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I Have No Idea....

how I have let this sit for so long with no posts. I guess I have just been busy but between my iPod Touch and Samsung PDA phone I should be able/willing to post even some crappy stuff daily. Every few months I have to promise to get back to it more often. I guess it is that time again.

Times Are A Changin'.........

I remember watching the first season of the Real World way back in the day. Then it was only known as The Real World . Not The Real World:New York. That would come later as the show would grow up. And I guess the time has come for many of us to grow up and move on. Well except those RW alumi who make a living off of being just that:RW Alumi. Anyway, I just sat down at the computer. I turned on NY1, our local 24hr news channel, and who do I see? Mr Kevin Powell. Do you remember him? He was portrayed as the 'angry black man' of that initial first season. I will say I didn't find him as angry as just trying to educate in the wrong manner. One of those loud people who would rather break eggs instead of carrying them softly. Well, who cares right, that was like 20 years ago, right? It would seem that Mr Powell is now Congressional Candidate Kevin Powell. Take it as you may. Or may not. Just thought it was an interesting fact I would share with the world. This is not

But Did It Hurt?

This Weather is Ridiculous

I sit here in Central Park waiting to go to the gym for my volleyball match tonight. I will say that it just get me how people become with some added heat. They slow down so much that it makes you wonder why they are even walking. Take a cab. Take a train. Take a pedicab. But get out of my way. I will say that sitting here at 6:50 Tuesday afternoon, in the shade with a not so humid breeze, feels nice. But I am glad the weather is breaking and I hope for a hard fast cold rain to cool things down. I wonder what the summer holds when we have had 4 days in the mid 90F temps while summer our highest temp all summer was 92F. Sent via mobile.


The definition of integrity is as follows. The adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. So here are the rules of integrity. simplified of course. and i plan on following them to the best of my ability. 1. Don't deny your feelings but don't wallow in them. Find an effective straightforward and non-blameful way to communicate feelings. If you're scared or angry. say so. not a big deal. 2. Tell the whole truth. make yourself safe for people to tell the truth too. 3. Be selective in making commitments and scrupulous about keeping them. Don't break commitments unless no other alternatives exist and then carefully communicate about the broken commitment to all relevant people. 4. Take responsibility for any enterprise in which you're involved and ask for each participant to do the same. I found this piece on a blog I read called " about a boy and his briefs " He simplified something he read in ‘ a year of living co

M102 Helen

I have been meaning to give a little credit to a nice woman I met on the M102. Now anyone who knows me when I am out will tell you I probably have my ipod on and going strong. Same can be said for the few times I am riding the bus. This day I decided to take the M102 from my house up to 87th street to hit the volleyball courts behind the MET. The bus comes. it is one of those super long buses with two sections with the accordian middles for wide turns. I get on, sit down and just relax. Bus is filling up but still enough open seats for people to sit alone and also those single sits are mostly open too. Next stop here comes Helen. Now I have my music in in shorts and tee shirt with my backpack. She comes all the way to the back section where I am sitting, stands in front of me and asks, "Would you mind telling me when we get to 67th street?" "Of course." She sits in the open seats behind me and even though I was just about to put my headphones back in she st

My Memorial Day in a Few Pictures.

You can see just how blue the sky was all weekend in all the pictures. I will be writing about most of these pics soon but thought I would put this up to stir some questions. Hope your Memorial Day 2008 was as good as mine. For those not from the US; Memorial Day a day when we honor the memory of lsot service men and women from our military.

Things to Do This Week:

Keep checking Genius Rocket for new freelance ad work. Head to Home Depot in Queens to get a propane tank. Strange that in you can have a grill for your deck in Manhattan but since 9/11 you can not buy a propane tank in Manhattan. You have to leave the island, buy it, bring it back to the island and then get it filled. Ridiculous. Do some laundry; an every other day kinda thing with me. Write back many emails for people who I have been missing from. You know I hate being on the phone. Start taking pictures again with the 5mp camera I am using until I can find camera I really want. No more settling because I see a great price. Pray that the sun comes and stays out this week. A sun that feels like it is just above the clouds and makes me sweat as I am walking to the park to wander and play volleyball. See 'The Chronicles of Narnia; Prince Caspian' by the weekend. I swore I would see it on an off day when it wouldn't be full of parents and their kids. Sit and wis

Is This the Promise of a New Generation?

