Tuesday, May 31, 2005


And one last thing. After being away from The Hollywood Stock Exchange for more than a 3 years I came back in the last month and made over $300K for my account.

Just found that I hit the 5M marker. Happy, in a stupid way, over fake money.

Be Patient or Be Human?

Okay, I have given you two coherent posts today, time for me to rant a bit.

Is it me or is it that everyone you walk by on the street is just incredibly rude?

I am one of those people who will go out of their way for people, I will stop and wait and let you pass, I will slow down, pull to the side, stop and help with direction.

But this weekend has shown me that I am just a fool who is letting people just walk all over me.

Now I pose this question: Should I be a dick like everyone else? And when I say everyone I mean men, children and women, especially women.

People feel free to walk 4-across the sidewalk and expect you to move/stop/get out of the way for them.

Walk through construction areas hand in hand when there is only room for two.

Walk on the wrong side of the sidewalk, yes, I have screamed about this fact many, MANY times.

Should I have the attitude that if you can't beat them then join them?

I will say I have some good shoulders and when I feel like it I can walk like a wall. Leaving a wake of destruction in my path. Okay, maybe not a wake, but some sore arm, hips and shoulders.

But while I was walking down the street today mulling over these feelings and being quite annoyed I ran into someone from my past who is very special to me and I was snapped out of my funk just like that and had a good feeling and a big smile.

Maybe NYC isn't that bad but people better watch out. I ain't kiddin, next time “I'm crackin' skulls”.

Wait, where is that from? If you know tell me cause it will drive me crazy to try and think of what movie it is. I got it, from The Breakfast Club.

And I would never hit anyone.

Memorial Day Weekend Observations:

Friday: It is the first day of beautiful weather. Not even a sprinkle here and there could ruin this weekend.

Saturday: Second day of great weather. Really warm and sunny, at least until late afternoon/early evening, but that rain went away by night fall.

Sunday: Oh yeah, even though I was outside every day I still managed to get sucked into two golf tournaments, Schawn's fault, and the Indy 5000.

Oh wait, the Indy 500, it just felt like 5000 miles. But I have to admit it, I enjoyed it. Well, okay the best part was the last 13 miles or so but I could see watching it on tv, but I could never stand and watch cars go around that track.

Monday: Things that made me smile, cringe or just plain say, “WHAT THE HELL?”

The new guy at my coffee shop charged me full price for everything. I gladly paid, but shouldn't someone tell him who the hell I am?

Walking to Central Park along Central Park West and seeing a guy kneeling on the other side of the park wall, on a mound/hill with people lounging around and he is just on his knees, not all fours and has his cock out of his fly just sitting like that. Not touching it or anything. And even though I was a good 40ft away I do have to admit this seemingly homeless man was gifted.

The cutest black lab, so small it was tiny, being carried across the street by his daddy. Put down on the sidewalk so everyone can crowd around and adore it.

Pictures send to me, all weekend, from my man's camera phone that made me smile those big toothy smiles he loves.

First real sightings of gaggles of Marines and Sailors. I need to get me one of those uniforms.

Be Well.

Six Minutes of Your Time

That is all it will take for you to catch the first couple of minutes of the movie I am waiting to see this summer. MAD HOT BALLROOM.

I swear, unless you are a cold hearted bitch, this movie will draw you in.

I love little Michael. He is either a future Guido or a Bonafide NYC Gay Man. Wait, hold on, I hate myself for saying that, stay away from sterotypes. This kid is beyond cute and I will be rooting for him in his competition.

Either way he is adorable.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Only in America.

I want to know how many members belong to this club. Can I get that after you?

If you should join let me know how things go.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Out of Control....

This Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes "thing" is TRULY OUT OF CONTROL.

Is this whole Oprah episode just about the fact he is dating someone? A woman? Or should I say a young girl and he says he is in love with her?

And Oprah is eating it up.

I have been a big supporter of his and whether he is gay or str8 but this just reeks of publicity and avoiding the gay and scientology stories.

Still think he is cute, but come on, get over it and lets stop pretending.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

One Thing Tonight.

Carmen Electra and the Bombshell Babes. HOT

If your on the west coast just check out the opening of the Carson Daly Show at 1:35am.
Can't find a link to them.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Early morning TJ Hooker

Weird night last night. After falling asleep during the second episode of Frasier I awoke around 5am, that is about 4 hours later for those not in NY, and found myself on the couch with the TV on, the lights on, and Street Smarts on the telly.

