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Ok Go!!!

So everyone loved this as a music video done by a choreographer and a very limber band, but it is a little different when done by 4 high schoolers for a student performance. It is actually better.

Take Your Heroes Test

I tested as Matt Parkman, the police officer who can hear peoples' thoughts.

But He Looked Good......

UPDATE: So Safin lost in 4 sets but let me just say that 'the lines people' their whole match SUCKED BIG TIME. Thank goodness they can challenge calls now. Safin and Roddick both challenged calls and won their points. Safin did play well and he looked great, it was just this seemed like a NEW Andy Roddick out there in Melbourne.

I Think....

I see snow blowing outside my window on this dark early evening. Something is blowing out there, that is all I can say. UPDATE: I think up here I could see the snow but it was just swirling around. I have since been outside and there is nothing coming down anywhere, it is just chilly. Oh well, thought maybe something was going to happen.

Safin/Roddick on ESPN2

I am sitting here watching some taped coverage of the Australian Open and the match I have been waiting for is on. I do like me some Andy Roddick but I love me some Marat Safin. And since Marat will always be seen as the underdog to Andy I have to go with Safin. Nice yellow shirt he is wearing on the court right now.

Help Me Out Here....

It is the time again for me...I need some NEW MUSIC. Or should I say I am looking for some new suggestions for songs are artists that I might not usually listen to. I don't listen to the radio and VH1 and MTV only show music really late at night, I think it is actually around 3pm for VH1. So here is a little challenge. I like all forms of pop, soundtrack, some rock, some hip-hop. Love those ballads (Josh Grobin/James Blunt), but also love upbeat stuff you can listen to at the gym. Not so much into the house because I love my vocals, but I listen to DJ Bravehounds mixes for house when I want a change. So fill up the comments section with people I might have long forgotten about or new people who are under the wire. Or maybe even just some song titles that you forget about but when you hear them you just want to get up and dance and sing. Thanks, Chris

T.R. Knight "Discusses" Issues With Ellen

Even though he has come out at least stronger in the presses view of things you can still see that he is having a hard time dealing with what is going on and to have a "colleague" do such things to you is just unforgivable. I am glad to finally hear that "what was reported as being said" was actually said. He came out and told us what we have all been waiting to hear for months, without calling Isiah Washington a liar but after Washington's actions at the Golden Globes this past weekend I think we all knew this man has his problems; probably a lot deeper than working with a gay man. Maybe we have our second Ryan Seacrest of the week?

Before Sleeping....

I just thought I would post this quick little blurb. Have you ever watched something on tv that is so real to you that you can see yourself in the scene? I was just watching something on the DVR from Sunday night and I could swear I was one of the people on the screen. I guess what I thought was unique is not that unique at all and many people are dealing with the same thing. This posting is really more for me to get this out than for anyone to really understand, but then again someone might understand it...but then again I didn't say what I was watching. Night.

Just Wondering.....

As I sit here and watch the Red Carpet Arrivals for the Golden Globes on E it just seems that Ryan Seacrest takes every opportunity to make it known that he is "male" and not feminine and likes the "women". It just draws attention to how much of a girl he really is. When/if he should come out in his old age he is going to have alot of bad karma to answer for. So at the end of the broadcast just now they asked Ryan who he thought the best dressed woman was and he happily gave a response. They then asked what he thought of Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey and he just had to say, "Well I am not into that, maybe you should ask Jay." Meaning Jay Manuel from America's Top Model who was also doing fashion criticing. So damn silly, actually pisses me off. Oh now I will have to find a way to out Ryan Seacrest.

Macworld 2007

So they just unveiled the iPhone. I shouldn't say they, I should say Steve Jobs because he runs the show and the presentation and he is the s**t. Damn, what will they think of next. This was all annouced in the last 30 minutes or so, these pictures are brand new. Look at it, it looks hot. Too bad it doesn't ship until June of 2007 at a price of 499US.

Movie for 2006

So this year, just as I did last year, I went to the little theater on 85th and 1st and saw my holiday movie. The movie usually isn't that new, but it is recent. Last year on Christmas evening I went and finally saw Brokeback Mountain . Yes, I waited and when I did see it I was pleasantly surprised at how many people came out to see this movie at 10:00pm Christmas evening. I liked the movie, but loved the story. So this year I thought I would try it again. What was playing? The History Boys . Now I knew this was a hit Broadway play last season but I really had no knowledge of what the show was about. I knew it took place in England. Dealt with education and was supposed to be somewhat cute. I got my ticket to the 10pm show, don't they ever change their time tables? Anyway, there was a strange crowd. Maybe 15 people at most. Some talkers, one really loud woman, reminded me very much of my neighbor but she quieted down once the film started. I am not going to go into de

Best Commercial 2006

Well, that award would have to go to any Pussy Cat Dolls video. With the exception of "Don't Cha", they all have some major product placement. " Stick Wit You " was Motorola and " Wait a Minute " is Samsung . I love them and all, but aren't these girls getting paid yet?

My Song for 2006

I should really say this is my video for 2006 because the cd came out in 2005. Natasha Bedingfield kicked ass for me with " Unwritten ". This song is happy, up, just feel good but also very inspirational. I often have this on when I am just walking down a long avenue by myself and let the song just lift me up. My favorite for 2006 and if something great doesn't come along it will be my song for 2007 too.