Monday, April 27, 2009

An Amazing Race Facebook Email with Bill

Funny how u can get riled up about the stupidest things and this subject just happens to be one of my can't miss shows: The Amazing Race.

My friend Bill, in Minnesota, and I were emailing and the subject of Amazing Race came up, most specifically the team of Margie and Luke.

Here is what came from it:

April 26 at 10:54am

sorry I missed you -- sounds like you'll get a little free time. I will def make time later for my AMAZING RACE!

April 26 at 10:55am

I am here and I record 60 Minutes and Amazing Race every week. Sadly I have grown very tired of Luke. Is it me or does his Mom do every tough challenge?

April 26 at 10:58am

Oh yeah ... he would be lost without her. They do make a good team because they have such great communication skills, though. I am kinda rooting for them. No one else really gets me fired up.

The show is still great, but it's a little different than when it first started. It used to seem like they actually went a LOT more places -- that the "race" was about traveling hundreds or thousands of miles and getting there first. Now it's about doing a bunch of challenges in a small geographic area.

I am sure safety is a much bigger concern now than when the show first started. It just seems like a smaller show.

And I'm so bummed that that super hottie Kris whatever got bumped off.

Today at 1:28pm

Yes, there has been a clear change in travel and challenges. It does seem that at times they are doing silly challenges for no reason in locations that make u say,"Huh?"

My thing with Margie and Luke is that she seems to baby him and he lets it happen. He is an adult man who is letting him mom win this race for him.

I mean come on, last night after all those challenges she wanted to get that foot massage(no matter how much it hurt) but no he had to do it. He sat down for a challenge.

I was hoping to see the strong gay boy who happens to be deaf and has a great relationship with his mother but really all I see is the bitchiest of guys I have seen on there in a long time.

Okay enough about the cry baby.

Back to the lack of real travel like they did back at the beginning I just chalk it up to living in the world we live in today. I am sure they deal with security/safety concerns on a daily basis.

We can only hope that when this world gets back to being a more peaceful place that the travel on the show will be super fun again and we shall see people who want to do this show for the love of the game and the adventure of the new and unknown.

I swear if I hear one more person say "Why don't these people speak English?" while in the most remote village in Thailand or China and I will hunt them down.

And how was your weekend?

And since I knew people would want to see the super sexy Kris Klicka,with his girl Amanda, I felt obligated to include his/their picture. Maybe I will find one of just him but seriously they weren't on the show long enough to get any shots when they were alone.

Hmmm, I wonder if this really was interesting to anyone else but the two of us? Oh well, until next time.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Word from Your Blogger!! What Really???


Yes, sorry for the extended leave of absence with just a few pictures in passing to keep you, ever so slightly, at bay.

Alot going on with my life in the last few months, the most being a great (absolutely fabulous man) but those of you in the know KNOW that I don't write about that stuff anymore but I will put it out there that I am SO happy. So very happy.

So now a little rundown of the past few months.

A few Broadway shows:
Equus was for my birthday back in December.
Hedda Gabler
9 to 5: The Musical
Waiting for Godot
Out of all the shows I would say Waiting for Godot was the only one I didn't really enjoy. Although it was nice to see Bill Irwin on stage again.
Surprisingly enough I really enjoyed Hedda Gabler.

So much volleyball in the city with a side tournament in Pittsburgh.Meet "Red Square Mafia. Yeah, I am not sure about the name either but we had a great time and are going to try and keep as much as the team together as possible.

A few trips in the NE region: DC for the HRC Dinner and then just last weekend a trip to Philadelphia. My first time there after living in NYC for close to 15years.Philadelphia was fun. Nice to get away and see a bit of the history. You can see that above. It would seem that red is my color of choice lately, no?

Okay, tired of typing. Going to finish my lemonade you see there in the picture and head to the park for a little bit before I have to do brunch.

I hope everyone is enjoying this great weather we are having this few days and stay safe.

I will talk to u all again soon.

How I Spent the Afternoon.