done and Shequida looks hella good.

Just a Little Walk

So last week after helping my friend Dave with a little renovating on his place we decided to do Taco Bell for late lunch. Well, since Dave had been inside all day we then decided to take a detour on the way back to his place. Little did we know our detour would take about 2 hours. We walked to the river, only about 3 blocks and then we said why not walk over to the bridge....then why not over the bridge(neither of us had ever been)...then why not walk around the island (Wards/Randalls Island)...then upon inspection of the island (Insane Asylum and the huge homeless shelter) we said we need to find our way back OFF this island quick. Funny, I knew the bus goes out there because I took the bus to get out there last fall for a Rugby tournament but the first/last stop is the homelss shelter and as we walked past it we saw people in the woods and such. There are no pictures of that because, yeah, the camera-phone went away. The trees and fences are so high out there that we weren

I Will Ask Again.......

So I read the stats that come back to me daily on how many people have logged in to view the blog, where they are from (at least where your internet server is) and when, but I still don't know who you are. I think I would like to have a clue as to those who I can see from the locations check in most days and those who find me by luck or badluck depending on if you like what you read. So why not drop me an email/comment and let me know who/what/where you are. Who knows, I might be talking about you next.

Crazy Czech-Aussie Boy

Okay, so he is definitely a man but just wanted to say I miss him. Had so much fun with him when he was here and I know he knows that. Just sent me an email the other day and it makes me want to go to Australia right now but with my luck just as I got there he would take off for London or Prague or France or South America. The man loves to travel. Josh, I miss you buddy. Hurry back.

Catch Up - May 2006

Lately in my little notebook I have been jotting down things that I think I might want to blog about. Most of the time things are timely when I write them down and then that list can turn into a couple of weeks worth of topics that I end up having to troll through and just pick things that still make sense. So lets start at the top of my list: (the bold is what I wrote in the notebook as a reminder, the rest is what I am writing about the topic now) Survivor – Aras “Yoga Instructor” Hot So about a month or so ago I turned on the latest season of Survivor. I had heard there was another cute-ish, daddy like Tom from a season back who was holding strong to win. Well, yes, Terri was handsome in that rugged way I instantly fell for Aras. Yes, they did label him as a Yoga Instructor any time they put his name on the screen but between his, now super lean, swimmers build and his cute face I just thought he should win and I had been trying to catch the show as much as possible. Well la

Boy In Bubble

Lincoln Center Tuesday afternoon. May 2nd 2006. David Blaine in a water sphere for a week. Afterwards planning on holding his breath for 9 minutes to break worlds record. Do we really care? BUT, I could resist going to get a few pictures.