Well, having decided to go to bed I got up, went into the other room and turned on the TV, did all my pre-sleep business and laid down only to find I couldn't go back to sleep for the 4 hours I hoped I would.

So I turned on A&E and found TJ Hooker on. Having not seeing it in years I watched as William Shatner, Heather Locklear and James Darren tried to catch some jewelry store bandits who had a machine gun with a laser scope. So high-tech back in those days. They had to do so much research about this gun because at the time only the army had such weapons.

No, I do believe Adrian Zmed had already left the show for Dance Fever.

Well, let me get to why I am writing this down. After about two minutes of watching you see James Darren in street clothes after having returned to the station. TIGHT JEANS with a massive bulge to the left of the zipper and down the left leg a bit. 3 scenes in those jeans then he was back to his uniform.

Now it has come to my attention that I wasn't watching Nick-At-Nite like I thought I was but what were they thinking back in the early 80's.

You don't get to see anything like that anymore since Beverly Hills 90210 went off the air and Jason Priestley's jeans were retired.

But gee already.

Riddle Me This.....

Who will not be riddling us anymore?

Frank Gorshin died yesterday after a long battle with lung cancer, emphysema and pneumonia.

Gorshin was the impressionist with 100 faces best known for his Emmy-nominated role as the Riddler on the "Batman" TV series

"Frank will be missed," Adam West said in a statement. "He was a friend and fascinating character."

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I Love The Trash

Trash TV that I mean.

I could keep VH1 on all day and just listen to them talk about the stupid things celebrities spend their money on.

But today I was actually frightened by someone I have heard of but never actually seen: Bobby Trendy. The supposed "interior designer" from the Anna Nicole Show.

He was on some show speaking of how he did this house and that house and then they showed pictures. If he did even thought of doing that to anyones house again I would suggest they burn their house with him inside.

And yes, I am for people being themselves, but God, no one is THAT GAY. And believe me I know some seriously 'out there' guys.

And there is no picture because I refuse to have to see his face again.

I KNEW IT!!!!!!!

I don't even want to know...but strangely I do....

Monday, May 16, 2005


Well, working from home, which isn't unusual, but just turned on TNT and stumbled upon a repeat of Judging Amy.

Seeing Tyne Daly talk to her co-worker about some possible inspection then they pan over to the possible inspector and it is Sharon Gless. Too classic. I had no idea she did an episode of this show.

It appears this was done before Queer as Folk. Sharon looks great.

Turns out there is no inspection and the two women are actually lifelong friends, well since college.

Looks like a great episode.
And for the record the episode is: "Maxine, Interrupted", Episode #414

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Can't Catch A Break, Huh?

Tom and Katie just trying to live their hetero lives in piece.

This is cute but not as good as some of the stuff jibjab puts out.


Dracula 2000

was the movie I watched Friday night as I laid around.

I thought it was going to suck big time and well, it did but the storyline was actually pretty interesting.

Dracula was actually explained quite well. Why he is hurt by the cross, the holy water, the whole church belief system. Oh yeah, it explained the whole silver through the heart also.

The writers had Dracula actually being Judas Iscariot.

Hurt by the cross and holy water because of his betrayal of Christ. And the silver for the money he took for that betrayal. Judas supposedly hung himself but in the movie the rope ended up breaking after his death and he came back damned and immortal to suffer for all his days.

Acting in the movie was bad but I did love the whole story behind it.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Baring a Little More.

So I have been trying to do this update for about 4 days but the last time I started and got half way through I ended up having to restart the computer and forgetting to save what I had written, but lets hope this will be even better than that.

Tuesday Night:
Went to dinner at Xing with my friend, Kile. Sat next to Kile's friend Jerry Mitchell who happens to be the creator and choreographer of Broadway Bares. That is the new poster for this years fundraiser above. A really cool guy as was Erik, his dinner companion.

The food was still good but it wasn't as great as it was when I was there with Schawn.

One thing that I found out was that the family that owns Xing also owns Fluff(my dessert/marshmallow spot), Therapy, Barrage, Vynl and Hell's Kitchen (the restaurant, not the entire neighborhood).

Spoke to Schawn because he actually was at the movies Tuesday late afternoon/evening. He went to a screening of Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. I knew he was excited because while he was here anytime the commercials were on he was watching to see if there were any new things added to the commercials. He said it was as good as “The Empire Strikes Back”.

His excitement for the movie has made it a must see for me. Maybe I should get a quick viewing of Episodes I & II first.

