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Foreshame, Andre, Foreshame.

So Page Six has given this little story about the Jennifer Hudson red carpet dress fiasco. Jennifer Hudson, did win big - but lost big, too, because of the much ridiculed metallic bolero Andre Leon Talley made her put on. (Post fashion editor Serena French said it made her look "lost in space.") "Jennifer was kind of sponsored by Talley and Vogue," said one fashionista. "Andre insisted she wear that hideous Oscar de la Renta dress with the awful, awful gold python bolero. "Jennifer really didn't want to, and so [noted stylist] Jessica Paster got her a beautiful gold Roberto Cavalli custom-made. But when Andre found out, he went ballistic. Moments before she left for the show, there was a power struggle and Jennifer ended up putting his outfit on."

Here We Have It

Funny, I realize I don't post pictures of myself on this blog, even though you can find me on just about any social site that is out there. Well, anyway, here is the tee shirt. Don't blame me for the bad self photo, I have been in photos since last Friday so this can be my one bad photo, haha, okay, well at least with other photos I had editing to help me. God, it is quick how I can get off topic. Starbucks. Tee Shirt. Free Drink. Yes, with my free Starbucks tee shirt came a coupon for a free drink if I wear my tee shirt when I order that drink. Okay, so it is only a Tall drink but still that is like $2.50 when all the extras are added. Also nice to see that Starbucks used a company called HTnaturals for their shirts. They are a eco-friendly company whose mission is: 'to lessen the negative impact on our environment by developing quick eco-friendly products.' And I have to say the shirt is actually quite comfy.

Starbucks Tee

So my Starbucks free "Make it Your Drink" tee shirt is due to be delivered today. I promise to take a picture of it on me, unless it is too small, in that case I will send/save it for Michael in South Africa.

Colors I Like

This post is really just because I love a clear day/night and taking pictures that come out very clear and crisp. Here are a couple of snaps from Monday night as I was walking to 34th from Chelsea. The first picture is around 32nd and 7th. It is outside of Fuse Music Network . I know some of you are watching my friend Mark's show, "Dance Off, Pants Off" . The second pic needs no explanation . Just thought I would add this last one. It is the inside of, one of the three, L trains that go from Time Square to Grand Central. That is basically my new train. You would think it was for Atlantic City, NJ or Mohegan Sun, CT but it is actually for Yonkers Raceway-Empire City . Looks like someone wants to get back in the gambling races, but from the pictures I would guess that they are planning on going hip and exciting. Looks kinda sad to me. Here is to future impovement plans.

Free Tea. No, wait. Free Tee

UPDATE: There is a limited amount of tee shirts per day. So I think they start each day at 10am. Get there early and get yours too. Logged on today to my myspace, geesh that place is strange, homepage and I found a link to this new Starbucks custom drink flash ad . So I went and filled it out and you get this cute Starbucks cup with exactly what you like written on the side. I have no idea really what the point is other than to be interactive and maybe write it down. When I was done though they offered to send me a tee shirt (med or large) with the design of my drink on it. All I had to do was fill in where to send it. No shipping and handling charge or any of that. It just said I would receive it in 2-4weeks. Not bad; a free tee shirt for about 2 minutes of playing online at the Starbucks site . Also it would seem the designer of the tee shirts is none other than Michael Knight, 3rd place last season on Project Runway .

Nasty Day....

It is funny how nasty it can be outside when you are high above it. I was inside most of the day and upon going outside this late afternoon I saw that the weather was not as nice as it seemed. Yes, of course, I heard that there was a nasty storm going on and I could see the roads were a bit covered and nasty but the sidewalks were practically a deathtrap. They were hardly shoveled and this was in midtown. By the time I got down to Chelsea the streets seemed even worse but at least the sidewalks were better. The big thing about being in NYC are those hidden corner traps. Corner traps? That doesn't make sense until you get to a NYC corner and wonder; Is that snow? Slush? Snow covered large puddle? or Should I just turn around and get a running start?

Anna Nicole Smith - Dead Suddenly

I have to say I was sad to hear about this mysterious collapse in Florida hours ago. The girl had a hard life and it has just gotten harder no matter how much money she had in the end. Rest in Peace, Anna.

The Big Move...

For those of you who didn't know, and that is most of you, this past weekend was moving day for us. Moved from the Upper East Side of Manhattan to Midtown Manhattan. Great new apartment, getting it fixed up the way we want it as we go along. Still need to get used to the new neighborhood but at least there is great food around, close to all transpo and another great view. I will miss walking just 10 minutes to get to my spot in Central Park, but I guess I can just take the bus up come the summer of 07, or just leave earlier and walk. This is a very good move, new start and looking forward to it.