Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Header Choices For You

So I have made a couple of my favorite shots this spring/summer into headers for this new version of my blog.
Help me out and pick the 1-2 that you like the best and I can go from there.
Email me, if you know how to reach me or just leave me a comment on here.
Much appreciated.

They are listed in this order:
My Stuff Header
My friend Josh Header
Flower Header
End of Tunnel Header
Tunnel Ceiling Header
Sepia Runners Loop Header
Reservior Loop Header
My Shadow Header


Baiaz said...

Sepia Runners Loop Header

The reason is that I think that the text that you will be adding - will not dissapear.

I also saw that you wanted to add more pictures. Google has a web site where you can make photoalbum. Also there is plenty of site for photoalbum (but it cost a little bit)¨

Here are my New york pictures

This site is also great for backing up your photos!

Also is good site

Take care!

Christopher said...

I vote for End of Tunnel...I think you'd have to change your text to a lighter shade...maybe a green similiar to the color of the tree's leaves in the pic.

photogreg said...

My Shadow Header is my favorite.

How I Spent the Afternoon.