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Been on waiting list for this book for like 2 months.

Same bus 7 hours later.

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I almost had ur present but the the garbage man came. So pretty.

Hey Brooklyn...thanks for a fun afternoon.

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Picking up some staples at Food Emporium.

The bar is decorated so nicely. #Lansdowne


Crazy pigeon just flew into patio door. Left behind a bloody mess for me to clean up.
Our dog is going crazy because he wants to go catch the limping bird before it dies.

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Playing with Photo Enhancer on my Windows 7 Phone. Feels like a great app to me. Very much like the ones u pay for on the iPhone.

Finally time for some breakfast.

Tomorrow: TRON:Legacy

A most excellent performance. Seeing another,different, one next week.

Tweetdeck and shiny balls are all I need. Oh and my coffee!!!!!

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Happy Holidays from outside the Gramercy Park gates.

Nice fire at the Gramercy Park Hotel after dinner at Mialindo.

In a cab headed to Chelsea b4 hitting The Empire.

Ca you answer a question?

Lunch time. Or at least time to cut these up and make a spinach-arti dip.

For The Record!!!

I would appreciate it if Microsoft can make picture taking easier on the Windows 7 Phone on their big update coming early 2011.  As you can see my last few pics are a touch blurry because of the pressure you need to put on the side shutter button.  Give me onscreen shutter please!!!!!I also still need to do an update on my trip, but two weeks later I wonder if anyone cares anymore?!?!

Let the Festivities Begin.....