Okay, so it would never happen but I do love this picture. It is funny that for a movie that will do such great business the promotion is immense. I know people have plans to see it already in groups and have to see it by that Monday. I might be one of them, actually I would wait until Wednesday to go to a less crowded theatre. But I love this photo.

Him? Naked? For Time Out Mag? Why?

Time Out Magazine's Horny Issue Poll So should you click on the link above you can go through 19 different NYC men who are in a competition to be chosen to do a nude shoot for the Horny Issue of Time Out Magazine NY. I have to say I had to go through about 13 clicks to find one I might want to see with his shirt off, let alone naked. Or at least as naked as their nerves will end up allowing them. You be your own judge. There are alot, alot of regular guys to choose from.

I Can See the Future

Oh, come on, like u didn't see that coming. I am a bad, bad person, but come on I needed a laugh after crying at the drop of a hat all week. Actually it wasn't a laugh but a big wince and major inner ouch.

Cash Cabbing with Ben Bailey....almost.

You know when something just falls in your lap that just seems too easy? Yeah, I had one of those moments Wednesday night as I was just walking down 9th avenue. So there I was with Ren and Brett just laughing and being a bit silly when I look to the street. There he was. Ben Bailey . Host and resident hottie of Cash Cab . In his cab. Parked just off the curb. Available light lit and ready to go. I bent down and looked him dead in the face and smiled. Boy does he have a smile. I told Ren and Brett immediately and the funny this is I didn't want to do it. We talked about it for half a block and I kept looking back and he was just sitting there waiting. Besides not wanting to be sitting there all sweaty after playing and being in a sweatshirt and gym shorts I also knew that I would not be able to concentrate and would just be A Big Gay Mess . And to those of u who know me and read that last line, "SHUT UP." The concentration part would be just because I would be l

I Am Crying Right Now.....

I had no idea this was coming at the end of the episode of last night's " Brothers & Sisters " but it hit me hard and fast and I just sat on the couch as the DVR played it out for me. And as for all the people messaging to make sure I am okay; all is good, just been pretty busy. I promise to get back to it soon.

Seen in the streets: Tom Welling

This past Sunday as I walked down the street with Nestor and Giancarlo, eyeing the men as usual, we were in the Lincoln Center area when I spotted him. Clear as day, it took me but a two second from half a block away to realize there was Smallville's main man, Tom Welling. He looked me dead in the face and being a NYer I gave him that knowing glance and looked away. At this point he was but 4 feet from me. I have to say he is incredible in person and big. Height wise that is. I waited a few seconds and directed both Nestor and Gian to where he was but neither saw his face just his back. Gian started to say that it probably wasn't him but Gian has been with me long enough to know I can spot celebrity a mile away. My mind always goes to; I wonder where he was going? But then ABC is up the street and of course just the Upper West Side in general.

Just had to be noted.

So if you were in NYC for the last 2 days you may have seen the news about the Eastside madam who was arrested Monday or Tuesday. Funny thing is they arrested her at her apartment which happens to be across the street from me.(#2 in picture above). Now if you remember from a few weeks ago Governor Spitzer resigned his office and that is also just caddy corner to my building over on 3rd avenue.(#1 in picture above). There is word that this Madam had the black book that had the former Gov. and many others in it. She says she doesn't. I guess we will find out. Funny to to me though that in the picture above he basically could have walked over with a nice appointment after he resigned just a half a block away. PS: Was in a hurry to post so don't yell at me for the crude numbers on the pictures. Haha.

DVR Alert; The Hills

Ah, my one tween/twenty-something drama/reality show is back for their spring/summer season and I am so ready. I miss the vapidness of this show. So easy to watch and enjoy with only the slightest bit of guilt. DVR is set for 9:30-11:30. Reigh.............

David Archuleta : American Idol

So I am not really an American Idol fan, really I will watch the last show just to see the difference between the winner and the runner-up. But with all the hype behind the David Hernandez stripper-gate and the Danny Noriega kinda craziness I thought it was time to tune in. I actually caught this clip the other night while strolling through the Youtube app on the iPod Touch. Love that function. I thought this kid was truly amazing, plus I absolutely love that song. One of my favorites of all time. And I have to say, he was the only person I really liked on the whole show. Talented bunch but David Archuleta was just unbelievable. Okay, so last nights Beatles song was a little tough for him and he may have forgotten 2-3 words but there is so much talent there it can not be reigned in. The clip below is from his performance the previous week doing Imagine by John Lennon. I hear even Yoko Ono called in after his performance.