My afternoon consisted of a matinée of “Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolfe?”. Great play. Loved the topics, the actors and I even loved all the old people who were at the matinée.

Later that evening was the goodbye for a volleyball player Lew who is going to the Bay Area for the summer. So it was just really an excuse to get together because he is back before the end of summer actually.

Hey guys in SF, treat him well because he is a super sweet, sexy, single guy.

Oh yeah, he likes tall guys.

Rest of the week went like clockwork but today, Saturday, was just a great day. The weather, even though there was rain in the forecast, was just great. Sunny, but not too hot. I was in Central Park playing volleyball really for the first time this season. Fun.

Just finished talking to my guy who is on his way to a dinner party. Always lifts me up to chat with him if he isn't here. But then again we are going to just talk again later when he gets back home.

I am up and waiting.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Favorite Line of the day:

From Rocco:
I am Mexican. I feel like a mexican't.

That is classic.

You Shall Be Converted....

to Firefox.
Get Firefox!
But they have finally released some web commercials to help people get a little idea of the quirkiness of the open source, NON-MICROSOFT browser. And a non-microsoft browser doesn't have the virus and hacker concerns that IE users have to face with patches and worries.

Go check the three commercials and check out the above Firefox site and join up. IT IS TOTALLY FREE. NO ADS. NO INVASIVE QUESTIONS.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Thank Kraft for the Support

This came across my Connexion mailbox this afternoon:

Kraft Foods, makers of every one's favorite Mac and Cheese, is one of the sponsors for the 2005 Gay Games. Now the American Family Association is asking their members to call and email Kraft to complain.

Kraft is a subsidiary of notoriously conservative Philip Morris, Inc. and if they get enough screaming mothers calling them, they might pull their sponsorship!

Let Kraft know that you appreciate them supporting the Gay Games and the GLBT Community in general.

Call them for FREE or email the CEO:
TOLL FREE: 1-800-323-0768
CEO Roger K. Deromedi rderomedi@kraft.com

As someone who hopes to make it to the either of the games scheduled for next summer I do intend to let Kraft (aka, Philip Morris) know that their sponsorship is appreciated and I hope you will do the same.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Back to Xing.

Having dinner with my friend Kile tonight. He lives but 2 blocks from Xing and he hasn't been there yet.....so I plan on showing him the newest hot spot in his neighborhood.
(See my opinion of Xing two posts back).

Monday, May 09, 2005

Oddly Enough It Sucks You In.

After laying around in bed watching trash tv and just lounging with my man with weekend I realize that VH1 has way too much time on its hands and needs to show at least some videos again.

But until they do these people will keep me watching and watching and watching.

It Has........


Dreams of Volleyball and Xing

Wednesday seemed like the longest day on earth or should I say the longest morning and afternoon. Why might you ask? Well, if you missed the count down then you didn't know that Schawn was coming back to town and I have been counting the minutes until he arrived.

I finally got the SMS from him after he landed. He was on his way to the waiting car and on his way to the city. I told him there would be traffic but he was late getting to the hotel.

So after registering at the Dream, his hotel, we go on up. Yes, I was waiting for him to get in as a good bf would be. I'll be damned if someone else is going to meet up with my man before I do.

He was late for his dinner but I got to see him for about 20 minutes before he ran off for the night, or at least the early evening.

Back he came, having missed the Paula Abdul story on the Primetime Live Special. It was such a crock but she will end up frying for it. If only she hadn't called him back recently, but that is a whole other story.

Sweet Suite. Only took a picture of the bedroom, but hell, two bathrooms make things a whole lot easier. Cool blue neon glow that I actually liked the entire time we were there. The glow from the desk though could wear on you after a while. Glad you could easily turn it off.

Bad parts of the hotel: The lobby, the elevators, the people in the elevators, roof deck.

The reason why we both love the Mercer so much is the fact that it has no public sections outside of the lobby area. There is no roof deck bar, no wait to get in the elevators with B&T people drunk and in the elevators making noise.

Oh and also no wireless Internet in the rooms. I have to say that has come to be an essential part of any hotel stay. You may have noticed I have talked about that before when writing of stays in other hotels.

Schedules were already busy. We knew our time together during this trip would be limited but we made the best of every minute we had together. I was quite the happy camper for 4 whole days and 4 nights. It was that fifth night that killed me. The last night....the goodbye night.

But before I end the stay let me get back to at least Friday.

