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Bad Movie Pleasures This Weekend.

It is amazing how in one weekend you can see some good bad movies and also some bad good movies and love them all. First up: Alexander. Colin Farrell with various wigs and Angelina Jolie as his mom who is just a bitch beyond belief. Good action sequences though. But the acting was so over the top, but then again wasn't everything back then just so over the top that it was probably on the button. Second up: Snakes On A Plane. So finally I saw this movie. The idea is so beyond belief but was entertaining just to see who would make it and who wouldn't. Effects could have been a touch better at times but I thought it was an entertaining ride up until they brought the plane down. Sorry but that is the one thing in the movie that was totally beyond belief for me. And last but not least: Miami Vice. Yes, Colin twice in one weekend. Sad to say that it was literally the tv show just on the big screen. Colin just making faces and Jamie Fox just doing what Tubbs did on the tv

So Guilty of EWI

So this past week I saw a segment on a talk show about EWI. You have all done it; I know I have done it. We are all guilty of it. Emailing While Intoxicated. I think the last time I did it was maybe back last summer sometime. I actually think I was TWI(texting while intoxicated). It is just so much easier to do and much more dangerous. Luckily I think most people ignore those missives as just what they are "late night ramblings" and they never bring them up unless you do. When was your last act of EWI or TWI?

Happy Valetines Day To You All

If you be married, engaged, single, committed or just having someone some love today. I know I will.

Hiro & Vicky B.

Sorry for this really bad picture but I don't take my camera with me to dark clubs, I am not a paparazzi. I had no idea there would be a sighting to be telling people about. Actually it has been a whole day and this is the first time I have mentioned it at all. Went to HIRO Ballroom last night for Cuckoo and I knew it would be slow since fashion week was over and it was literally 12 degrees outside. Got inside and it wasn't the usual walk right in that we get. We had to stop and do two stamps and then we got in and the buzz was that Mrs Victoria Beckham was in the house. Not more than 20 minutes later, right after we decided to leave our spot in front of DJ Honey to walk around there was the announcement that she was there and poof she was on stage, right were I was moments before. I was annoyed. Now I was upstairs and looking from the second floor stairs but I did manage to grab my phone and take a few shots. They all look the same and are really bad but if u look you can

My Only Grammy Moment

I actually turned on the Grammy's just in time to see Tina Turner finish one number and introduce Beyonce to do their duet of "Proud Mary". Now I do like Beyonce but I have more Tina Turner on my iPod than I have Beyonce... Mama schooled Beyonce out there in front of everyone. Just gave me that MC Hammer "Can't Touch This" feel. 69 and kicking, maybe not as high as 30 years ago but still rocking and making the crowds go nuts. Beyonce is the New and Tina is the STILL HERE. Loved it all.

Little Things Make My Day

I could watch this on a loop in the corner of my computer screen and never tire of it. Think they just popped it up on TMZ a bit ago and just made me smile. So, even though I am sure you have seen it a million times, I wanted to share it with you too.


That is the temperature in NYC right this moment. Grey and drab but still 67F. Sadly it is starting to sprinkle just a little bit but I have windows open and the balcony door open and getting me some air. Hope it doesn't rain though because I have some serious errands to run.

Half-time Show-what????

Was I the only one bored by that half-time show? What was with all the young people running to the stage ready to rock out? Once they got there they basically swayed back and forth. I was waiting for the Bic Lighters to come out and arms in the air. I know they are still worried about anything crazy going on but really digging Tom Petty up is just wrong. But then again the FCC just fined ABC or the producers for NYPD Blue for an episode that ran; too bad that show has been off the air for quite a few years now. Talk about a speedy process.

Sunday, 5:12pm on Feb 3rd.

3 treadmills. 2 ellipticals (one is kinda broken) 5:12pm on Superbowl Sunday. Why is it impossible to get on one of these machines? All I wanted was some cardio. Maybe I should go to the building across the street, I can see they have some open machines from our window.