The Gov. From My Window.

Picture is from about 40min ago from my balcony as Gov (now former Gov) Spitzer arrived at his office for his resignation press conference. A mobile blog @ 12:23pm Chris

Time Again....

for another blog renovation. New colors. New pictures. New topics. New reality. New changes for the soon to arrive spring of 2008. Sadly that last part is not coming soon enough. Keep an eye out. Shall do it by the end of the week.

Spitzer Spit Out..

Sitting here watching CNN and next thing I know is our governor, Elliot Spitzer, has been implicated in a sting with high end prostitutes. Now come on, can't these politicians get their acts together when it comes to this crap. He is screwed, married with 3 kids. But no word on resigning even though the Rep Gov Association, of course, say he should resign immediately. Good day to come back.

She Brought Me Out of Hibernation....

Mrs....Mrs. Jones, Oh Mrs. Jones. There is word that Star Jones and Al Parker are headed to court. Divorce court. A source said, “They hadn’t been seeing eye to eye for months and had already spent a great deal of time apart. Finally, Star decided it was over. She told Al at the end of January that he had 30 days to get his act together or ‘get out.’” So is that 'get out' or 'come out'? But then again don't most people in NYC think he is an out gay man? Hands up. I am back.

Bad Movie Pleasures This Weekend.

It is amazing how in one weekend you can see some good bad movies and also some bad good movies and love them all. First up: Alexander. Colin Farrell with various wigs and Angelina Jolie as his mom who is just a bitch beyond belief. Good action sequences though. But the acting was so over the top, but then again wasn't everything back then just so over the top that it was probably on the button. Second up: Snakes On A Plane. So finally I saw this movie. The idea is so beyond belief but was entertaining just to see who would make it and who wouldn't. Effects could have been a touch better at times but I thought it was an entertaining ride up until they brought the plane down. Sorry but that is the one thing in the movie that was totally beyond belief for me. And last but not least: Miami Vice. Yes, Colin twice in one weekend. Sad to say that it was literally the tv show just on the big screen. Colin just making faces and Jamie Fox just doing what Tubbs did on the tv

So Guilty of EWI

So this past week I saw a segment on a talk show about EWI. You have all done it; I know I have done it. We are all guilty of it. Emailing While Intoxicated. I think the last time I did it was maybe back last summer sometime. I actually think I was TWI(texting while intoxicated). It is just so much easier to do and much more dangerous. Luckily I think most people ignore those missives as just what they are "late night ramblings" and they never bring them up unless you do. When was your last act of EWI or TWI?

Happy Valetines Day To You All

If you be married, engaged, single, committed or just having someone some love today. I know I will.

Hiro & Vicky B.

Sorry for this really bad picture but I don't take my camera with me to dark clubs, I am not a paparazzi. I had no idea there would be a sighting to be telling people about. Actually it has been a whole day and this is the first time I have mentioned it at all. Went to HIRO Ballroom last night for Cuckoo and I knew it would be slow since fashion week was over and it was literally 12 degrees outside. Got inside and it wasn't the usual walk right in that we get. We had to stop and do two stamps and then we got in and the buzz was that Mrs Victoria Beckham was in the house. Not more than 20 minutes later, right after we decided to leave our spot in front of DJ Honey to walk around there was the announcement that she was there and poof she was on stage, right were I was moments before. I was annoyed. Now I was upstairs and looking from the second floor stairs but I did manage to grab my phone and take a few shots. They all look the same and are really bad but if u look you can

My Only Grammy Moment

I actually turned on the Grammy's just in time to see Tina Turner finish one number and introduce Beyonce to do their duet of "Proud Mary". Now I do like Beyonce but I have more Tina Turner on my iPod than I have Beyonce... Mama schooled Beyonce out there in front of everyone. Just gave me that MC Hammer "Can't Touch This" feel. 69 and kicking, maybe not as high as 30 years ago but still rocking and making the crowds go nuts. Beyonce is the New and Tina is the STILL HERE. Loved it all.

