Friday, July 06, 2007

Go Mama Go

So back from walking around DC a little bit and thought I would tell you about this little store we visited along the way.

Go Mama Go.

It is actually quite a big shop and it is full of housing stuff. Giving you everything from plates and glasses to tea services; photos to note cards. Anything you can think of in a gift shop type of store you can find.

It wasn't so much the store that impressed me, even though it had alot of nice stuff, but it was the owner who I heard about that really had me thinking.

Noi Chudnoff, a very sweet Thailand-born woman, is owner along with her husband. I did not meet him because he was not in the store at the time.

What impressed me so much, aside from her serious business sense; you could feel it coming from her, was her commitment to the GLBT community. She has floats and does the DC Pride each year and is a very big supporter both emotionally and financially to the DC GLBT groups.

From what I understand it was her knowledge of the persecution of the GLBT community in her native country that opened her eyes and her heart.

I think I am writing this because this is someone outside of the community who has made it her own. I think it would be nice if we did that for ourselves without needing a pat on the back or some awards/building named after us.

We should be more like her; do what you do and if people want to tell others about you then fine, but no need to toot your own horn.

Check out the store.

Go Mama Go
1809 14th Street, NW

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Anonymous said...

Noi was my friend. We met in Oregon while I was selling products to newcomers. We had Thai cooking classes in her humble home and went canoing on the Williamson River for crawdads. We shared good cups of coffee and pastry together and vegetables and fruits from our gardens. She had an incredible sense of style. I am saddened greatly by her sudden death. She touched many people with her kindnesses and her wit. We loved her very much. We will miss her very much. Please continue to support her causes and her store. We were among her family of friends. Noi passed away on 11-6-07-- this entry made in her memory.

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