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Sunday Walk to the Lever House Exhibit.

Oh the Sunday rain just had me feeling so relaxed and gray and mopey. I like relaxed but gray and mopey is never good. Let alone the fact that I am doing my best to give up as much sugar as possible. Oh, let me tell you I have not been the chipper, happy, silly Chris that most people see. I have been quite quiet and low energy. I had some small personal things on my calendar to do this week such as get over to the Lever House of Park Avenue to photograph their new lobby and courtyard. Once the rain stopped and the sun returned yesterday, Sunday the 27th, I thought there would be no better time to get some air and see something new. I always love their exhibits. I was quite happy to see that the seemingly "Hello Kitty" type installation in the courtyard was still there as I had lost my pictures I took of it earlier this year. Some are just standing, some are streaming water out of their eyes. The outside walls of the lobby for the Lever House are surrounded by phrase

A New Bar(-tini) Near By.

One day you can be walking up 10 th avenue and see the usual papered up windows at an old bar and the next day you walk by and find a nice white, sleek-ish looking bar. White walls and from what you can see a neon blue wall in the back. Nice windows. A simple bar. Is this going to be the new local bar? There isn't a simple bar for the gay crowd in Hell's Kitchen. Well, maybe there is but not one I like and Therapy is just out of range being about 9-10 blocks away. Yeah, I know that sounds lazy. But to get me out to a bar it needs to be close and relaxing and has to be fun to hang out at with your friends. So as I write this update it is Sunday morning, the 27 th of September. Last night, after a small birthday dinner for our friend Scott, we ran over to Bar-tini to check it out. I was tired and that should be a warning of how quickly I can be over something. I was up for going though since it is a block away and I wanted to see the crowd and the full space. We walk

They Are Coming!!!

'V', the series from the 80's has been reinvented and will premiere on ABC on Nov 3rd. I can't tell you how long I sat and watched the original movie and every show of the television series. Very excited for it.


So I can write and publish my blog from Windows Office Word 2007 just by hitting send? Oh that is so great and will save me so much time. Yeah, you can be sure to be reading a lot from me now.


So here I am hoping to re-embark on my almost every day blog. Sadly the everyday blog has turned into a monthly picture post and without much excitement to go along with that. So much has yet been going on and I just totally forget to post about them. I keep telling myself if I can post a status update or send a tweet; isn't' that really just the Life Should be Fun headline for the day? So looking back I have given you Ginger Ale Iced Tea, Broadway Bares tickets, a beach shot form Provincetown, Yankee stadium and the Microsoft Gallery way back during NY Internet Week. Those things were sadly weeks apart. I don't see how I could forget to include at least one picture of NY Pride, some of the better shots of Provincetown, Mets' Citifield, Portland Maine, working on the green garden on our deck, new and old friends hanging out, volleyball, Central Park, theatre trips. Wow that really adds up and if I started now I bet by the end of next week I could fill you in prett

Ominous billboard.

2012!!!!! No need to warn me so much ahead of time. Looks like a good movie.

Dreaming Oprah

I am down in Sao Paulo with the ANTM (America’s Next Top Model) crew. We do a self styling challenge and then off to dinner. Thankfully there was neither Jay to be found. Oh they get on my nerves. Finishing dinner and word gets around that Oprah is in this huge rustic long communal table type restaurant. As everyone is leaving I head back to our table in the rear to talk with the chef about this particular dish. As I do u can hear the girls half way across the room say 'What? Oprah is here!!!' and they start to get louder and louder. You see two people move from a smaller corner table (where did that come from) to a larger group table. Just as they sit down one of the girls screams out 'Hey Oprah, how r u doing girl?' As I chase the girls out I turn to Oprah and say 'Sorry.' Oprah says, 'thank you.' I wake up. Now I wonder if, in my dream, I should have said 'I apologize Ms. Winfrey & Mr. Graham'. A good dream and all I come out of

Wishing this was a new tv show & not just a movie.