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So instead we stopped over at the nursery.

Tried to walk the dog & see some ships...

but it was a madhouse down there. Both at Pier 84 (where the dog run is) & at the Intrepid.

Who wants to go? It is tonight.

Imagine your dreams after a nightmare like this.

Look the sun is out. Oh, it feels good to see you again.

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Mmmm, chowders. Both clam and corn. Very good.

@Bostwick's Chowder House. Sent from my Windows 7 Phone

Dinner at Aqualis Grill in Fort Green, Brooklyn.

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Always waiting on the M11.

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My Daily View. What do u see?

I feel pretty @ Decorum in Amagansett.

Hello Montauk & The Sole East Beach Motel.

Yes, my dream job would be to review hotels, both good and bad for a living. Send me anywhere in the world; I will go.

Time for a cleaning.

Just downloaded the entire "The Lonely Island" CD, not sure why? What do I call it now? It isn't a CD anymore.

A lil' Book Shopping

@ The Three Lives & Company Booksellers (154 West 10 Street) My favorite bookstore. Sent from my Windows 7 Phone

Love the Chelsea Garden Center...located in Hell's Kitchen.

Oh no he didn't!!!!!!!!