Little Things Make My Day

I could watch this on a loop in the corner of my computer screen and never tire of it. Think they just popped it up on TMZ a bit ago and just made me smile. So, even though I am sure you have seen it a million times, I wanted to share it with you too.


That is the temperature in NYC right this moment. Grey and drab but still 67F. Sadly it is starting to sprinkle just a little bit but I have windows open and the balcony door open and getting me some air. Hope it doesn't rain though because I have some serious errands to run.

Half-time Show-what????

Was I the only one bored by that half-time show? What was with all the young people running to the stage ready to rock out? Once they got there they basically swayed back and forth. I was waiting for the Bic Lighters to come out and arms in the air. I know they are still worried about anything crazy going on but really digging Tom Petty up is just wrong. But then again the FCC just fined ABC or the producers for NYPD Blue for an episode that ran; too bad that show has been off the air for quite a few years now. Talk about a speedy process.

Sunday, 5:12pm on Feb 3rd.

3 treadmills. 2 ellipticals (one is kinda broken) 5:12pm on Superbowl Sunday. Why is it impossible to get on one of these machines? All I wanted was some cardio. Maybe I should go to the building across the street, I can see they have some open machines from our window.

Have I Gone Too Far????

Come on he did win it all and it isn't often my favorite actually wins. He will stay my favorite because I love his energy, attitude and his humor.

Reality Life Saving/Ruining TV

With this spurt, make that a spew, of reality shows that are hitting the air in the wake of the writers strike I have to admit I have watched some. Lets take it from the top: The Biggest Loser . I started watching this in a marathon they had last month and now I am kinda hooked. This is the kind of reality show I can get behind because people are competing to make their lives better. Healthier, happier and last of all wealthier. And I have to say it isn't like they are winning that much money. I especially love this couples idea; we all need encouragement when making changes. The Moment of Truth . Bryan and I watched this last week after returning from volleyball. I had sworn I would watch it once and not more than that, but I think I might have to watch the second week since they only got through one person and had just started another person. And I have to say the second person who would return in the next episode was much more interesting than the first. Hair plugs, gamb

Don't Cry For Me Ricky....

Oh I love Heidi Klum, on Project Runway , and she summed it all up for me by asking this question to Ricky: "What's up with you?" Why did she ask this? Because he was crying yet AGAIN. And just to be clear I think she thought it was more of a mental thing since he cries every episode. Thanks to Project RunGAY for the caption

How Happy Does that Make Me?

Very happy first thing in the AM. I will be catching this match later this afternoon. I can't wait. GO NOVAK!!! I knew he would beat Federer and make it to the finals. Should be a very interesting final. Very interesting and fun.

Is it Really Necessary???

So this morning as I am going through my usual array of blogs and websites I see one that is a daily read and it sent a chill through me. And it wasn't anything good. We all know about the death of Heath Ledger yesterday afternoon, that is a given. We know he was found in a Soho apartment in NYC. We know there was a big investigation. We know the body has to be moved by the coroner's office. But do we need to see two, not one, but two pictures of the body bag on the gurney being wheeled out of the building to the van? This site is the only site I have seen all day to feature these pictures. I often like this blog, but I have actually left comments on it when I think this person, who considers himself a journalist, goes too far in my opinion. Since blogs are about opinions and we often go off of comments left for us; I think he has gone too far yet again. Not sure anymore where some tact comes into 'reporting'.


My whipped iced dairy drink brings the attentions of many males to my place of residence and/or employment, and they declare that its quality far surpasses that of yours. Absolutely, it far surpasses yours. I could convey to you the proverbial recipe, but I would have to demand compensation. Now that is how I would have sung the song....actually found this online but thought it was just too cute so I had to post it.

I Am Finally Seeing It.

No, I really am starting to see what everyone is going crazy about. Or is it just this picture that I think has him looking great while off doing good work for UNICEF. Not really sure what he is doing there, looks more like he will be reffing a fight. One in which in a term of events the fighters will be clothed and the ref (Mr Beckham) is to remain shirtless.

