Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Day Weekend Observations:

Friday: It is the first day of beautiful weather. Not even a sprinkle here and there could ruin this weekend.

Saturday: Second day of great weather. Really warm and sunny, at least until late afternoon/early evening, but that rain went away by night fall.

Sunday: Oh yeah, even though I was outside every day I still managed to get sucked into two golf tournaments, Schawn's fault, and the Indy 5000.

Oh wait, the Indy 500, it just felt like 5000 miles. But I have to admit it, I enjoyed it. Well, okay the best part was the last 13 miles or so but I could see watching it on tv, but I could never stand and watch cars go around that track.

Monday: Things that made me smile, cringe or just plain say, “WHAT THE HELL?”

The new guy at my coffee shop charged me full price for everything. I gladly paid, but shouldn't someone tell him who the hell I am?

Walking to Central Park along Central Park West and seeing a guy kneeling on the other side of the park wall, on a mound/hill with people lounging around and he is just on his knees, not all fours and has his cock out of his fly just sitting like that. Not touching it or anything. And even though I was a good 40ft away I do have to admit this seemingly homeless man was gifted.

The cutest black lab, so small it was tiny, being carried across the street by his daddy. Put down on the sidewalk so everyone can crowd around and adore it.

Pictures send to me, all weekend, from my man's camera phone that made me smile those big toothy smiles he loves.

First real sightings of gaggles of Marines and Sailors. I need to get me one of those uniforms.

Be Well.

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