Thursday, June 21, 2007

Broadway Bares 2007

All I have to say is 'Pole Dancing Amazons are HOT'.

I guess I should give a little explanation for my friends from other lands, well basically anyone outside of New York City really.

Broadway Bares is a yearly 2 show fundraiser. A week before gay pride. Held at the Roseland Ballroom. All of you familiar with the Black Party here in NYC will know the space.

The event is a fundraiser for Broadway Equity Fights AIDS. Over the years they have raised millions of dollars. I do believe this year was a record. Somewhere in the area of $900,000.

Back to what the show is; it is really a big burlesque show featuring all the dancers and singers from the current and some past Broadway shows. Celebrities get in on the act too.

This years theme was Greek Mythology. They strayed quite a bit into Roman and so forth but no one cared, you were there for the show.
And remember as working actors on Broadway/Off Broadway everyone had their regular shows to do and then also rehearse adn preform two different shows Sunday night after their own show closed Sunday afternoon.

Zeus and Hera (David Hyde Pierce and Bebe Neuwirth) were great. I actually saw him in this event two years ago when he was on stage with Spamalot. Bebe can show up anytime because she is legendary and the peole go CRAZY before she even cracks a joke.

All the numbers will be sexy, funny, dirty and some are just plain hot; my amazons.
Sorry, I just can't find any picture of the Amazon number. It was like the third one in the show but no pics from anyone but I will keep looking.

The music was fantastic. I always leave with a new playlist in my head.

This is much better than the first one I saw. I guess it just keeps getting better.
I will say this, for all I just described I really told you nothing. If you can get to NYC around that third Sunday, the start of Gay Pride then come and see the show and really experience something that not many get to see. 9:30 and midnight shows.

I want to thank my friend, Steve, for taking me along with his extra ticket. All I did was call and see if we were going to beer blast and he said no we were going to Broadway Bares at midnight.
Can't beat it, well unless they ask you to.
Be good.

Photos by Lisa Spodack

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Baiaz said...

I miss new york!!!!

here is a picture that I took while attending the guided tours in New York!

How I Spent the Afternoon.