Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Be Patient or Be Human?

Okay, I have given you two coherent posts today, time for me to rant a bit.

Is it me or is it that everyone you walk by on the street is just incredibly rude?

I am one of those people who will go out of their way for people, I will stop and wait and let you pass, I will slow down, pull to the side, stop and help with direction.

But this weekend has shown me that I am just a fool who is letting people just walk all over me.

Now I pose this question: Should I be a dick like everyone else? And when I say everyone I mean men, children and women, especially women.

People feel free to walk 4-across the sidewalk and expect you to move/stop/get out of the way for them.

Walk through construction areas hand in hand when there is only room for two.

Walk on the wrong side of the sidewalk, yes, I have screamed about this fact many, MANY times.

Should I have the attitude that if you can't beat them then join them?

I will say I have some good shoulders and when I feel like it I can walk like a wall. Leaving a wake of destruction in my path. Okay, maybe not a wake, but some sore arm, hips and shoulders.

But while I was walking down the street today mulling over these feelings and being quite annoyed I ran into someone from my past who is very special to me and I was snapped out of my funk just like that and had a good feeling and a big smile.

Maybe NYC isn't that bad but people better watch out. I ain't kiddin, next time “I'm crackin' skulls”.

Wait, where is that from? If you know tell me cause it will drive me crazy to try and think of what movie it is. I got it, from The Breakfast Club.

And I would never hit anyone.

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