Best friend Rob, the one who moved to Portland, was in town. We got together, ran around, he got to meet Schawn between meetings and dinners. They both got along and it is always nice when that happens. We headed back downtown and stopped at Gym Bar so he could get a view of it. Stayed for a pint of Sam Adams and then headed out into the spritzing rain.

We decided to head to Au Bon Pain and get some of the 50% off pastries they have from 4-6pm daily. Sad thing is we got there at 6:15 but we wanted them so bad we didn't care anymore about prices. We sat, talked, had a good time and then I took him back to his ex's apartment and he went to sleep while I went book shopping.

New Book: Trouble Boy by Tom Dolby. So far so good. Love a NYC story, even better when you know the city your talking about. I just hope that the name dropping isn't just taken out of an HX or Next that made it to some far off city to give it the feel of knowing NYC. We shall see. Schawn liked it. And right on the cover Christopher Rice, Anne's son, gave it a great review. Hmmm?

Friday night was spent in.

Saturday, well, Saturday was spent at the volleyball gym come the early afternoon. I had to coach my guys, the 5 that showed up, in their season tournament. A lot of pressure on them since they were undefeated during the regular season(1st place) and they were the first seed. But they were missing their two main setters and only had 5 people today. Everyone who was there thought they would be able to run right over them.

Surprise, surprise, my guys kicked ass all day and made it to the medal round. Sadly they lost and picked up the silver(2nd place). Had they had all 7 people they wouldn't have been touched all day. I was so proud of them. I felt like a dad watching his kids at their championship match.

After a late day, we didn't get out of the gym until 9:15 we decided to go to dinner at Xing.

Xing is a fairly new Chinese restaurant not far from Dream in Hell's Kitchen.

If I could have only one place to eat Chinese food at for the rest of my time in NYC I would pick Xing as the spot. Service was great, the decor and atmosphere were also outstanding.

We ordered more than we needed but at those prices you should.

Steamed pork dumplings.
Steamed vegetable dumplings.
General Tso's Chicken
Steamed Morning glory
Singapore Noodles

All of it was great. I especially loved the Singapore Noodles. Nothing ever in a Chinese restaurant has tasted that good. Go if you have the chance. Great place for a date.

After dinner we made a short walk to Food Emporium and grabbed some water and some sorbet and went back to watch SNL. Very funny Weekend Update.

Soup Nazi's timing and Watermelon Perfume.

If you don't know what those two mean then you need to catch the repeat. Sad appearance by Paula Abdul though. Wow, that is her second mention in this one posting. But hell, it is a long post.


Sunday was all about getting up, going to breakfast (Georgio's on 9th and 53rd), shopping for a wallet at Neimann Marcus, Barney's and finally success at Sak's 5th Avenue. Gucci. Cute. Practical. Sexy, but not outrageous, just like its owner.

Back to Hotel for a rest before Schawn has a show at 7:30.

Monday. Wake up call at 8am for a 9am car to the airport. Always late. A sad goodbye but, of course, seeing each other soon. But who ever wants to let the one they love go away?

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Another Last Night....

Monday is yet another goodbye to the man I have come to call my own. Next trip is mine back out to my motherland of Los Angeles.

Scary. I haven't been back in ages. Hardly remember my way around. NYC is my home now and has been for 11 years but for the right person, and oh is he the right person, I would pick up trou and move my ass to....I don't know, Wisconsin.

I am just happy to know that when he leaves he knows how much I love him.

I think he does.

Update to come tomorrow about happenings of the past week.

Hope all had a great weekend.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Memories....like the "crack" of my mind.

"Crack" of my mind because they give you a quick high, but if you sit and dwell on them too long they can destroy you. Enjoy and move on. Well, skip the crack and just enjoy my memories I am sharing.

A list of my firsts.....

First crush: Scott F. (first-third grade, then he Van Halen'd out and lost me forever)

First Adult crush-actual: PE Teacher Bearsly (ha, small hairy bear of a man, never got the play on his name)

First Adult Crush-fantasy: Jon Erik Hexum
Another hairy man. I guess that will never change. Can you blame me? Look at those blue eyes. As a kid I was devestated when he was killed on the set of his show Cover Up, with Jennifer O'Neil.

First Kiss (male): David O.(also the first in other things too)

First Kiss (female): Kearney (at a drunken party early this year)

First Bar (LA) : Rage (but wasn't much into going out since I had a BF most my LA “adult life”, all 3 years of it)

First Bar (NYC) : Uncle Charlie's (also met first potential NYC boyfriend (the manager), but didn't date until I had been in NYC for 3 years.)

