Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Slow Posting Week....

Not that I don't have alot to say it is just that my computer is down again. Linux is good but seems you really need to be a LINUX person to solve the simplest problems.

Time to go to the ex and have him put Windows back on it. He loves Windows and all that crap.

I will be back soon with word on friends, PRIDE 2007 and what is going on here in NYC.

Some new pics too, once I get them off the camera.

Chris is out for now.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Broadway Bares 2007

All I have to say is 'Pole Dancing Amazons are HOT'.

I guess I should give a little explanation for my friends from other lands, well basically anyone outside of New York City really.

Broadway Bares is a yearly 2 show fundraiser. A week before gay pride. Held at the Roseland Ballroom. All of you familiar with the Black Party here in NYC will know the space.

The event is a fundraiser for Broadway Equity Fights AIDS. Over the years they have raised millions of dollars. I do believe this year was a record. Somewhere in the area of $900,000.

Back to what the show is; it is really a big burlesque show featuring all the dancers and singers from the current and some past Broadway shows. Celebrities get in on the act too.

This years theme was Greek Mythology. They strayed quite a bit into Roman and so forth but no one cared, you were there for the show.
And remember as working actors on Broadway/Off Broadway everyone had their regular shows to do and then also rehearse adn preform two different shows Sunday night after their own show closed Sunday afternoon.

Zeus and Hera (David Hyde Pierce and Bebe Neuwirth) were great. I actually saw him in this event two years ago when he was on stage with Spamalot. Bebe can show up anytime because she is legendary and the peole go CRAZY before she even cracks a joke.

All the numbers will be sexy, funny, dirty and some are just plain hot; my amazons.
Sorry, I just can't find any picture of the Amazon number. It was like the third one in the show but no pics from anyone but I will keep looking.

The music was fantastic. I always leave with a new playlist in my head.

This is much better than the first one I saw. I guess it just keeps getting better.
I will say this, for all I just described I really told you nothing. If you can get to NYC around that third Sunday, the start of Gay Pride then come and see the show and really experience something that not many get to see. 9:30 and midnight shows.

I want to thank my friend, Steve, for taking me along with his extra ticket. All I did was call and see if we were going to beer blast and he said no we were going to Broadway Bares at midnight.
Can't beat it, well unless they ask you to.
Be good.

Photos by Lisa Spodack

Friday, June 15, 2007

Share Your Myspace With Me

So this is ME.
Come check me out, see my friends, read the stupid blip about me.
Really this is for those who wonder who I am a little more and yes, there are pictures.
Also, if you feel like it, request a friendship with me or one of my sexy friends/crushes.

I will tell you though should you ever spam me I will hunt you down and never let you forget it.

Love is All Around.

I need a new sweater or new pictures. One or the other.

Tags, Tags and More Tags

Okay, so on Blogger they are not called tags but they are called Lists.

I recently noticed that I can label the posts with different lists they they will be archived on so should you want to read on a certain subject I am talking about you can hit the List that correspondes to it.

I think I have done two pages worth of posts. I will do more each day and who knows I might work my way back to the beginning....of the year.

I do feel like this is fun to do again.

It is funny, I am feeling good. Actually I think it is because people have been telling me I am looking good.

I just say, "Duh it is summer, I had to get down to the summer weight. I just haven't been eating since April."

I will be looking for the locals in the park, the rest of you send me some photos of where you are spending your summer/winter, depending on what hemisphere you are in.

So It Is Decided....

The Dots shall remain.

I was pretty sure they would as soon as I hit enter last week but they have really grown on me and it is nice to have a slightly different layout for now.

I wanted bright and light and that is what I got.

Now I just have to see about the header photos and see what I can make work with this.

I have been out taking new potential headers so who knows what will pop up soon.


Rise & Shine...Kinda.

12:15 and I am sitting down at the AMC on 42nd street getting ready to watch 'The Fantastic four: Rise of the Silver Surfer'

Funny to say I did want to see this movie after catching the first of the Fantastic Four movies on cable last year. I didn't think it was that bad, it was certainly better than Superman Returns.

