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Wishing I was at that Pride

I could sit here watching Dave Salmoni on "Into The Pride" ALL DAY LONG. The Marathon is on Planet Green, if u get that channel. See the full gallery on posterous Posted via email from Christopher's posterous

Can I pull this off on a daily basis?

Posted via email from Christopher's posterous

Life Should Be Fun......

That has long been my mantra/motto/way of life and publicly it has been  the title of my blog for about 4-5 years now. Sadly it has not been that much fun lately; not in a scary kinda losing it way, just not feeling the joy of getting out there and trying new things. Something needs to change. I need to change. I need to catch that fire again that had me being the happiest person in the room since I was back in school.  I think I need some challenges. I have some incredible people in my life; I could count 4 of them who I would do anything and everything for. At least two of them could be reading this right now.  I know one of them told me he was reading the blog just yesterday. Yeah you. What up? I want to apologize to these people for one because I am totally filled with joy when I see them but it just isn’t coming across. So here is a challenge for you: suggest some things for me to do that one won’t get me killed/maimed or thrown in jail. Free/cheap is better since if I wanted tha

I Am Completely Blank.

Let’s just start off with some of my favorite pictures I have taken on my phone or I found online that made me laugh this past week or so.  Enjoy them. Now onto the piece of the day, no, not that kind of piece. No man-candy on here.  Actually, there may be a little Cheyenne Candy in the next post. It is like my mind is a piece of Swiss cheese and I can’t hold onto a fully realized thought let alone a item to really write about. I blame this on the social media world of 140-160 character messages.  I used to be able to write and write and post without edit.  Now I feel like I have to force myself to expand on my topics.  I often think to myself that most any Facebook status update, Twitter post or Brightkite posting are easily things I can expand upon into a full piece but it just has not been coming.  I think this quite often and I thought I have written this on my other blog ( ) but the problem remains the same. It would seem the superfic

Stick By Your Fave Stores This Season

Taken today from The Morning Meme on “I would like to make a personal appeal for everyone to do some shopping at The Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy, as they're undergoing a two-month boycott by the fundies over their decision to not make the holidays entirely about Christmas in their advertising. Personally, I don't see why signs can't mention Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Solstice in December, but since it's the American Family Association behind this, and they boycott any corporation even remotely gay supportive, from Pepsi to As The World Turns , I'm siding with inclusive "holiday" sales.” Just thought I would share this and if you think you want to do some shopping in the next few days, take along this coupon ( )  for 30% off in-store purchases.    Posted via email from Christopher's posterous

Some Extra Smartphone Shots From This Week.

I am giving you a bit of everything from the 2 nd floor staircase, my crazy Jack Russell, my street, my view of Union Square from Filene’s Basement (yes, I shop there) to finally the crazy sides at the ghetto pizza place behind Port Authority. See the full gallery on posterous Posted via email from Christopher's posterous

From Youtube to Real Life.

It is kinda funny that when I snapped this picture last week I had never heard of the Rickshaw Spiderman.  He was just standing outside of Hogs and Heifers, like he is going to find a fare there, more like an ass kicking. I think he was hoping that someone from The Standard would see him and want a ride.  I think not. Posted via email from Christopher's posterous