Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Should Watch This Daily.

Make it better from Sebastianbap on Vimeo.

We are starting the new year with some new projects, new goals and new challenges.

Whatever you do, always try to be the best you can be. Spread the word.

Good luck.


Created by:

Climent Canal (Idea & design)


Sebastián Baptista (Animation)


Audio by:

Aimar Molero


Thanks to:

Oriol Gil



Friday, January 14, 2011

Adele performing "Someone Like You"

Low Anthem

Last evening we had a nice dinner at Robert, inside the Museum of Art & Design in Columbus Circle. We had been wanting to go there since last summer when we were at the Allen Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center. Robert is directly out the window of the Allen Room.

(Picture to the left is the view of the park from our table)

Nice room, great service but I wasn't that head over heels for my squid ink risotto. I did love the WC though. If you have ever gone to a nice restaurant with you you will know I judge a lot by how they design their restrooms.

I may go back when they return their Lobster Pot Pie to the regular menu; it is on their menu online but I thought it could be seasonal. I didn't ask. My bad. ;-p

The night was only to get better and better. We arrived at the The Allen Room to be seated and wait for the performance from The Low Anthem to begin.

The Low Anthem are pictured on stage. The windows look out onto Central Park and the Museum of Arts & Design. Robert is located at the top of the Museum in that bank of windows u can see in the white building.

My guy had heard them online while looking at the performance calendar and instantly fell for the folk/country/blues band. I was ready for a surprise so I did not listen to any of their music prior to the event.

All I can say is we were all blown away by the talent and magic that The Low Anthem brought to that room of new and old fans. From a church organ that was shipped in specifically for this performance to someone playing the saw and a pump piano/organ.

The lead singer even had his brother there to grind the church organ. I had to sit there and do that for 2 songs. Excellent.

After the show we seemed to talk about the performance, amongst other things, for about 2 hours while downing a bottle of champagne.

If they are headed your way make sure to get a seat, buy their cd, bring a friend too.

How I Spent the Afternoon.