Monday, May 09, 2005

Dreams of Volleyball and Xing

Wednesday seemed like the longest day on earth or should I say the longest morning and afternoon. Why might you ask? Well, if you missed the count down then you didn't know that Schawn was coming back to town and I have been counting the minutes until he arrived.

I finally got the SMS from him after he landed. He was on his way to the waiting car and on his way to the city. I told him there would be traffic but he was late getting to the hotel.

So after registering at the Dream, his hotel, we go on up. Yes, I was waiting for him to get in as a good bf would be. I'll be damned if someone else is going to meet up with my man before I do.

He was late for his dinner but I got to see him for about 20 minutes before he ran off for the night, or at least the early evening.

Back he came, having missed the Paula Abdul story on the Primetime Live Special. It was such a crock but she will end up frying for it. If only she hadn't called him back recently, but that is a whole other story.

Sweet Suite. Only took a picture of the bedroom, but hell, two bathrooms make things a whole lot easier. Cool blue neon glow that I actually liked the entire time we were there. The glow from the desk though could wear on you after a while. Glad you could easily turn it off.

Bad parts of the hotel: The lobby, the elevators, the people in the elevators, roof deck.

The reason why we both love the Mercer so much is the fact that it has no public sections outside of the lobby area. There is no roof deck bar, no wait to get in the elevators with B&T people drunk and in the elevators making noise.

Oh and also no wireless Internet in the rooms. I have to say that has come to be an essential part of any hotel stay. You may have noticed I have talked about that before when writing of stays in other hotels.

Schedules were already busy. We knew our time together during this trip would be limited but we made the best of every minute we had together. I was quite the happy camper for 4 whole days and 4 nights. It was that fifth night that killed me. The last night....the goodbye night.

But before I end the stay let me get back to at least Friday.

Best friend Rob, the one who moved to Portland, was in town. We got together, ran around, he got to meet Schawn between meetings and dinners. They both got along and it is always nice when that happens. We headed back downtown and stopped at Gym Bar so he could get a view of it. Stayed for a pint of Sam Adams and then headed out into the spritzing rain.

We decided to head to Au Bon Pain and get some of the 50% off pastries they have from 4-6pm daily. Sad thing is we got there at 6:15 but we wanted them so bad we didn't care anymore about prices. We sat, talked, had a good time and then I took him back to his ex's apartment and he went to sleep while I went book shopping.

New Book: Trouble Boy by Tom Dolby. So far so good. Love a NYC story, even better when you know the city your talking about. I just hope that the name dropping isn't just taken out of an HX or Next that made it to some far off city to give it the feel of knowing NYC. We shall see. Schawn liked it. And right on the cover Christopher Rice, Anne's son, gave it a great review. Hmmm?

Friday night was spent in.

Saturday, well, Saturday was spent at the volleyball gym come the early afternoon. I had to coach my guys, the 5 that showed up, in their season tournament. A lot of pressure on them since they were undefeated during the regular season(1st place) and they were the first seed. But they were missing their two main setters and only had 5 people today. Everyone who was there thought they would be able to run right over them.

Surprise, surprise, my guys kicked ass all day and made it to the medal round. Sadly they lost and picked up the silver(2nd place). Had they had all 7 people they wouldn't have been touched all day. I was so proud of them. I felt like a dad watching his kids at their championship match.

After a late day, we didn't get out of the gym until 9:15 we decided to go to dinner at Xing.

Xing is a fairly new Chinese restaurant not far from Dream in Hell's Kitchen.

If I could have only one place to eat Chinese food at for the rest of my time in NYC I would pick Xing as the spot. Service was great, the decor and atmosphere were also outstanding.

We ordered more than we needed but at those prices you should.

Steamed pork dumplings.
Steamed vegetable dumplings.
General Tso's Chicken
Steamed Morning glory
Singapore Noodles

All of it was great. I especially loved the Singapore Noodles. Nothing ever in a Chinese restaurant has tasted that good. Go if you have the chance. Great place for a date.

After dinner we made a short walk to Food Emporium and grabbed some water and some sorbet and went back to watch SNL. Very funny Weekend Update.

Soup Nazi's timing and Watermelon Perfume.

If you don't know what those two mean then you need to catch the repeat. Sad appearance by Paula Abdul though. Wow, that is her second mention in this one posting. But hell, it is a long post.


Sunday was all about getting up, going to breakfast (Georgio's on 9th and 53rd), shopping for a wallet at Neimann Marcus, Barney's and finally success at Sak's 5th Avenue. Gucci. Cute. Practical. Sexy, but not outrageous, just like its owner.

Back to Hotel for a rest before Schawn has a show at 7:30.

Monday. Wake up call at 8am for a 9am car to the airport. Always late. A sad goodbye but, of course, seeing each other soon. But who ever wants to let the one they love go away?

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