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Sad Friday Night...

Started out like any other Friday night. Cash Cab at 6-7pm on Discovery Channel, I love the host. Go check it out. Thought I might be a little smarter than the questions on Cash Cab so I switched over to Jeopardy, but there has been quite a bit of noise in the hallway. I assumed it was just the wind going through the vents making noise. At 7:30 though I could hear people out in front of the door. I check the peep hole and there is Anthony, the cute concierge, and what looks like police and EMT. Now I know I was fine so I was curious and I took to listening at the door. Yes it is ghetto but I wanted to know what was up. So it sounded as if something was up with my neighbor, Timothy. That is how he introduced himself to me last year when I moved in and I never knew his last name. I guess I never will. Seems Timothy died sometime this week and as an elderly gentleman he didn't have much family coming around. One son and he was a widower. Very sad I do have to say but the c

When did we stop looking for more?

When did we stop looking for more? Have you seen something like this before? But here is a little about me and what I look for. This is one of the hardest parts for me. But lets see what I can put together to give you an idea about who I am. A born Sag. I would say I had a regular childhood if not a little on the spoiled end. Grew up on the beach in LA but when I was able I ran away to the other big, bad city of NYC and that is where I have remained for the past 11 years. I work in the business/personal management end of the entertainment field. I like my job but I am really looking for something that is more rewarding to me. I do tend to take most of my free time playing/coaching volleyball, hanging with my friends, shopping, watching TV, reading, I love to walk around and just take stupid pictures in New York. I will never use them and hardly ever keep them but it is a nice outlet and good way to see parts of the city I wouldn’t notice. There is just too much about a

Mid Feb Flow - Long Time Coming.

What has been going on? Going out with friends, two new volleyball season, Super Bowl, I might even have some links and some new pictures of various things to share with ya'll. Things I have been up to or noticing: Super Bowl Sunday: Hung out with Gian, Jimmi and Jr and somehow found my way into a new group, A good, funny, touchy group of guys who I have been hanging with and they just keep me cracking up. Big ups to Dave, Bruce, Ron and Pauly. Snow Storm: Saturday night out with the new group of guys at Gym late into the night as we watched the snow fall. We ended up talking to this behemoth of a guy who funny enough ends up living down the block from me. Nice guy who was planning on walking to Time Square in the snow because it was his first snow fall here in NYC. Called him Sunday after he got back from Central Park. Said he was a big old wet mess. 6'4, 256lbs of muscle and a big old wet mess. He said his pants and shoes were frozen to his legs. Since the sto

Pink – Stupid Girls.

I love Pink. She is back, I am sure you have seen it on MTV or VH1. Back with another scathing video going after the reality type celebrities/personalities like Lindsey, Paris, Jessica, Britney(again) and such. Video makes me laugh and she is still as tough as ever. Plus now she has a really cute husband. Kick ass , Pink.

Happy Valentines Day to All.

But since I am not one to just express love to one person on this day, I think that should be done all year long, I will give love to those who mean the most to me in my life. I love...... Pablo, Michael, Cale, Mark, Dave, Mark, Robert, Rich, Gian, Ted, Chris, Nick, Eddie, Jorge, Tom, My Family, Jim, Billy, Mama, Big Jim(Big Daddy), Bruce, Ron, Pauly, Stephen, Mark, Lorenzo, Greg, David, David, Tony, Andreas, Lew, Kara, Kearney, Chris, Chris, Rick, Eric, Fernando, Dean, Justin, Sal, Charly. And believe it or not, Schawn. If I left you off it doesn't mean anything I just put the names that came to mind instantly. You know I love you all. If I did leave you off, leave a comment and I will be sure to either add you or comment on your comment.

What's Going On People?

If you read this stop and let me know what is going on in your life. Doesn't matter if I know you or not. GIve me some insight to who reads this. There should be a pretty big Flow coming in a day or two. Thanks. Chris