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Showing posts from June, 2006

Things on TV I am Looking Forward To:

New NBC Fall show; Heroes . About everyday people who find out they have special abilities. Not necessarily the X-Men, at least I don't think but I think it will deal with seeing what the average person would do in such situations. Project Runway and America's Next Top Model : Need you ask why I would be waiting for these two shows. Runway just makes me hope for another great cast of designers who will not try to copy any of the past contestants, attitude or design-wise. ANTM is just a guilty pleasure that you can't stop watching, plus J Alexander is back this season as a judge, not just coach. You can't beat that.

What is driving me crazy lately?

Well, I can think of one thing. What is it with people with shopping bags who run to the be first into a crowded elevator and then hit the 4th floor in a 37flr building? You can imagine it; the seconds after the doors close everyone ahs to move because this person has jammed themselves into the corner and now need everyone to clear a way for them. Oh that can just drive me nuts.

National HIV Testing Day

I had actually not known there was a National testing day but it makes sense, especially if you live by the mantra of going every 6 months. So here you go, mid year/late June and then not again until January/December. Go out and get it done. Your doctor or free clinic; get it done. If your are in NYC I can tell you that every Friday the gay drugstore, next to Spice, on 20th and 8th gives free HIV screenings.

Open Secrets or Wishful Thinking

So there is actually a betting site for what celebrity/personality will come out publicly next. I don't know if I would put my money on their first pick, Vin Diesel, though I wouldn't mind if he was; but I would hope that Jake does come out someday. As Kathy Griffin said, "The gays don't want Tom anymore. It is all about Jake. All about the Gyllenhaal". And as a gay man living in NYC I will not comment on Anderson Cooper, though he is just so cute. But if you are interested here are the odds as they were listed: Vin Diesel 4 - 1 Oprah Winfrey 6 - 1 Keanue Reeves 5 - 1 Tom Cruise 25 - 1 Anderson Cooper 20 - 1 John Travolta 30 - 1 Jake Gylenhaal 5 - 2 Condoleeza Rice 8 - 1 Alex Rodriguez 12 - 1 Kordell Stewart 10 - 1 Jeff Garcia 15 - 2 Peyton Manning 7 - 2 Troy Aikman 10 - 1 Anyone you would dare bet on?