Wednesday, May 04, 2005 the "crack" of my mind.

"Crack" of my mind because they give you a quick high, but if you sit and dwell on them too long they can destroy you. Enjoy and move on. Well, skip the crack and just enjoy my memories I am sharing.

A list of my firsts.....

First crush: Scott F. (first-third grade, then he Van Halen'd out and lost me forever)

First Adult crush-actual: PE Teacher Bearsly (ha, small hairy bear of a man, never got the play on his name)

First Adult Crush-fantasy: Jon Erik Hexum
Another hairy man. I guess that will never change. Can you blame me? Look at those blue eyes. As a kid I was devestated when he was killed on the set of his show Cover Up, with Jennifer O'Neil.

First Kiss (male): David O.(also the first in other things too)

First Kiss (female): Kearney (at a drunken party early this year)

First Bar (LA) : Rage (but wasn't much into going out since I had a BF most my LA “adult life”, all 3 years of it)

First Bar (NYC) : Uncle Charlie's (also met first potential NYC boyfriend (the manager), but didn't date until I had been in NYC for 3 years.)

I won't go into details on the first time. That is a little too private, even on here were I do like to let things hang out.

What other firsts have I missed? Write the ones I should add in the comment area and I will include them as soon as I read the comments.

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