I won't go into details on the first time. That is a little too private, even on here were I do like to let things hang out.

What other firsts have I missed? Write the ones I should add in the comment area and I will include them as soon as I read the comments.

Moving to NYC?

Take this test and find out: Which Neighborhood is Right For You (and your Family)?

I took the test and ended up, tada, in Chelsea with Harlem a close second.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Looking Back...

at my posts it seems I quote alot from movies and television just in my general speech. Most are not in quotes but have just been added to my everyday vocabulary. Is that good or bad?

"Waiting with breath that is baited." So episode 17 or 18 of Season 6 of Sex and the City.....but I do love the line.

"Actually Yours." Love Actually....but it has been said I adore that movie. I "was" Natalie waiting for her Prime Minister. But since I saw the movie I have found my PM.

Updating the Masses.

Funny, in the last week I have seen more B list celebs than I have seen in a long time. Found them all, separate days, all within a block of each other.

First night was Thora Birch, “Ghostworld” and “American Beauty”, walking up Ninth Avenue between 14th and 15th Street.

The next night was Michael T Weiss, always a favorite of mine since his days as Doctor Mike Horton on Days of Our Lives, Steve the Bartender in “Jeffery” and most recently Jared on “The Pretender”. Okay, so maybe he is not with Kathy Griffith on The D List.

Saw him walking the same direction, in almost the same spot, as I saw Ms. Birch the night before.

Third Day. Scott Foley, Jennifer Garner's ex and formerly of “AUSA” and “Felicity” looking very cute, unshaved sitting in the Starbucks at the corner of 15th Street and 9th Avenue.

About two hours later, finally on a different avenue, I passed Tim Daly, currently on “Eyes” on ABC. That is if it hasn't been yanked already. Mostly known as Tyne Daly's brother and Joe on “Wings”.

Not sure why the influx was cute to spot people, other than theater and the regular NYC celebs again. You did get the girl sitting her ass down across from Scott Foley so she could practically molest him when he got up to leave then calling her friends on her cell, loudly, afterwards. You would think they had sex the way she was talking. God.

Week was rather ordinary other than that, otherwise I would have really been speaking of things more important.

Saturday was all about volleyball and then trying to relax.

Gotham Volleyball
had our season tournaments both Saturday and Sunday. My division played at 9:15 on Saturday. So damn early. Killer. My team was 5th for the season, so we were seeded 5th going into the tournament. We played well, until our last match and finished 5th.

Schawn knows my teams seem to like 5th place and actually made a “5th again?” kinda remark.

Saturday night I just wanted to relax so off to the theater I went.

Movies I checked out: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and XXX: State of the Union.

I hate to say it but I was so tired at the “Guide” that I slept through most of it once they got on that round ship and Arthur was reunited with that girl. Guess the humor wasn't really me. Plus I am not a big alien as puppets or whatever kinda guy. But loved Martin Freeman and Mos Def. Great and both kinda cute.

Once Hitchhiker's Guide was over though I did go across the hall, yes, I was bad, but hell it was midnight already. Across the hall was XXX: State of the Union. After my semi nap I was awake and actually enjoyed the movie. Action movies can be either good or bad. Funny, this was right in the middle. Scott Speedman was well worth the trip, even though he isn't in it all that much.

Sunday was coaching for my Div 4 team, same time as Saturday. I do believe they came in either 7th or 8th. They had finished the season in 8th place(last). But they are a great group of guys and they were fine with it in the long run. They were actually only playing with 5 people.

After being at the gym both days from 8:30am till 8pm, I was tired. Came home, after a stop at GYM Bar, and turned on the computer and tv. Talked to Schawn for a bit, ran out to eat and came back to find my connection was gone. Totally bummed on that because I couldn't chat my baby a “Good night”.

Monday is here now. Weather is okay. Back to work, well, pretty much done for the day, that is why I took out time to write this post. I will head out soon to play volleyball and possibly pick up something I have been meaning to get. Something of a surprise.

Be Well.

Hurra für Spiegel online

In a world where the LA/NYC publicist controls somewhat what we hear there is finally an interview that seems to chip away at things. Spiegel Online, a German news magazine, has an interview with Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg.

Questions that would never be allowed in the US were asked, basically about Tom's influence in Hollywood regarding Scientology. He answers, Spielberg steps in to protect when necessary, blah, blah, blah...

There is no getting off the hook in this interview. God love the Germans and their straight forward attitude.

How I Spent the Afternoon.