Just Breaking News in NYC: Heath Ledger Found Dead in Apartment

Just turned on the news and this was the breaking news coming from lower Manhattan. They say suspected drug overdose but not sure. Two in a week, creepy. Wow. Update: NEW YORK - Heath Ledger was found dead Tuesday at a downtown Manhattan residence in a possible drug-related death, police said. He was 28. According to WNBC, Ledger was found with pills strewn all around him. NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said Ledger had an appointment for a massage at the Manhattan apartment believed to be his home. The housekeeper, who went to let Ledger know the masseuse was there, found him unconscious at approximately 3:30 p.m. ET, according to the New York Times. After receiving no response from the actor after shaking him, they called authorities.

That's So Gay

So I was chatting with Schawn recently when I found out what is clearly the gayest thing about me: my ipod play list. Now I have 8 playlists but one is super cute and the other is just pure gay and I love it. The super cute on; Disney. Part of Your World Colors of the Wind A Whole New World (both versions) One Jump Ahead Reflections (Christina A.) And how can u not love a bunch of disney songs from the last 10-15 years or so. Mostly Aladdin and a little bit of Mulan, Pocahantas and Little Mermaid. The super gay one; Runway. I Got It From My Mama Amazing Get Me Bodied Supermodel Sexyback (Dirty version) Whatever U Like Way I Am Freedom '90 Free Your Mind Faster Kill Pussycat (Britney Murphy/Paul Oakenfold) Vogue Shut Up & Drive Good Luck Lady Marmelade Beep Hey Mr. DJ Clumsy Wait a Minute Don't Stop the Music When I Get You Alone Gimme More No, they are not all hard stomping songs but there is enough attitude there to get me from Murray Hill to Columbus Circle, down

Stuck in the Big Lonely, Smoking Apple.

Around 6:21pm Thursday night I was texting my friend Ren who was somewhere in midtown to tell him I was heading down to the volleyball gym. At 6:22pm I received a call asking me where I was and could I get over to the movies at 42nd and 8th by 6:30 for a movie screening? "What movie?" "Cloverfield." "I will be there as fast as I can." I got to the movie theater by 6:40 on the L train. That is the quickest I have gotten anywhere going across town in this city. We got in, the movie started like a minute or two beforehand. We hadn't missed anything it was clear. Not going into any kind of details, since it literally comes out in a few hours, but I will say I liked the idea. Now if it was me in the situation I don't know if I would do what the characters did but you can't fault them in under the circumstances. My one HUGE problem with the movie was the locations they used. They went from being on Spring Street to being at 59th street in what

Enough Said.....almost.

I think he is a good singer but I think I would rather sit through every crazy person auditioning for the new season of American Idol than see him in Spamalot . I mean every screecher, whiner, stalker, drag queen, nut case they show in those auditions.

Mr. President....

The last few days your face just looks so confused. I have been laughing everytime I see you walking in the desert, carrying a sword or watching those 'strange' natives dance. I think it best you come home before you get us into more trouble. Besides I believe they have already said no to what you asked for.

Australian Open 2008

Lets keep an eye on my two guys; Marat Safin and Novak Djokovic. There weren't any good pics of Marat from his opening match but found these great ones of Novak, who I have posted about before.

Things in the Men's Room...

So depending on where you are when you read this post it maybe something new or something old and dated to you. A couple of weeks ago I saw one of those Dyson commercials, but this time it was not for one of their uber-cool vacuums but for a ‘revolutionary’ hand drying system. Everything with them is a system. Commercial was fast and I wasn’t on the tv with the dvr when I saw it so it came and went, but I did get the gist of the idea. Cool. Yeah, it seemed cool. About a week after I was walking around just after the holidays when I had the urge to stop into a public restroom. I was near Time Warner Center so I figured where better to stop because after I could get a coffee. So I pop up to the 2nd floor to use the men’s room when as I walk in , low and behold, on the wall is the Dyson Airblade. I hurry and do what needs to be done and get to washing my hands. I couldn’t wait to try this out. And it works just as promised. It worked so well that I used it twice. It is really loud th

20 Bucks?????

Just so that my iPod Touch can add the most standard of apps? Really? If that is the case I might as well just stick with all the web apps that I can use, but then of course I have to be on a wifi network to use them. But really? Will having mail, weather, stocks and maps make that much of a difference? Nah, I don't think so. Plus, the $20 is only if you have a unit already; if you go buy one it will come included.

Oh Celebrity life....