This movie provides something for everyone: hot men, hot WOMAN, some good CGI and the potential for a third movie or the start of a new superhero/anti-hero movies.

Chris Evans
is hot as ever if a little more cocky as John "Johnny skews juvenile" Storm.

Jessica Alba has the blonde hair, much hotter as a brunette though. My friend Christian noticed her eye color seemed to change in certain scenes.

Ioan Gruffudd
as Reed Richards actually had some scenes where you can see that he is a hot man and not just the brain behind things. he looks good on a dance floor.

Michael Chiklis is always great to see. Ben Grimm he is but always great to see his big mug on the screen.

Julian McMahon was wasted in this movie if you ask me. Screen time was minimal, must just have been contracted to do it. Still giving you that touched up Nip/Tuck look.

Doug Jones as The Silver Surfer was just the right quality. Great voice(actually it is Laurence Fishburne). The body they use, I am not sure how much of it is real and how much CGI but it is just enough to make you go back to the gym.

All in all I liked it. Didn't love it.
Won't give away any of the story even though today on The Today Show the cast basically told you most of the story. Mentioning things you won't see unless u see the movie. Glad I had already screened it.

Go check it out. It is fun, cute and funny at times.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Journey to Hell's Gate

Well, it was actually a trip out to Astoria to a place called Hell Gate Social.
A birthday event for a friend and fellow volleyballer Everett.
Started with some confusing emails last week about the party.
Ended last night with my friend Steve and I going back and forth by text message on if we were going to go or not.
Finally we said yes and met in Chelsea(we were both over there at the time) and caught the 1 train to get to the N/W train to Astoria.
Like two kids we are riding the W train and felt like we had been on for a while when we looked out the window and saw we had not even left Manhattan yet. Boooooooo.
We finally get to Astoria Blvd, our stop and de-train.
After finding our way, finally, we started the unknown walk to the venue.
We were walking, and walking and walking.
Finally we found it, yes, it was a walk that we were not warned about.
We find a big black wall with red lights on it. There is a white door to teh side with the same address as we were told but something told me that the white door wasn't the entrance.
Luckily we saw a door in the black wall, really just a handle that pushed a big door into the Social.
Very nice place. Pretty empty, but for where it is I doubt it is an "every night hangout".
Big open space, nice bar, really nice wood work and an outdoor space I just loved.
Jorge and his Steve were already there. Everett, who used to work at Hell Gate Social, was in the back working the grill as any self respecting black man would be.
We had a great time, even though I was miffed that more people didn't make the effort to celebrate his birthday even if it was out in Astoria.
I mean, really, I rarely leave the city and if I can I know they can.
Good drinks, fun, cute owners and some pictures I will be sharing as soon as I get them off the camera.
For now here are a few pics from their myspace page.
I will go back to see a movie in the ourdoor area on their big screen or just with a bigger crowd.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

American Fork, Utah????

Now who could that be? I really have no idea.
Hmmm, come on my friends/readers/those passing through; if you are from places I would never expect someone to be reading from please leave a message and let me know who you are.

Might have to Google Earth American Fork, UT.

The 'Get Ready for the iPhone' Email

So this was the first email for the iPhone that I thought was actually valuable.
They are telling you to get ready for the 29th and in doing so they are telling you what to have ready, conctacts sorted in either Mac/Outlook/Yahoo address book.
Set up some photos to test out your photo album.
Setting up iTunes account and all the other stuff you might need to have ready to just sync up your iPhone and run out the door moments after getting it.

Come on I know you all want to show it off as soon as you can.

I have already told my friend Luigi that I want to see his.

Search Away & Away & Away....

Going through one of my daily reads today, Lifehacker, I saw an article about a new search site. Sounded really good so I went to check it out.
Hopefully it will help you out if you like one search tool/site to help you in multiple genre searches.
So here is: Sputtr

Monday, June 11, 2007

New Option

The Dots are back.
Two years ago when I first started this blog the layout was dark dots.
Thought a lighter dots would be nice, but doesn't leave much room for a photo header.

