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1 Way To Cry Homophobia To Your advantage. Spokesman Debates Super Bowl Commercial Ban On Larry King. I am with Donny Deutsch on this one. It was totally a promotional stunt.  Yeah, so what if Mancrunch had the 2.5million in the bank that would be required to run the ad; they knew it would be denied and they could cry themselves all the way to the bank and into the gay eye. Had you heard of them before this? Do we need yet ANOTHER dating site? It isn’t even sports related. Yes, it was smart on Mancrunch's part but not even BRAVO would have run that commercial after 1am after a Law & Order Marathon. It was SUCH a horrible commercial, made no sense to the product and was a major step back in general. I have to say you couldn't pay me to go to their site. Posted via email from Christopher's posterous