Last week, yes it is another last week event, I was walking through the West Village heading up Hudson Street. I reached an area known for the tour buses to take a break and let off their gawkers for a walk around and of course for some cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery. Funny to me how New Yorkers pretty much let celebs live among us and don't really pay that much attention, but can you imagine living so close to one of these stops that you practically feel you have to run home. Well this particular day I was practically run down my a Ms Julianne Moore as she was trying to cross the street before she was recognized. But really, how can you not recognize her. She is as fabulous in person as she is on film. Just a little taste of NY for you guys. Nothing spectacular, just life on the street.

Too Cute...

So last week I was getting on the elevator with a father and his young son, I don't know maybe he was 3 or 4 years old. He was too cute. After the son hit the button for their floor I hit the button for mine. It so happens they are one floor above me. The son goes, "Daddy, he is right next to us." The father said, "No, he is just below us." Obviously you know the son was looking at the numbers on the board and seeing that my number was next to his and not thinking necessarily in floors of the building. The precious part was when the elevator opened to an empty hallway and the son looked out and said, "There is no one there?" The father said, "They must have hit both the up and down button, maybe they were in a hurry." Then the son said, "Maybe it was a villain?" I don't care how cold hearted you are, but if you had been there you would have broken out in such a grin, such as I did, that you just couldn't help thinking that

Facebook Friend and Mr Gay Ireland???

Well it is true and I am just finding out myself. My poke buddy, if you are on Facebook you know what I mean, Barry is apparently Ireland's contestant for International Mr Gay 2008 . I stumbled upon this fact as I was reading one of my favorite blog/sites out of France, OhLaLa Mag . Apparently Oh La La Mag is hosting the online voting competition to decide the winners. You can log on daily and vote for your favorite. Well, I should say every 24hours. The best part is there is no need to register at all. So stop on in, check out the site and then click the banner at the top to take you to the page of contestants, or you can just click here and I will do it for you. Good Luck Barry, not that you will need it. On another note, my friend Josh who I have known for a quite a few years now is currently the runner-up for Mr Gay USA. But as we all know, should the winner be unable to complete his/her duties the runner-up will take his/her place. Not saying I am hoping for a scandal to

Sunday's Season Tournament

This past Sunday, January the 6th, was the bi-annual Gotham Volleyball Season tournament. It is basically the culmination of the entire season with your placement at the end of the season determining your seed/placement in who and when your team played. My team had won the season with a record of 10-2; so we were the first seed and played the last place team. We won our first match in 2 games. All matches are best 2 out of 3. We won our second match in 2 games. We won our third match in 3 games, I think we fell asleep a little in the match and just needed to wake up. In our last match, which were the finals, repeated our second match as they won their way back through the losers bracket to play us. We won that match in 3 games. Not sure how much fun it is when you are expected to win. This is the same as last season but I do have to say my team this season was a lot more fun, even though people assumed that with the level that had returned it would be all drama and screaming. We had

New Year's Fun

Sorry just one picture because I never took my camera out....but while I was downtown in the Financial District at my friend Ben's party I learned I am not such a party boy anymore. Well, maybe I like to party when I want; not because the day calls for it. Ted didn't like the first picture so we had to take another, so Mark cut him out of the original picture.

New Stuff for All

I have about 10 topics saved to my desktop and I am trying to get through them all and put them in to their proper dates so go back to the day BEFORE Christmas to see all the current posts from today. Sorry for making you go back down the page but I am trying to put them into the blog in order of when they happened. Believe me I am pumping them out today.

New Header Picture

Early December I had edited down a photo from my Facebook /Blog/Podcast friend, Trunk Guy. I, of course, asked before I did it not wanting any creative licensing problems. Here is the cropped photo: Here is the real photo beforehand: Then last week or so, after the holidays I thought it was time to take down the pretty photo and start with something fresh and a little darker for the rest of the holidays. Damien Hirst has a display up in the lobby of the Lever House on Park Avenue. I had no idea when I walked over to photograph the lobby; I usually stop in to see what new displays they have up. Here is the link to another lobby display from the past . Here is the current header for my blog: Here is the original I took about a week and a half ago: I started doing this last summer and I think I will keep changing the header, gives me a purpose when out looking at shots but usually I can take pictures and then find the header within later on. Blah, blah, blah.