But I am sure I could work something out.


Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Big Hello to......

Mr Eric Larson.
Chris at Clever Fool.
A couple of readers who were nice enough to identify himself somehow to me.
There are more people I could list but I think I will just list a couple at a time and you can also check out their blogs, if they have one and maybe add it to your favorites. Well, on your favorites list below mine, of course.

Headed to the park now.
Have a sunny Saturday, I will.

Another Option...

which I also really like.

This is called No 565.

Very simple, good colors and I didn't have to do any editing of the colors or the fonts.
Simple is sometimes best, but I do like Stretched Denim still.

I also threw up the Josh Header for a test. Seems the less the writing in the header, the better.


A New Shot of.....

ME. And a few friends.
My friends Carla, Steve (her husband) and their dog Schautze.
Just posting this because I have heard I don't really show pictures of myself.
Funny story. Carla, a model, is also one of the models they use a bit on The View. I bust on her how bad they make her look for the before and after shots. This is a beautiful woman and they totally make her look like some skinny pale girl they picked up off the street. They need better stylists on that show.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

So Who Is This?

I often wonder who reads this and I do know a few because they post and we have spoken before, but I am finding a whole new set of locations on my server that make me wonder who the new people are.

Who is in?
Quimper, Bretagne, France?
Frognerstra, Oslo, Sweden?
Gers, Vastra Gotaland, Norway? Baiaz, that is you, correct?
Buriane, Emilia-Romagna, Italy?
Montreal, Canada?
Bogot, Cundinamarca, Columbia?
Bucharest, Bucuresti, Romania?
Carnaxide, Lisboa, Portugal?
Federal, Entre Rios, Argentina?
Hoeilaart, Brabant, Belgium?

Speak up people.
Even if you don't speak English write in your mother tongue and I can do a rough tanslation.
I love hearing from international friends and neighbors.

I Heard......

this morning that Paris Hilton had been released after 3 days/nights in jail.
So wait, first it was 45 days, then cut to 23 then down to 3?
I know this has to be a TMZ joke of some sort, right?
I refuse to even post a picture of her with this entry.

Today's Vote

Not too sure about this one but it was one of my choices near the top half of my list.
It is called Rounders 4.

I am liking yesterdays stretched denim so far.

And as one comment on here read, the pictures do need to be darker for the title and description of the blog to be legible.

Cool Job.

To Bring People Hope.

If you know of anything like that; that simple and wishful then let me know.

Origingally I thought "to give people hope" but then I realized you can not give that away, but you can bring the feeling to others.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Header Choices For You

So I have made a couple of my favorite shots this spring/summer into headers for this new version of my blog.
Help me out and pick the 1-2 that you like the best and I can go from there.
Email me, if you know how to reach me or just leave me a comment on here.
Much appreciated.

They are listed in this order:
My Stuff Header
My friend Josh Header
Flower Header
End of Tunnel Header
Tunnel Ceiling Header
Sepia Runners Loop Header
Reservior Loop Header
My Shadow Header

New Summer Look....

Testing out a few new looks for the summer.
Not sure about the color selection but I will keep trying.
Keep checking back daily and let me know in the next couple of days which one you like the most and that will be the one that stays.

Wednesday's template is Stretched Denim.

Also testing out photos in the header of the blog(where the title is, we are finally able to do that on Blogger). Let me know if there is anything decent you would want to see in there. Remember I can go take a picture of most anything you want to see. But still want to keep it within the color scheme that ends up here for the next couple of months.

Oh FOX News.....

you poor diluted bunch of idiots.
Why do I keep putting up stuff that the creators think is funny but aren't?
I promise this will be the last, watch till the end because even though it isn't funny it does, of course, become offensive at the very end with just a couple of words.

How I Spent the Afternoon.