Friday, August 19, 2011

Batman & Bathrooms

Update: Just found this draft from 2005. Wow, how did I write all this and then not publish it? Maybe I wrote it on my phone. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monday after volleyball I was up for seeing a movie, I know, I said I would see Murderball this weekend but I never got to it. Batman Begins made the list instead. I had been dying to see it. I love Christian Bale.

As a comic book kid since I was 6 or 7 I had always read them, loved them just for what they were. I had hundreds but I wasn't a collector. Just a kid with a 2 tv boxes of comics that my mother wanted thrown away. She eventually got her wish.

The movie was great in my eyes. Better than even the first one with Jack Nicholson. I loved the very dark aspects of Bruce Wayne and Batman, both individually and as one. Loved the scene at Arkan with Batman and Scarecrow.

Was a little disappointed in Katie Holmes but it could just be the overexposure of late. The kiss at the end though did seem more authentic than what I have seen her and Tom swapping any time a camera is present.

I do look forward to what I hope will be a new line of movies done in this manner.

I also looked forward to going to the bathroom after that was over. I had to pee like a race horse, not sure what they means because I have never seen one run to the bathroom. But it is a saying we all know, so.....

I usually wouldn't go into bathroom details but there is a small story here.

I went, did my business and as I was walking to the sink a guy walked in. Hot. Blondish curly hair, about 28-30, dressed pretty similar to me, khaki shorts, polo. I had on my LiveStrong band he had on a cap. I can deal with that. He was Hot. He checked me out. Smiled. Walked to the end urinal. Stood a good “foot” from it and I can only assume started to do his business. Not sure. Because I didn't want to stare or anything, but when I did look down there he was standing hand holding, peeing and looking right at me. Just makes you feel good.

Now I am a good boy so nothing, absolutely nothing happened except an exchange of smiles and knowing.

But it did bring to mind a little episode, very similar that happened to me at Tulane University a couple of years ago when I was down there for a volleyball tournament. A gay tournament so if you were in the student center you would have known it was going on. You could look right down at us from different levels of the gym.

Same scenario, bathroom except it was at the student athletic center where we were playing. I go in start to do my business and I see this hot athletic trainer I had seen earlier, I only know that is what he did because it said it on the back of his shirt, that I later threw on the ground. Kidding, kidding. God I wish.

But we were both going at the same time. I try not to look over but I do and just as I turn he moves so far from the urinal if he had been peeing it would have been on the floor. He was proudly showing me some of the best “stuff” I have seen in a long time. The stuff dreams are made of. Haha. I entered that bathroom “ a man” and left “ a mess”. Volleyball was the last thing on my mind at that point in time from then there on. But I didn't see him again after that.

But, just in case he has come out or could possibly be reading this: I will be visiting Tulane University come January. Look me up.

See always nice to end these posts with a nice image in your mind. Well, hell, who care about your mind. I know my mind is feeling very euphoric right now.


How About You Come to NYC?!?!?!

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