Monday, May 02, 2005

Updating the Masses.

Funny, in the last week I have seen more B list celebs than I have seen in a long time. Found them all, separate days, all within a block of each other.

First night was Thora Birch, “Ghostworld” and “American Beauty”, walking up Ninth Avenue between 14th and 15th Street.

The next night was Michael T Weiss, always a favorite of mine since his days as Doctor Mike Horton on Days of Our Lives, Steve the Bartender in “Jeffery” and most recently Jared on “The Pretender”. Okay, so maybe he is not with Kathy Griffith on The D List.

Saw him walking the same direction, in almost the same spot, as I saw Ms. Birch the night before.

Third Day. Scott Foley, Jennifer Garner's ex and formerly of “AUSA” and “Felicity” looking very cute, unshaved sitting in the Starbucks at the corner of 15th Street and 9th Avenue.

About two hours later, finally on a different avenue, I passed Tim Daly, currently on “Eyes” on ABC. That is if it hasn't been yanked already. Mostly known as Tyne Daly's brother and Joe on “Wings”.

Not sure why the influx was cute to spot people, other than theater and the regular NYC celebs again. You did get the girl sitting her ass down across from Scott Foley so she could practically molest him when he got up to leave then calling her friends on her cell, loudly, afterwards. You would think they had sex the way she was talking. God.

Week was rather ordinary other than that, otherwise I would have really been speaking of things more important.

Saturday was all about volleyball and then trying to relax.

Gotham Volleyball
had our season tournaments both Saturday and Sunday. My division played at 9:15 on Saturday. So damn early. Killer. My team was 5th for the season, so we were seeded 5th going into the tournament. We played well, until our last match and finished 5th.

Schawn knows my teams seem to like 5th place and actually made a “5th again?” kinda remark.

Saturday night I just wanted to relax so off to the theater I went.

Movies I checked out: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and XXX: State of the Union.

I hate to say it but I was so tired at the “Guide” that I slept through most of it once they got on that round ship and Arthur was reunited with that girl. Guess the humor wasn't really me. Plus I am not a big alien as puppets or whatever kinda guy. But loved Martin Freeman and Mos Def. Great and both kinda cute.

Once Hitchhiker's Guide was over though I did go across the hall, yes, I was bad, but hell it was midnight already. Across the hall was XXX: State of the Union. After my semi nap I was awake and actually enjoyed the movie. Action movies can be either good or bad. Funny, this was right in the middle. Scott Speedman was well worth the trip, even though he isn't in it all that much.

Sunday was coaching for my Div 4 team, same time as Saturday. I do believe they came in either 7th or 8th. They had finished the season in 8th place(last). But they are a great group of guys and they were fine with it in the long run. They were actually only playing with 5 people.

After being at the gym both days from 8:30am till 8pm, I was tired. Came home, after a stop at GYM Bar, and turned on the computer and tv. Talked to Schawn for a bit, ran out to eat and came back to find my connection was gone. Totally bummed on that because I couldn't chat my baby a “Good night”.

Monday is here now. Weather is okay. Back to work, well, pretty much done for the day, that is why I took out time to write this post. I will head out soon to play volleyball and possibly pick up something I have been meaning to get. Something of a surprise.

Be Well.

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